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  • Chalkboard and Paint Panel - Portable
    Chalkboard and Paint Panel - Portable
    • Item Number: PL919
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Capacity: up to 6 children. Size: 4'W x 4'H. Weight: 132 lbs. The paint panel and chalkboard combo includes a multi-surface artistic canvas that stands up to the outdoors. The paint panel is made of a tough polycarbonate and washes up easily. The chalkboard side is made from SureGrip coated steel, is magnetic, and has an easy-to-chalk-on surface. The panel includes a tray on each side to hold art supplies, brushes, and chalk. In-ground is also available.
  • Eco Art Easel - Freestanding
    Eco Art Easel - Freestanding
    $1,339.00 - $2,599.00
    • Item Number: PL1135P
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 years & up. Size: 36"L x 42"H x 24"D and 72"L x 42"H x 24"D. Weight: 70 lbs. and 110 lbs. The Eco Art Easel is great for driving children's imaginations. The recycled plastic frame is both durable and weather resistant. The clear, poly-carbonate "canvas" allows young artists to paint on both sides. This encourages interactive play, sharing, cooperation, and creativity. Available in 3' and 6' lengths. Features: ADA and CPSI compliant, crafted in the USA… More »
  • Fruit Fence Easels
    Fruit Fence Easels
    • Item Number: PL1028P
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Ages: 2- 5 years. Size: 34"W x 5"D x 40"H. Weight: 25 lbs. each. Fence mount. Sold individually.
  • Paint and Play
    Paint and Play
    • Item Number: PL633
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 5 years. The clear, unbreakable polycarbonate window is great for painting with watercolors. Holes cut in the shelves provide a handy place to rest paint cups and brushes, and the window is rewashable for reusable fun. Painting supplies are not included. Available in red or green. Size: 4'W x 12"D.
  • Compact 44" Portable Art Easel
    Compact 44" Portable Art Easel
    • Item Number: PL2013
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Indoor or outdoor two-sided portable compact 44" washable art easel. Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Chalkboard Flowers - Each
    Chalkboard Flowers - Each
    • Item Number: PL1011
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 5 years. Fence mount. Sold individually. Measures 40"H x 34"W. Weight: 20 lbs. each.
  • Art Easels
    Art Easels
    $709.00 - $1,485.00
    • Item Number: 49471P
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Indoor or outdoor washable art easels. Paint cups and brushes are not included.
  • Magnetic Outdoor Chalkboard
    Magnetic Outdoor Chalkboard
    $719.00 - $889.00
    • Item Number: PL1010P
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 5 years. In-Ground mount measures 55 1/2"W x 7 1/2"L x 49"H. Weight: 96 lbs. Portable measures 67 1/2"W x 24"L x 49"H. Weight: 106 lbs.

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