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Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Social-Emotional Screening, Assessment and Strategies from Devereux

Preschool - DECA-P2

This comprehensive kit includes:

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Infant Toddler - DECA-I/T

This comprehensive Toolkit includes:

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School-Age - DESSA

The DESSA kit includes:

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Online - e-DECA 2.0

Strategies Available in English and Spanish!

All Devereux assessments are available in a user-friendly, web-based platform.

Features of the e-DECA:

Available e-DECA reports include:

Purchasing the eDECA - A two-part annual purchase:

I. e-DECA Annual License Fee

II. e-DECA Ratings

The e-DECA now suggests research-based strategies for early childhood professionals and parents to enhance children's social and emotional health in an early learning environment and at home.

The e-DECA program requires an annual Web maintenance license and online electronic record forms. Each license allows one person full administrative access to the e-DECA data for her/his program. This "administrator" is also responsible for delegating the appropriate access privileges to the program's staff. Online electronic record forms can be purchased for use By-Administration or By-Child. The By Child Option allows the user an unlimited number of administrations per child per year. With either option, unused electronic forms can be carried over from one year to the next.

e-DECA 2.0 Purchasing Assistant

Purchasing e-DECA2.0 involves two parts. First, an annual license fee is required; second, the appropriate rating option must be selected. Two rating options are available:

The calculator below will help you in determining which rating option is most cost effective for your program based on how many times per year the teaching staff and families are expected to conduct an assessment rating on the children in your program.

Note: remember to consider child turnover



Conscious Discipline e-DECA Planning and Assessment System

The Conscious Discipline eDECA Single Rating option allows a program to complete a DECA assessment and access scores, reports, and strategies for each unique assessment conducted on a child. The e-DECA annual license fee must also be purchased along with the Conscious Discipline eDECA Single Rating options.

The Conscious Discipline eDECA By Child option allows a program to complete unlimited DECA assessments on a child while also accessing scores, reports, and strategies for each unique assessment conducted on a child. The e-DECA annual license fee must also be purchased along with the Conscious Discipline eDECA By Child option.

Devereux Early Childhood Assessment - Clinical Form

The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment-Clinical Form (DECA-C) is an assessment of resilience in preschoolers ages 2 to 5 with social and emotional problems or significant behavioral concerns. Whereas the DECA is designed to be used with all children to promote healthy social and emotional growth, the primary purpose of the DECA-C is to support early intervention efforts to reduce or eliminate significant emotional and behavioral concerns in preschool children. The DECA-C may also be used to guide interventions, help identify children needing special services, assess outcomes, and help programs meet Head Start, IDEA and similar standards.

The DECA-C Kit includes:

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The Devereux Center for Resilient Children's (DCRC's) approach to fostering young children's resilience is a comprehensive assessment and planning process that involves families and professionals working together as partners. The significant adults in a child's life work together to collect information, including social and emotional screening and assessment data, and use the information to develop plans that promote children's social and emotional skills and resilience. Families, educators, consultants and other significant adult caregivers continuously monitor, evaluate, and modify the plans as needed, ensuring positive outcomes.

To learn more about the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, visit: http://www.centerforresilientchildren.org/.

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