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Executive Function Assessment and Professional Development Library

Why Measure Executive Function?

Executive Function (EF) skills are crucial to developing academic and social-emotional development. EF skills enable children to plan, focus their attention, remember instructions, control impulses, and manage multiple tasks successfully. Using an executive function assessment in a classroom provides educators with extra insight to improve children's performance. The EFgoPRO™ assessment and EF Online Professional Development Library from Reflection Sciences, the executive function company, are offered as annual licenses in two-teacher user packages.

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EFgoPro™ Assessment

EFgoPRO™ Executive Function Assessment
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Measure executive function skills in less than 5 minutes with EFgoPRO™, a game-based assessment for children ages 24 months and above. Based on the award-winning research assessment, the EFgoPRO™ is designed for educators to enhance classroom instruction, identify trends across classrooms, assess the quality of educational programs and intervention strategies, and address the whole child. This browser-based program can be run on almost any device.
Instructional Periods:

EFgoPRO™ comes preloaded with four instructional periods to help guide implementation during the academic year. These instructional periods can be adapted as needed. Each instructional period has three steps:

  • 1 week to Measure (the assessment)
  • 5-6 weeks to Improve (personalized activities)
  • 1 week to Reflect

Deliver the assessment, view a classroom's personalized activities, and capture notes all in one place.

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Measure (the Assessment):

Adapted from the award-winning research assessment, this card-sorting game encourages learning through play by providing a direct behavioral measure of executive function skills in less than 5 minutes.

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Improve (Personalized Activities):

Upon completion of the assessment, EFgoPRO™ provides personalized intervention activities for groups of children based on their results. These are games that are familiar to educators, such as Red Light, Green Light or Simon Says - but with an executive function twist. Activities can be incorporated into daily teaching during circle time, transition time, recess, and much more. Each child also has their own personalized link to the digital learning games.

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In the final week of an instructional period, teachers reflect on what went well and what did not, the favorite activities, observations on a child's growth, etc.

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An enhanced reporting dashboard establishes a common language surrounding executive function in each classroom and community. Teachers can track how a child's score changes across instructional periods and examine classroom differences, activity usage, and much more.

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Executive Function (EF) Professional Development Library

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