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Kaplan Early Learning Company is proud to support Early Head Start - Child Care Partnerships that promote the school readiness of low-income children by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development through family-centered services. Kaplan provides high-quality learning environments that support children's growth in language, literacy, math, science, social-emotional functioning, creative arts, and beyond. Our aim is to help all Early Head Start and Child Care Partnership grantees promote the development of young children, while enabling parents to thoroughly engage in learning approaches and move toward self-sufficiency. Have specific grant questions? Contact our Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership Grant hotline: 1-800-334-2014, ext. 3478

For more information about how we can help you meet the needs of your Early Head Start or Child Care Partnership, please browse the tabs listed below. For more information on Early Head Start - Child Care Partnerships, click here.

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Curriculum & Assessment

Curriculum Resources:

Assessment Resources:

Other Assessments:

Ages and Stages (ASQ) Carolina Development Profile

Classroom Materials

Early Head Start Classroom Lists:

Rating Scale Classroom Lists:


Take the worry out of the playground installation process with our moveable playground equipment! With over 20 playground items and accessories that can be easily relocated, our Playgrounds by Kaplan team can design an outdoor classroom that fits your program's needs today and in the future. Have peace of mind knowing your playground equipment can be relocated if needed.

If you would like to learn more about the high-quality, developmentally appropriate playground products and the various installation services we have to offer, please reach out to your local Kaplan representative for assistance.


Online Professional Development

Online learning topics are available for access from any computer with an internet connection. Your staff can train during the day or any other time that is convenient to their schedule. Certificates are available for Continuing Education Units (CEU's) and approved state training hours. See our full online professional development lineup.

On-Site Professional Development

From family engagement to playful explorations, we offer professional development trainings in a wide range of topics to meet the needs of your Early Head Start program. Learn more about our on-site professional development offerings for Early Head Start programs.

Customized Professional Development Programs

If you're interested in doing a series of on-site professional development trainings, we can customize a program to fit your needs. Whether it is a one day session, mini-conference, six sessions over several months, a full year of trainings, or somewhere in-between, we'll meet the specific needs of your staff and program. Our training options cover multiple topics concerning various age groups.

See an example of a customized yearlong professional development program here.

To get started creating a customized professional development program, call us at 1-800-334-2014 or email us at training@kaplanco.com.


Kaplan's K-Truck Delivery and Setup Team has the special knowledge and experience needed to properly set up classrooms and create the most effective, inspiring learning environments for infants and toddlers.

Our experienced delivery and installations team will unload the K-Truck, place boxes in correct rooms, remove packaging, assemble furniture and larger products, and give a status report. Other services, such as freight, arranging classroom furniture, and putting product on shelves, can be arranged through your Kaplan representative.

Kaplan offers K-Truck deliveries for new centers, old center renovations, classroom additions, churches, public schools, and much more. You must have a Certificate of Occupancy and all required permits in place per local regulations for Kaplan to deliver products and enter the premises.

If you are considering using the K-Truck delivery service, please try to order at least 60 days in advance so we can best meet your needs. For more information about Kaplan's K-Truck Delivery and Setup Team, contact your local Kaplan representative.


Early Head Start

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