Conscious Discipline e-DECA By Child Rating

Conscious Discipline e-DECA By Child Rating
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This Conscious Discipline e-DECA By Child Rating is for use within the Conscious Discipline e-DECA Assessment & Planning System This is the web-based application in which the Devereux Early Childhood Assessments (DECA) can be entered ONLINE by both teachers and parents. Using the Conscious Discipline version of the e-DECA allows you to access strategies from Conscious Discipline. With this rating option, you are purchasing one assessment for every assessment you are planning to complete for the year. For that 12-month Contract Year, you can continue to submit as many assessments as needed for each child.

Example: If you were to purchase three By Child Ratings, that means you will be able to submit assessments for three separate children, and submit as many assessments for each of those three children as needed throughout the 12-month Contract Year.

Please note that ratings are only part of what is required to use the e-DECA. If you’re just starting out, you will also need to purchase an e-DECA Annual License (Kaplan Item #16701). Click HERE to view a Purchasing Guide with more guidance, or view the video below on how to purchase the e-DECA!


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Conscious Discipline e-DECA

5 stars
The e-DECA is a great product. It makes it easy and convenient for teachers and parents to complete the raters and the getting the data in real time is critical to getting interventions started in a timely manner. Having the Conscious Discipline strategies aligned with the areas of need is very help for teachers and parents enabling to provide the proper intervention.

Conscious Discipline e-DECA By Child Option

5 stars
Such a wonderful tool for those using both the e-DECA system and Conscious Discipline. It has been very helpful that our staff have access to Conscious Discipline strategies with the click of a button in the e-DECA system.