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Correlation of Kaplan Technology to Foundational Skills

Circletime Weather
Circletime Community
Circletime Fruits
Circletime Animals
Circletime Colors
Circletime Family
Circletime Transportation
Math Bubbles
Color Bubbles
Sequence Strings
Insect Creator
Inside Animals
Inside Insects
Group Bubbles
Math Sentences
Letter Bubbles
Sharp Pen Software
Little Scholar
Physical Development and Health
Physical Health Status                    
Health Knowledge and Practice                    
Gross Motor Skills                   
Fine Motor Skills            
Social and Emotional Development
Social Relationships         
Self-Concept & Self-Efficacy                    
Emotional & Behavioral Health          
Approaches to Learning
Initiative & Curiosity
Persistence & Attentiveness
Language Development
Receptive Language  
Expressive Language   
English Language Development
Receptive English Language Skills  
Expressive English Language Skills   
Engagement in English Literacy Activities                 
Literacy Knowledge & Skills
Book Appreciation                   
Phonological Awareness                 
Alphabet Knowledge                
Print Concepts & Conventions                 
Early Writing                   
Logic & Reasoning
Rceasoning and Problem Solving 
Symbolic Representation
Mathematics Knowledge and Skills
Number Concepts & Quantities         
Number Relationships & Operations          
Geometry & Spatial Sense           
Measurement & Comparison           
Science Knowledge and Skills
Scientific Skills & Method               
Conceptual Knowledge of the Natural & Physical World              
Social Studies Knowledge & Skills
Family and Community               
History & Events                  
People & the Environment               
Creative Arts Expression
Creative Movement & Dance                    
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