Grippies - Grip Connect Build
Introduce the basic STEM concepts of engineering and geometry to toddlers with the Better Builders® Grippies®. This unique toddler building system combines sensory exploration with magnetic play to help children discover the joy of building. Watch the video to learn more and see Grippies® in action!
Floor-Puzzles- Challenge motor skills as children reach move and learn
Get the whole body involved in problem solving as children reach, move, and reposition themselves to solve our floor puzzles. With the end result being as big as they are, children will learn spatial recognition skills and motor skills as they put the puzzles together piece by piece.
Math - Simplify Teaching Place Value
Help lay the foundation for important math concepts with our answer boards, pocket charts, and puzzles. We have the tools you need to teach important number concepts like counting, sorting, place, and grouping. Learn new ideas for teaching math in your classroom by visiting our Insights & Inspirations.

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Leon Kaplan

Teaching Supplies & Professional Services for the Education of Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, & Elementary-Age Students

At Kaplan Early Learning Company, education is the cornerstone of our family business. We provide developmentally appropriate educational products to families and we are a total solution for early childhood educators - offering everything from cribs for your infant/toddler classroom, to curricula for your preschool classroom, and family engagement materials for your elementary classroom. Outside of the classroom, we have dozens of professional development presenters, partnerships for online learning, a full-service playground installation solution and turn-key setup for opening new child care centers.

Our business is less about the business, and more about taking care of our customers. All our employees strive to provide superior customer service. With nearly 50 representatives around the country, someone isn't far from being able to come help you assess the needs for your specific situation. No matter what the situation, from finding the highest quality daycare furniture to determining the best technology solution for a preschool classroom, we have the people and the passion to help you find the answers you need.

LEFT: Leon Kaplan assisting customer at Tiny Town in 1957, a few years after he opened his first toy store in Winston-Salem, NC. By 1968, Leon founded Kaplan School Supply, which soon became Kaplan Early Learning Company -- embodying his vision of providing developmentally appropriate resources that help foster the growth of the whole child.

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