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Children's Books

Help young children develop a close and enjoyable relationship with books, a vital step towards literacy. Kaplan offers a wide selection of children's books including factual books, fantasy books, and books about people of different races, cultures, ages, and abilities. Find board books, big books, cloth and vinyl books, and chapter books to build your classroom library as well as book and puppet sets to entertain and bring stories to life.

  • Lap Size Board Books (Set of 4)
    Lap Size Board Books (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 85105
    • In Stock
    These lap size board books are perfect for sharing and entertaining small groups of infants, toddlers and twos as well as with individual children that might have visual impairments. Designed for the younger child, these books are similar to big books for 3-5 year olds. These oversized board books also have larger pictures and larger print. A lap-sized books measures approx. 10" x 9" as opposed to the traditional size of 5" x 5".
  • Hand Puppet Book Set 1 (Set of 2)
    Hand Puppet Book Set 1 (Set of 2)
    • Item Number: 87837
    • In Stock
    3 months & up. Soft and textured finger puppets and simple rhyming stories will bring giggles to babies and toddlers alike. Babies can focus on the bright colors, tactile exploration, and pointing out images. Toddlers will start looking at pictures and text and build listening and language skills. Set of 2.
  • Magic Tree House Set 1 (Volumes 1-8)
    Magic Tree House Set 1 (Volumes 1-8)
    • Item Number: 86512
    • In Stock
    Grades 1 - 4. Join Jack and Annie on adventures through time and space. Filled with Factual information, these books are great for connecting fiction with non-fiction texts. Paperback.
  • Things That Go Board Books
    Things That Go Board Books
    $4.99 - $24.95
    • Item Number: 88456P
    • In Stock
    Dig It, Dump It, Whooo, Whooo... Children will love exploring things that go in their world! How do they sound and what do they do?
  • Peek A Boo Cloth Books
    Peek A Boo Cloth Books
    $16.99 - $66.95
    • Item Number: 85149P
    • In Stock
    6 months & up. Encourage little ones to enjoy reading with these delightful cloth books. Each book is interactive with soft textures, crinkles, and sounds. Each book presents appropriate activities that promote curiosity, self-discovery and fine motor skills.
  • Three Billy Goats Gruff - Paperback
    Three Billy Goats Gruff - Paperback
    • Item Number: 99116
    • In Stock
    The three goat brothers brave the terrible troll in a colorful version of the classic tale. Paperback. 32 pages.
  • Stellaluna - Hardback
    Stellaluna - Hardback
    • Item Number: 51991
    • In Stock
    4 - 8 years. Baby bat Stellaluna's life is flitting along right on schedule--until an owl attacks her mother one night, knocking the bewildered batlet out of her mother's loving grasp. The tiny bat is lucky enough to land in a nest of baby birds, but her whole world has just turned upside down. This gorgeously illustrated book is sure to be an all-time favorite with readers, whether they've left the nest or not. Hardback. 28 pages.
  • Library Starter Set (Set of 13)
    Library Starter Set (Set of 13)
    • Item Number: 46687
    • In Stock
    3 - 6 years. Leap into learning through reading and build a fantastic library collection! We have blended traditional and newer titles for a variety of themes, illustrative techniques, and writing styles. Paperback-hardback combination. Set of 13 books.
  • Katie Woo: Who Needs Glasses? - Paperback
    Katie Woo: Who Needs Glasses? - Paperback
    • Item Number: 74134
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 2. Pedro has new glasses, but he does not like them. When he pretends to lose them, Katie shows him why glasses are important. Katie Woo is a spunky, sassy, and stylish schoolgirl who readers will fall in love with. This early chapter book is perfect for explaining life changes, family celebrations, and growing up. Award-winning author Fran Manushkin outdoes herself with this fun, lighthearted story. Paperback. 32 pages.
  • Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? - Hardcover
    Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? - Hardcover
    • Item Number: 74115
    • In Stock
    5 - 9 years. Dr. Seuss's irrepressible optimism is front and center in this book. "When you think things are bad, when you feel sour and blue, when you start to get mad . . . you should do what I do!" So begins the advice of the wise man in the Desert of Drize. This classic book provides the perfect antidote for readers of all ages who are feeling a bit down in the dumps. Dr. Seuss's trademark rhymes and signature illustrations will have readers realizing how lucky they are. Hardcover. 64 pages.
  • Caps for Sale - Board Book
    Caps for Sale - Board Book
    • Item Number: 73997
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Teach children about how to face problems and find solutions with this clever board book about a peddler and a band of mischievous monkeys. Features fun illustrations and warm, humorous text that paints an easy-to-follow story about the peddler's efforts to outwit the monkeys again, and again. Board book. 32 pages.
  • Herb the Vegetarian Dragon - Paperback
    Herb the Vegetarian Dragon - Paperback
    • Item Number: 73994
    • In Stock
    4 - 10 years. Herb is the happiest dragon tending his vegetable patch, because Herb is a vegetarian. It is unfortunate that he is captured by the castle's knights and wants him to eat meat. The colorful illustrations make this a hilarious picture book that also offers young readers plenty of food for thought. Paperback. 32 pages.
