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  • Animal Lacing Boards (set of 12)
    Animal Lacing Boards (set of 12)
    • Item Number: 70989
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Set includes 12 durable lacing boards with realistic images and 12 laces for easy threading. Includes: Farm Animals, Pet Animals, and Zoo Animals. 6" x 6" each.
  • Teaching Cash Register
    Teaching Cash Register
    • Item Number: 60352
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Learn money and basic math skills as children practice coin identification, addition, subtraction and place value. Great for pretend play exercises and learning basic calculator skills. The automatic shutoff saves on batteries. Requires 3 C batteries, sold separately. Includes play money, coupon, and play credit card.
  • Giant Fishing Set
    Giant Fishing Set
    • Item Number: 31003
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Twenty large numbered fish flop in a make believe pond ready to be caught! A fun way to learn early math skills, improve hand-eye coordination while engaging in active play. Includes 20 fish, 2 fishing poles and storage bag.
  • Original Judy Clock Class Pack
    Original Judy Clock Class Pack
    • Item Number: 91465
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Demonstrate and practice time-telling concepts with this ideal classroom pack that includes one Original Judy Clock, 24 Original Mini-Clocks, and one Teaching Guide. A perfect hands-on learning tool for every student. Best Seller!
  • mathSHAPES: go figure! Take Home Kits
    mathSHAPES: go figure! Take Home Kits
    $64.95 - $149.95
    • Item Number: 52996P
    • In Stock
    Grades 1 - 5. Grade 1. An engaging math tutorial program designed to build a child's confidence and ensure his or her success in math. Includes the following components: The Resource Book, The Parents'/Tutor's Resource Guide, Manipulatives, and Classroom Kits.
  • Super Sorting Set with Activity Cards
    Super Sorting Set with Activity Cards
    • Item Number: 13888
    • In Stock
    3 - 7 years. This comprehensive manipulatives set features more than 620 color-coordinated sorting items and Super Sorting Activity Cards. Set contains six sorting bowls, heavy-duty eight-compartment tray, number cube, three spinners, plus Friendly Farm® Animals, Mini Motors® Counters, Fruity Fun™ Counters, Link 'N' Learn® Links, pattern blocks and transparent counters. Teaching Guide included. Tray measures 14 1/4" x 11".
  • Natural Botanicals Pack
    Natural Botanicals Pack
    • Item Number: 63825
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. A selection of leaves, pine cones, fibre, acorns, grass, seeds, sticks, lotus, and loofah sponges. There are 17 different items in this kit: Yulan Leaves, Bodhi Leaves, Heart Leaves, Cercis Leaves, Assorted Pine Cones, Long Pine Cones, Mango Leaves, Palm Tree Fibre, Bamboo Leaves, Acorns, Wild Grass Bundles, Cotton Seed Capsules, Long Bamboo Sticks, Lotus Heads, Star Anise, and Cinnamon Sticks. Due to the seasons, items may vary.
  • Gem Blocks Jumbo Manipulative Set (54 Pieces)
    Gem Blocks Jumbo Manipulative Set (54 Pieces)
    • Item Number: 63705
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Ideal for imaginative play. Extra-chunky gem facets fit together on the flat end to stack and build. The jumbo-size shapes are ideal for small hands. A great set for fine motor and manipulative areas and for the young architect who is just starting to build. Easy to clean and sanitize. Comes in its own container for storage measuring 11 1/2"H x 19 1/2"W x 12 1/2"D. Set includes 54 pieces.
  • Bigz Dies - Early Math Set (Set of 4)
    Bigz Dies - Early Math Set (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 87878
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    You will find many uses for these Early Math dies including art projects, decorations, and bulletin boards. With steel-rule construction, a Bigz die cleanly cuts thick materials, including cardstock, chipboard, fabric, foam, magnetic sheet, leather, metallic foil, and paper. Use this set of 4 dies with the Ellison® Super Star machine (item #88722). Square measures 4" x 4". Circle measures 4" diameter. Triangle measures 4" x 3 1/2". Rectangle measures 3" x 4".
  • Magnetic Polydron Sets
    Magnetic Polydron Sets
    $69.95 - $179.95
    • Item Number: 63611P
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Children will explore the worlds of shape, space, and magnetism all in one exercise while combining the fun of construction with the lessons of polarity. These magnetic builders connect on every side and angle with fully contained magnets. One side of each piece is colored while the other is black allowing children to understand which sides attract and repel. Squares are 2 3/8". Starter set includes 32 pieces in 2 shapes and 6 colors. Class Set includes 96 pieces in 2 shapes and 4 colors.
  • TickiT™ Giant Clearview 5 Minute Sand Timer - Blue
    TickiT™ Giant Clearview 5 Minute Sand Timer - Blue
    • Item Number: 146989
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. This enormous, clearview sand timer is the perfect visual learning tool for any space. Look through the top and watch the blue sand funnel down through the hour glass or watch from the sides. Giant size and colorful sand makes measuring time more fun. 5 Minute timer. Size: 12.80" x 10.63".
  • Feels-Write Number Stones
    Feels-Write Number Stones
    • Item Number: 62963
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. These beautiful stones offer a tactile and visual way of introducing young children to number formation. Each stone is carefully engraved to provide important sensory feedback. Children will enjoy tracing each number with their finger building important motor-memory skills. Each set contains 10 number stones (numbers 0-9) measuring 3 1/2" - 6" and an activity guide.
