Insights & Inspirations

Tips on Preparing for a New School Year

As a teacher, you spend at least some of your summer vacation planning for the new school year. While lesson planning and organizing are important, it's even more important to prepare yourself for the new school year. Keep in mind that all of your planning won't make up for a teacher who is exhausted and burned out. Read More…

Preparing for Students to Return to Class

For many teachers, hectic and stressful are two ways to describe the days leading up to the first day of school. Not only are teachers setting up their classroom, they're also attending staff orientations and getting ready for open house. There's so much going on it can be easy to accidently forget something. Read More…

Teaching Supplies & Professional Services for the Education of Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers & Elementary-Age Students

At Kaplan Early Learning Company, education is the cornerstone of our family business. We provide developmentally-appropriate educational products to families and we are a total solution for early childhood educators – offering everything from cribs for your infant/toddler classroom, to curricula for your preschool classroom, and family engagement materials for your elementary classroom. Outside of the classroom, we have dozens of professional development presenters, partnerships for online learning, a full-service playground installation solution and turn-key setup for opening new child care centers.

Our business is less about the business, and more about taking care of our customers. All our employees strive to provide superior customer service. With nearly 50 representatives around the country, someone isn't far from being able to come help you assess the needs for your specific situation. No matter what the situation, from finding the highest quality daycare furniture to determining the best technology solution for a preschool classroom, we have the people and the passion to help you find the answers you need.