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Encourage children to create using their imagination and Kaplan's extensive collection of color chalk. Options include chalkboard, sidewalk, and drawing chalk as well as erasers, pastels, and sidewalk paint.

  • Crayola® 12-Pack Assorted Color Chalk (12 boxes)
    Crayola® 12-Pack Assorted Color Chalk (12 boxes)
    • Item Number: 13427
    • In Stock
    12 sticks of assorted colors in each tuck box. 12 boxes; total of 144 sticks.
  • Crayola® 12-Pack White Chalk (12 boxes)
    Crayola® 12-Pack White Chalk (12 boxes)
    • Item Number: 13428
    • In Stock
    Create clear markings and erase completely with this anti-dust chalk! 12 boxes of 12 sticks. Stick size: 3 3/16" x 3/8".
  • Crayola® Washable Sidewalk Chalk
    Crayola® Washable Sidewalk Chalk
    • Item Number: 62621
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. 48 bold colors with a new anti-roll shape - perfect for drawing fine lines or broad strokes. Compatible with Crayola® outdoor chalk tools.
  • Drawing Chalk - 24 Colors
    Drawing Chalk - 24 Colors
    • Item Number: 18591
    • In Stock
    24 bold, bright and strong colors with easy wet / dry blending. Comes in an easy open, protective sleeve packaging. Chalk stick size is 3 1/4" x 3/8".
  • Chalkboard/Markerboard Eraser
    Chalkboard/Markerboard Eraser
    • Item Number: 7821
    • In Stock
    Clean your chalkboards or markerboards with this durable, long lasting eraser. 5" x 2" x 1 1/4".
  • Sidewalk Chalk Paint (10 Colors)
    Sidewalk Chalk Paint (10 Colors)
    • Item Number: 32157
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Just add water, shake or stir, and turn powdered chalk into washable sidewalk paint. Includes ten colors, 2.65 ounces each, and a color mixing guide for making additional colors. Mixing container and stir stick not included.
  • My First Sidewalk Chalk
    My First Sidewalk Chalk
    • Item Number: 84580
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Four sturdy chalk sticks and four durable chalk holders come in this multicolor first chalk set. Adjustable plastic holders have a ridged ball end that's easy for beginners to grip as well as a textured band to encourage emerging tripod grasp and abilities. The easy-to-adjust holders keeps chalk dust off hands. Refillable and reusable.
  • Square Chalk Pastels - 24 Colors
    Square Chalk Pastels - 24 Colors
    • Item Number: 18590
    • In Stock
    Ideal for everyone from beginners to experienced artists. Soft, user friendly formula allows superior color control. Comes in an easy-to-use lift lid box. Square chalk sticks size are 2 1/2" x 3/8".
  • Chalk It Up! Liquid Chalk Marker Set
    Chalk It Up! Liquid Chalk Marker Set
    • Item Number: 145185
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Reveal your inner artist with this Liquid Chalk Marker Set! Perfect for mirrors, windows, metal, plastic, ceramic, cars, white boards, stainless steel, appliances, and any other non-porous surface. Wipes off easily with a damp cloth. Includes 5 colorful liquid chalk markers. Non toxic. Measures 5 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 1". Not Recommended for use with chalk boards.
  • Chalktivity Rainbow Jump Rope
    Chalktivity Rainbow Jump Rope
    • Item Number: 145964
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Create rainbow prints with every hop and skip! This fun jump rope comes with a sealable pouch you can fill with colorful powdered chalk. Just open the four separate compartments and order the different colored chalks in the way you would like, seal them up and start jumping rope. Every time the pouch hits the ground colorful chalk patterns are formed. Change up the way you jump to create any design you can imagine! Included: Adjustable jump rope with a sectioned, sealable pouch,… More »
  • Chalktivity Rainbow Chalk Refill Set
    Chalktivity Rainbow Chalk Refill Set
    • Item Number: 145966
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Fuel your creativity with this Powdered Rainbow Refill Chalk set. Features 8 individually packaged powdered chalks in multiple colors: Purple, dark pink, light pink, light green, orange, yellow, blue, and dark green. Works well with other Chalktivity sets like the Pogo Prints set (145963), the Rainbow Jump Rope set (145964), and the Stomp 'n Stamps set (145965). Chalks are washable and easy to use. For outdoor use only.
  • Crayola® Sidewalk Paint Tray
    Crayola® Sidewalk Paint Tray
    • Item Number: 18384
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Combine the artistic possibilities of sidewalk chalk with the added variety of paint-application methods to create amazing images. You have the freedom to mix colors and create blended colors in a multitude of shades, limited only by your imagination! Use the included brush and sponge roller to create interesting textures and effects. Set includes integrated painting tray, 3 colors of paint, brush, sponge roller, and sidewalk chalk. Made in the USA.
  • Easy-Grip Chalk (Set of 6)
    Easy-Grip Chalk (Set of 6)
    • Item Number: 31316
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Designed for toddlers, this colored chalk features an easy-grip handle, large cone of color, and a detachable ring for replacing chalk when needed. Six colors: white, blue, orange, yellow, pink and green.
  • Easy-Grip Chalk Refills (Set of 6)
    Easy-Grip Chalk Refills (Set of 6)
    • Item Number: 31324
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Refills for Easy-Grip Chalk (item #31316). Includes six colors: white, blue, orange, yellow, pink and green.
  • Chalktivity Stomp 'n Stamps
    Chalktivity Stomp 'n Stamps
    • Item Number: 145965
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Create magical star and moon prints with every step you take! Just open the moon and star shaped compartments on the Stompers and fill them with your choice of colorful powdered chalk. Once the compartments are full, strap on the Stompers with the adjustable Velcro® straps and start walking. Each step, hop, and skip creates a fun chalk design. Made from durable, non-toxic foam and Velcro®. Washable. Included: 2 Stompers and 4 powdered chalk packs in assorted colors, Box… More »
  • Sidewalk Spiral Art
    Sidewalk Spiral Art
    • Item Number: 145586
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    5 years & up. Create incredible geometric spirals with sidewalk chalk! Snap the tracks together and roll a stencil along the ridges like a cog. It's like a giant-sized Spirograph® toy set! Set includes a wheel, nine stencils, and three pieces of chalk.

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