Inspire Lift

No matter your room size or class size, we've got a panel that best suits your needs - choose from two different size screens: 43" and 55". Raise the display with the push of a button to show the whole class, or drop it to the floor for a more intimate learning experience!

Inspire Rotate

Tilt the display a full 90 degrees to engage children with collaborative play using Kaplan's exclusive Shine Circle Time and Shine Explorations software. Shine software is designed to promote interactions among children that facilitates a social learning environment.

Flawless Usability

With simple buttons that automatically raise, lower, and tilt the display, you don't have to be a bodybuilder to adjust this device! Available in 43" and 55". You can pick the size that is best for you.

Quality Components

Stunning Sound


Whether sharing the sounds of the rainforest or playing your class's favorite tune, the integrated sound bar plays beautiful, high-quality audio unmatched by any other interactive display.

3 Year Warranty


Backed by an industry-leading three year warranty, rest assured that the Inspire is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of being placed in an early childhood classroom. The brilliant 10-touch display will have students engaged through the years with confidence that the Inspire will endure.

Windows 10 Pro


The Inspire is equipped with the trusted and reliable Windows 10 Pro. This powerful operating system provides best-in-class technical solutions for your classroom.

Superior Software

Superior Software
Shine 2 Software

Designed with Head Start Objectives and Kindergarten Common Core standards in mind, our exclusive software includes 10 cooperative play explorations.* Rather than the linear play typical to early childhood software, our explorations were designed to highlight the natural curiosity and creativity of children. With explorations that span the early childhood curriculum, the learning opportunities are endless with the Inspire!

Prowise Presenter

Get the most out of your Inspire with Prowise Presenter and ProConnect. With over 200 tools at your fingertips, this intuitive software makes creating and sharing interactive lessons easy. You'll also find information for implementation training and simple, easy-to-understand videos right at your fingertips. Prowise Presenter and ProConnect make it easy for technology users of all levels to integrate the Inspire into their classroom.

* Kaplan's exclusive software is not specifically authorized, approved, or endorsed by Head Start or Common Core regulatory bodies.

Amazing Support

The purchase of your Inspire includes shipping, installation, and full access to our online training library.

Need additional assistance to make the best use of these amazing devices? Just call 1-800-334-2014 and ask for Kaplan Tech Training. One of our helpful experts will be glad to assist you.

If you're having a technical issue, call 1-800-533-2166 or email us at [email protected] Our staff is here to help with any technical questions that you might have.

Kaplan Customer Support

The Explorations

The Inspire wouldn't be complete without our exclusive software. We call this exclusive software "Explorations" because these activities are based around exploration highlighting the natural curiosity and creativity of children rather than the linear play typical to early childhood software. Each activity was designed with Head Start Objectives and Kindergarten Common Core standards in mind to ensure that children are appropriately engaged and learning in the classroom.*

About The 10 Explorations:

Color Bubbles:

Color Bubbles

Children can discover and explore color mixing science with this fun activity. An open-ended canvas allows children to explore their creativity and create a variety of art masterpieces. A special appearance by Penelope the Porcupine also provides a few fun surprises while children learn how to mix colors.

Literacy Bubbles:

Literacy Bubbles

Literacy Bubbles helps children learn and explore letter recognition, letter sounds, and other early literacy concepts. Once children start adding letters and objects to a bubble, each object they put in the bubble must start with the same letter. This task encourages children to work together to find and sort through the letters and objects in order to group them appropriately. Literacy Bubbles also allows teachers to customize the activity for individualized learning by displaying certain letters.

Math Bubbles:

Math Bubbles

This exploration activity helps children develop early mathematical skills and learn a variety of math concepts, such as counting, classifying, sorting, grouping, adding, subtracting, dividing, and counting currency. The open-ended exploration featured on Math Bubbles engages students by allowing them to drag and place an assortment of animals and numbers into bubbles. Students must also discover how to make new bubbles and then learn how to join, separate, or pop bubbles. Teachers can also control the content and exploration difficulty.

What's Inside Animals:

What's Inside Animals

Developed in conjunction with Roylco, children can pretend they are archaeologists with this fun scientific exploration activity. What's Inside Animals helps children learn about the anatomy of a variety of animals by having children paint over animal X-rays with their fingers to uncover the animal's exterior or they can choose to paint away the exterior to reveal the animal's inner anatomy. Students are also able to switch the animals they are painting.

What's Inside Insects:

What's Inside Insects

Developed in conjunction with Roylco, children can become entomologists as they discover what the inside of an insect looks like with this exploration activity. Students can discover insects by painting over various insect X-rays with their fingers to reveal the outside of the insect. The exploration can also be flipped to allow students to uncover the inner anatomy of the insect by painting away the exterior. Students can pick different insects to learn about and paint.

Insect Creator:

Insect Creator

Insect Creator engages students by helping them learn about insects and their defining features while also creating them on screen. A variety of insect parts, such as thoraxes, wings, abdomens, and legs, will appear on the screen. Students can then use their combined efforts to piece together animated insects that accurately represent real-life insects. The animated insects will also crawl around the screen once they are pieced together for a fun effect.



Teachers can create fun puzzles from any picture or short video for the students in their class to put together. This explorations activity would be great for classroom scavenger hunts, reviewing field trips, or family engagement and would also be a creative way to extend what children are learning into a fun-filled group activity. The teacher has the ability to add or delete media for puzzles and allows them to adjust the number of puzzle pieces and puzzle difficulty level.

Sequence Strings:

Sequence Strings

Sequence Strings combines music and math to create a fun learning activity for children. Students can use this exploration activity to help them learn how numbers work and how to sequence numbers from 1-1000. Teachers can control the range of numbers to help children learn to count higher and can also set intervals for skip counting, which gives lesson plans and activities a versatility that will help keep children engaged in what they are learning.

Math Sentences:

Math Sentences

Playing alone or with a friend, students practice math fluency by creating math sentences in Free Play, Longest Answer, and Fastest Answer modes. Teachers can control the range of solutions as well as the mathematical functions being practiced. Perfect for learning early math concepts and advanced learners!

Group Bubbles:

Group Bubbles

Preloaded with four Content Packs, students can sort between animals, colors, emotions, and shapes… and that is just the beginning! Group Bubbles allows Teachers access to word lists and images to customize their Group Bubbles learning experience.

* Kaplan's exclusive software is not specifically authorized, approved, or endorsed by Head Start or Common Core regulatory bodies.

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