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Classroom Technology

The Shine™ Explorations used on our multi-touch devices is based on long standing research about what matters most in early childhood education. Reimagine the use of educational technology in the classroom with engaging, easy-to-use options for students and teachers.

Inspire Interactive Boards
Inspire Ultra, Plus, & Jr.

The innovative Inspire line of devices create opportunities for endless learning! More versatile and easy to use than any other interactive device! Height and Tilt adjustable at the push of a button, it's a digital whiteboard and learning table in one device! Packed with software created for teachers, by teachers, and a proven quality that is backed by the best warranty on the market.

Shine™ 2-in-1 Tablet Solution
Shine Tablet

Our Shine™ Tablet is a 2-in-1 device that offers the ease of use of a tablet and the power of a laptop! Featuring the Windows 10 operating system, this ruggedized tablet is ready for the preschool classroom.

Augmented Reality Sand Table
Augmented Reality Sand Table

Engage your child's cognitive, social, and sensory development with this innovative tool that transforms a regular sand table into a hands-on learning adventure!

Shine™ Software

Take a look at Kaplan Technology's Correlation to Foundational Skills

Read about Kaplan's reseach-based design in our WhitePaper.


Developed with Kindergarten Common Core Standards and Head Start Objectives in mind, each of the 10 Explorations encourages children to be creative problem solvers, explore their natural curiosity, and engage in open-ended play.* What's Inside Animals, Literacy Bubbles, and Insect Creator are just three of the Explorations included in our exclusive Shine™ Software. Educators can also create their own puzzles for children to put together with the Puzzles exploration.

Kaplan's Explorations

Whiteboard Activities

The Whiteboard Activities included in our exclusive Shine™ Software feature common early childhood themes, such as transportation, community workers, weather, and colors. Great for circle time or collaborative play, the seven activities will help children develop skills in sorting, counting, measuring, working with patterns, and other early childhood math skills. Developed with the goal of creating software that is meaningful for children and easy for educators to utilize when planning activities and lessons, our Whiteboard Activities provide a variety of learning opportunities.

Whiteboard Activities