  • Light Table Accessory Kit
    Light Table Accessory Kit
    • Item Number: 63270
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Introduce early math, science, and literacy concepts, as well as fine motor skills, in a fun and engaging way by utilizing included materials on your light table. Over 200 pieces including transparent numerals, 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, circular dots, and bead-filled shapes - all in a variety of colors! Three sorting trays and an activity guide are also included!
  • 12' Parachute with Numbers
    12' Parachute with Numbers
    • Item Number: 63532
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Rip-stop nylon 12' parachute has six handles and a mesh basket in the center acting as a target. Decorated with numbers 1 - 6, it emphasizes numeracy during cooperative play. Includes storage bag.
  • Light Learning Tessellations
    Light Learning Tessellations
    • Item Number: 63659
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Develop math, color mixing and patterning skills with these squishy, glittery animal shapes in 8 different colors. Animals depicted include elephants, dogs, birds, fish and lizards. Make tessellating lines, blocks or create your own patterns. Practice color mixing by layering differently colored shapes over each other. Great for light table play.
  • Splash Pads - Set of 10
    Splash Pads - Set of 10
    • Item Number: 63817
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Make gross motor development more fun with these jumbo squishy shapes! They come in a full range of basic geometric shapes filled with a combination of jelly filled liquids that children can manipulate with their fingertips. Shake, pat, rub and step on the shapes to mix the two colors together to get unexpected results. The material separates back into their original colors in minutes. Includes ten geometric shapes, up to 9" x 9".
  • Natural Wood Treasures Pack
    Natural Wood Treasures Pack
    • Item Number: 63826
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. A selection of branches, drift wood, rattan, roots, bark, and willows. There 13 items in this kit: Branch Offcuts - Oval, Mulberry Slices, Small Cuts Tea Plant Branch Cuttings, Azalea Branch Cuttings, Drift Wood, Dark Brown Rattan, Dried Ginger Root, Mulberry Root, Rattan Slices, Bark Squares, Willow Branches, Incense Tree Root, and Twisted Willow. Due to the seasons, items may vary.
  • Naturals Starter Pack
    Naturals Starter Pack
    • Item Number: 63824
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. A selection of leaves, pine cones, fibers, acorns, grass, seeds, sticks, lotus, and loofah sponges. There are 17 different items in this kit: Willow Balls, Branch Chips, Branch Offcuts - Oval, Branch Offcuts - Circular, Rattan Slices, Bark Squares, River Pebbles, Small Polished Stones - Assorted, Small Gemstones, Small Seashells, Assorted Pine Cones, Bodhi Leaves, and Colored Seagrass Bundles. Due to the seasons, items may vary.
  • Toddler Sorting Color Jars
    Toddler Sorting Color Jars
    • Item Number: 70392
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. Toddlers learn sorting and classifying skills as they sort the bright color plush objects into their correct color jars. Each jar has an attached lid and contains 4 sorting objects. 7"H.
  • Out and About With Math Kit
    Out and About With Math Kit
    • Item Number: 62086
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Learning doesn't stop at the classroom door! Expand curriculum into the outdoor environment with the Out and About With Math Kit. This kit provides a variety of learning experiences that enable teachers to reinforce curricular concepts in a fun, hands-on way. Children will explore and build number sense and other fundamental skills crucial to math success, as well as number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, understanding sets, and number order. The stackable box provided… More »
  • Math at Work Books - Set of 6
    Math at Work Books - Set of 6
    • Item Number: 52710
    • In Stock
    Grades 2 - 3. Inspire readers with real-world themes captured in engaging fiction and authentic nonfiction! The high-interest books in this series feature vivid imagery and exciting content that will appeal to fluent readers. Set of 6 books have 28 - 32 pages each.
  • Math is CATegorical Books - Set of 9
    Math is CATegorical Books - Set of 9
    • Item Number: 53746
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 3. Level M-O. From the author and illustrator duo of the best-selling Words Are CATegorical® series, Math Is CATegorical® introduces basic math concepts for young readers and reveals that sometimes math is easier to show than explain! Pairing clever rhyming verse with comical cartoon cats, Brian P. Cleary and Brian Gable help children add up just how fun math can be! Set of 9 books.
  • Dressing Vests (Set of 4)
    Dressing Vests (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 90187
    • In Stock
    3 - 5 years. Fabric designs from Latin America, Asia, North America, and Africa enrich these comfortable easy-on, easy-off dressing vests. The set of 4 vests features buttons, zippers, snaps, and hook-and-loop closures to help children develop their fine motor and dressing skills. Machine washable.
  • LEGO® DUPLO® Cafe Set (45013)
    LEGO® DUPLO® Cafe Set (45013)
    • Item Number: 90395
    • In Stock
    3 - 6 years. Stimulate children to play and collaborate as they construct various food items and learn to sort, count, match, and pattern. The unique and colorful bricks, as well as menu and recipe cards, inspire language and role play around restaurants, shopping, and people's needs. Children will naturally be practicing basic math as they play with this engaging set. 131 pieces.

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