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Create enriching, hands-on sensory experiences for the learners in your care. From sensory tables and kinetic sand to colorful beads and stones, Kaplan’s multi-sensory toys and tools are the perfect way to bring fun sensory experiences into your classroom.

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Image of Jumbo Sensory River Stones - 10 Pieces
Jumbo Sensory River Stones - 10 Pieces
Item: 37307
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Smooth-sanded, over-sized beechwood Jumbo Sensory River Stones feature inset, nature-inspired textures. Children can engage in sensory play while practicing stacking and balancing and strengthening their tactile differentiation. A beautiful, subdued color palette furthers the possibilities for organic connections during natural play. Smallest stone measures 5.125"W x 2.5"D x 1.125"H, largest stone measures 7.625"W x 3.75"D x 1.75"H.
Image of 4 Seasons Lotto
4 Seasons Lotto
Item: 300461
Status: In Stock
Ages 3-6 years. This game teaches children the cycle of the seasons by having them distinguish the characteristics of each season. Will improve children's deductive reasoning, logical, thinking and visual memory skills - all while they have fun with their friends!
Image of Sensory Surprise Tissue Box
Sensory Surprise Tissue Box
Item: 300577
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Encourage innate play patterns, early exploration, and fine motor development with this stimulating Sensory Surprise Tissue Box. The iridescent tissue box and varying, colorful fabric cloths create a delightful discovery game that kids can use over and over. Toddlers can identify colors, guess which fabric "tissue" will be next, and hide the fabrics inside the tissue box. Spot clean only.
Image of Bubblebloom Mini Sensory Lamp
Bubblebloom Mini Sensory Lamp
Item: 300793
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Calm and captivate children with the Bubblebloom Mini Sensory Lamp! The lamp's pump motor and LED lights create an enchanting visual of colors, bubbles, and fish that promotes concentration and creates a calming ambiance that brings relaxation. This sensory lamp simulates a lifelike underwater environment that serves as a calming visual aid, helping alleviate stress and anxiety. This lamp provides soothing sounds and sights sights. Water will need to be added, directions included.
Image of Sensory Egg Shakers - Set of 6
Sensory Egg Shakers - Set of 6
Item: 300582
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Children can explore sound and cause and effect relationships using this set of Sensory Egg Shakers. Each naturally-colored egg is filled with a different material, creating different sounds and various weights for toddlers to explore. Sized just right for little hands, these textured eggs also provide opportunity for tactile exploration.
Image of Color Crystal Blocks with Activity Cards - Set of 25
Color Crystal Blocks with Activity Cards - Set of 25
Item: 301249
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This Color Crystal Block Set with Activity Cards can help children learn to fit shapes together and expand their understanding of spatial relationships, geometric vocabulary, and color recognition. This transparent acrylic block set features 17 different regular and irregular shapes in 5 translucent colors. These manipulatives will also spring to life when used with a light panel or in front of a sunlit window. The blocks create colorful streams of light and eccentric shadows.… More »
Image of Indoor/Outdoor Sand and Water Table and Fabric Cover
Indoor/Outdoor Sand and Water Table and Fabric Cover
Item: 300449P
Status: In Stock
$29.95 - $689.95
18 months & up. Encourage sensory exploration, science experimentation and dramatic play both inside and outside the classroom with this durable, mobile Indoor/Outdoor Sand and Water Table. Made from a combination of Poly+, a composite material made from 30% less plastic, polycarbonate plastic, and stainless steel hardware, this durable table is designed to be used continuously with messy, wet materials. Sturdy locking casters allow for easy maneuverability around the classroom and between environments.… More »
Image of Tactile Squeaky Balls - Set of 6
Tactile Squeaky Balls - Set of 6
Item: 83559
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. This ball set is perfect for alternative sensory play. Bright vivid colors will aid in the development of visual tracking and three alternating textures will provide necessary mental stimulation to reduce stress and anxiety. All six balls included squeak when squeezed, giving multiple sensory alleviation options for children and adults of all ages.
Image of Sensory Shapes - 6 Pieces
Sensory Shapes - 6 Pieces
Item: 32867
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. These soft and squeezable shapes with knobby surfaces provide a sensory experience as children discover texture, shapes and colors. Stimulate minds and hands with the nobs present on each side of the shapes. Shapes include a heart, cone, hexagon, diamond, cube, and sphere. Set includes 6 shapes. Set is surface washable.
Image of Sensory Fidget Poppers
Sensory Fidget Poppers
Item: 148339P
Status: In Stock
$21.95 - $41.95
3 years & up. Silicone sensory fidget poppers help kinesthetic learners focus their attention and are a fun way for all children to develop fine motor skills or relieve anxiety. Bubbles are easily pushed along rows or curves on each side of shapes. Easy to wipe clean. Shapes and colors will vary. Fidgets are approximately 4.5"-5" each. Available in sets of 4 or 8.
Image of Ballyhoo Ball
Ballyhoo Ball
Item: 62515
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. This bright red ball has five smaller balls that fit snugly into the holes around its surface. Each ball has a different texture to provide a unique tactile experience. Play with them together or separate them for multi-child play. Large ball measures 6.5" D. Small balls each measure 2.5" D.
Image of Soft Tactile and Sensory Blocks - Set of 3
Soft Tactile and Sensory Blocks - Set of 3
Item: 39309
Status: In Stock
3 months & up.  Block play promote hand-eye coordination and tactile skills development with these wonderful Tactile and Sensory Blocks. This colorful set of tactile blocks has texture for added sensory play with block play. Encourage children to roll the blocks or stack them up. Use these blocks to teach children about shapes and colors. Have them describe the way the textured blocks feel. Each block is 4" square with each side having a different texture, color, shape, and feel. Washable. Colors may vary.
