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Let students' imagination soar as they dip and dab with our easy-to-clean sponge mitts, brushes, and roller sets. Products include class packs that contain letters, shapes, and animals.

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  • Foam Brushes And Roller Set
    Foam Brushes And Roller Set
    • Item Number: 60482
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Create colorful masterpieces and more with these unique brushes and rollers. Durable foam brushes and rollers are easy to clean. 11 distinct patterns from zig zag, waves, dots, heart, flowers to solid lines. All kids are sure to enjoy them by adding paint. Each is easy to grasp and hold. Set includes 14 rollers and brushes.
  • Compressed Sponges (Set of 4)
    Compressed Sponges (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 89522
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. These sponge sheets are great quality, highly resilient craft sponges that can be cut into any shape or object. After cutting a shape, just dip in water and watch the sponge expand. Craft sponges can be used for sponge painting on walls, making borders, designing t-shirts and more. Sponge crafts are fun to do in addition to providing an excellent tactile tool for kids to play with. Sponge sheets measure 3" x 4" and come 4 to a pack.
  • Dip and Print Sponge Classpack
    Dip and Print Sponge Classpack
    • Item Number: 47355
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. We've created the ideal assortment of sponge shapes for the classroom. Kid-friendly and great for art projects, these sponges are made from durable foam that is easy to clean and dries quickly. Kit contains a full set of letters, numbers, fun shapes, animals and children, a total of 60 in all. Made in the USA.
  • Jumbo Paint Rollers and Tray
    Jumbo Paint Rollers and Tray
    • Item Number: 87931
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. An assortment of four rollers, each with different patterns, are great for little artists to create unique paintings. Durable foam brushes are easy to clean and have easy-to-grip handles with storage loops for hanging. Includes a tray with four wells to hold different colors of paint.
  • Dip and Dab Sponge Painting Class Kit
    Dip and Dab Sponge Painting Class Kit
    • Item Number: 87984
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    3 years & up. Dip and dab, roll and paint and experiment with different textures creating original artwork every time. Kit includes 10 each of 3 sizes of brushes, 12 plain rollers, 6 patterned rollers, 6 floppy brushes, 6 bowls and 2 plastic paint trays with 4 angled wells.

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