  • Out of the Blue - Hardcover
    Out of the Blue - Hardcover
    • Item Number: 73995
    • In Stock
    All ages. This wordless book is about the mysteries of the sea and invites children to tell the story in their own words, which stimulates the imagination and helps develop visual literacy. Includes endnotes on marine life, lighthouses and the intriguing world of items that wash up on beaches. Perfect for readers of all needs, abilities, and learning styles. This book is one you'll return to again and again. Hardcover. 32 pages.
  • The Barefoot Book of Children - Hardcover
    The Barefoot Book of Children - Hardcover
    • Item Number: 73993
    • In Stock
    3 - 10 years. You are a part of the world, and you are a world all your own. This hardback book has immersive, multi-faceted pictures designed to offer readers a glimpse into the rich variety of the human experience. Each page speaks directly to the reader, inviting children to ask themselves: How do other children live? What do they eat? What games do they play? How are we different? How are we alike? This is a playful, powerful and thought-provoking, with everyday moments that reveal our common… More »
  • Change the World Before Bedtime - Hardcover
    Change the World Before Bedtime - Hardcover
    • Item Number: 73988
    • In Stock
    5 - 8 years. Written in simple, engaging rhyme, this story takes an inspirational look into how the little things in life - a smile, a kind word, a simple deed - can help change the world in a big way. Through 18 stunning illustrations, children will read about eating right, cleaning up the Earth by recycling and conserving, helping the sick and those less fortunate, and working in a group to make bigger miracles. Even an ordinary kid can be a superhero before bedtime! Hardcover. 32 pages.
  • ABCmouse.com Beginning Readers Set 2 - Hardcover
    ABCmouse.com Beginning Readers Set 2 - Hardcover
    $8.99 - $39.95
    $5.00 - $18.95
    • Item Number: 27791P
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. The ABCmouse.com Beginning Reader Book Series, Set 2 includes five beautifully illustrated hardcover books that introduce young learners to the joys of reading through stories that feature words from specific word families (groups of words with the same ending sound, such as cat, hat, and rat). Each story is told in an engaging, rhyming format to emphasize letter-sound correspondence. This set includes six books in total: Big Bug and Little Bug, The Big Sip, The Cat and the Rat,… More »
  • Extra Large Big Book Bags (Set of 10)
    Extra Large Big Book Bags (Set of 10)
    • Item Number: 22070
    • In Stock
    Carry bags with handy snap-lock handles. Set of 10. 20"W x 25"D. Book Rack sold separately (item # 60537). Books are not included.
  • Baby Touch & Feel Board Books
    Baby Touch & Feel Board Books
    $5.99 - $40.95
    • Item Number: 92756P
    • In Stock
    With padded covers, simple images, and an amazing range of novelty textures, these books will immediately capture the attention of the very youngest children, and create an experience they'll want to repeat over and over again.
  • Family Board Books (Set of 6)
    Family Board Books (Set of 6)
    $6.95 - $40.95
    • Item Number: 51840P
    • In Stock
    Six board books use candid images common to a child's world to teach concepts of family structure and diversity. Includes Brothers, Grandma, Grandpa, My Dad, My Mom, and Sisters.
  • Ten Little Monkeys - Paperback
    Ten Little Monkeys - Paperback
    • Item Number: 46732
    • In Stock
    Grades K & up. Ten Little Monkeys - now available in paperback format. Children enjoy the rhyming, cumulative tale accompanied by bouncy illustrations. Predictable story allow children to develop important pre-reading skills.
  • Is It Larger? Is It Smaller? - Paperback
    Is It Larger? Is It Smaller? - Paperback
    • Item Number: 13160
    • In Stock
    Brilliant photographs and drawings, along with a limited use of words, is an excellent way for children to learn shapes and numbers by showing how they are used in our everyday world.
  • Cultural Diversity Board Book Set 1 (Set of 4)
    Cultural Diversity Board Book Set 1 (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 93065
    • In Stock
    Children will learn about the value of diversity as they see people who are the same and different than them. Unique illustrations and fun photographs reinforce learning.
  • From Seed to Plant - Paperback
    From Seed to Plant - Paperback
    • Item Number: 12157
    • In Stock
    5 - 8 years. A simple introduction to how plants reproduce, discussing pollination, seed dispersal, and growth from seed to plant. The section on pollination, covered in detail in the illustrations, is very clear. A simple project--how to grow a bean plant--is included. A final page gives odd and unusual facts. Unfortunately, the text is pedestrian and occasionally awkward. Paperback.
  • Look at Me Bilingual Board Book Set (Set of 4)
    Look at Me Bilingual Board Book Set (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 62768
    • In Stock
    6 - 24 months. Babies love looking at babies, and this little library is packed full of photographs for even the youngest baby to enjoy. The small format is perfect for little hands to hold, while turning the pages will help to develop hand-eye coordination. Text is in English and Spanish.

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