Image of Liquid Tile Mats
Liquid Tile Mats
Item: 145753P
Status: In Stock
$52.95 - $211.95
3 years & up. Step on and watch it move! Create a colorful floor space with this bright, futuristic Liquid Tile Mat. Made from super durable, leakage-proof material and filled with non-toxic, cosmetic liquid. Features an anti-slip back side and easily wipes clean. No weight limit. Mat measures 19.5" x 19.5". Please note: mats need to be placed on an even surface and handled with care, may break if dropped. Do not adhere mat to the floor.
Image of Kinetic Beach Sand™ 3 lbs.
Kinetic Beach Sand™ 3 lbs.
Item: 55506
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Pack it, pull it, and shape it! Designed for fine motor, sensory, and cognitive development it oozes, moves and melts while leaving hands completely dry. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Never dries out or hardens and can be used over and over. Kinetic Sand contains silicone polymer.
Image of Tangle Therapy
Tangle Therapy
Item: 91718P
Status: In Stock
$13.95 - $39.95
PreK & up. Tangle Therapy's twistable, ergonomic design allows children to fidget quietly, promoting better focus and attention. It can be a useful aid for redirecting behaviors or relieving stress or anxiety. The soft textured surface provides a unique sensory experience as children grab, bend, and twist the curved pieces in multiple ways, making it ideal for tactile stimulation and refining fine motor skills. Available individually or as a set of 3.
Image of Bouncy Bands® for School Desks
Bouncy Bands® for School Desks
Item: 53468
Status: In Stock
Move while you work quietly and make learning and working fun! These safe, 100% latex free bands were developed by an educator. Bouncy bands increase time on task; help high-energy workers fidget without distracting others; reduce students falling from leaning back in chairs; and discreetly soothes student anxiety, frustration, and hyperactivity. Available for desks and chairs!
Image of Infant and Toddler Sensory Balls - Set of 4
Infant and Toddler Sensory Balls - Set of 4
Item: 39452
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. This set includes four sensory balls which are made vinyl. The balls come in four colors and two sizes: 8 inches and 4 inches. The bright colors are sure to grab your little one's attention. The textures offer a wonderful tactile experience and eye-hand coordination. These sensory products will enable babies to: explore, discover, visualize, verbalize and so much more. Colors may vary.
Image of Gradient Moon Ball - Assorted Colors
Gradient Moon Ball - Assorted Colors
Item: 148315P
Status: In Stock
$9.95 - $47.95
5 years & up. Hold the moon in your hands! These unique balls have a light-weight design that allows them to bounce like there is no gravity and with a crazy spin. Makes a unique 'Pop!' sound when it hits pavement. Turn a regular game into a fun, out of this world challenge for the playground, back yard, gym, basement, etc. Great for special needs. Colors may vary. Size: 2.48".
Image of Sensy Band™ Sensory Slap Bracelet - Set of 3
Sensy Band™ Sensory Slap Bracelet - Set of 3
Item: 37145
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Use the Sensy Band™ for tactile stimulation, fidgeting and as a slap bracelet. The brightly colored and bumpy textured bracelet adjusts to fit most wrists and serves as a great tool to help you focus and be calm. Measures 9.75"L x 1"W.
Image of Dimpl Sensory Development Toy
Dimpl Sensory Development Toy
Item: 142403
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. Bring safe fidget toy fun on the run with the Dimpl Sensory Development Toy by Fat Brain Toys. This unique toy features rounded edges and five colorful silicone buttons in a variety of sizes and colors. When pressed, each button pops in and out with gentle thumps in different tones. One touch and your fingers can't stop pushing, poking, and popping! Dimpl helps children develop their fine motor skills while keeping them captivated for hours. Made from non-toxic, high-quality plastic and silicone.
Image of First Wooden Touch & Feel Puzzle
First Wooden Touch & Feel Puzzle
Item: 67649
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Discover patterns and textures while encouraging hand-eye coordination with this puzzle featuring four textured animals. Each animal stands up for pretend play or fits into the sturdy wooden puzzle board that surrounds a child-safe mirror. Discover bold patterns and bright colors through play and improve fine motor skills. Board measures 10.25"L x 10.25"W x 1"H.
Image of Mindful Mazes - Double-Sided Boards
Mindful Mazes - Double-Sided Boards
Item: 148358P
Status: In Stock
$29.95 - $58.95
3 years & up. These sets of three double-sided breath boards will help children focus through calm breathing exercises. With six different designs, the boards have indented paths for children's fingers to follow tactile prompts as they inhale and exhale. There are three beginner breath patterns on the front: Cooling Breath, Star Breath, and Square Breath and three advanced breath patterns on the back: Steady State Breath, Rainbow Breath, and Laddered Breath. These are great for mindfulness activities… More »
Image of Baby Sensory Ball Set - Set of 6
Baby Sensory Ball Set - Set of 6
Item: 33305
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. Sized just right for small hands to grasp, these balls come in six different fun textures to explore. Soft and squeezable in bright colors, they are excellent for developing motor skills and learning cause and effect as they feel and roll differently. Approximately 2.5" diameter each.
Image of Children's Sensory Fidget Toys
Children's Sensory Fidget Toys
Item: 35356
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Provide sensory motor stimulation and an opportunity to help children manage emotions, develop calming techniques for their mind and body, reduce anxiety and stressors. The items in the kit allow children to work and play independently and become resilient when met with a challenge. Good for sensory integration and behavior modification plans.