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Careers At Kaplan

Starting with a warm and friendly welcome, you will observe an unprecedented focus on the customer and a collaborative engagement style at our corporate offices and distribution center located in Lewisville, North Carolina.

At Kaplan, we recognize people talent as the foundation of organizational excellence. A customer-focused company, we strive to select a diverse group of qualified candidates who believe in our brand and who value building customer relationships. Kaplan is a team of creative, resilient and performance-based thought-leaders who deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

For decades, our enthusiastic and passionate employees who believe in children and families have gained customer loyalty. With average employee tenure of ten years, our knowledgeable team is dedicated to accelerating new employee development. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.


To attract and retain top talent, Kaplan Early Learning Company offers a comprehensive benefits program with a range of flexible choices for our employees.

Core Competencies

The operational effectiveness of Kaplan Early Learning Company is governed by our Core Employee Competencies or "success factors." While our dynamic business is continually evolving, our people values remain constant.

Our Customers

We have a central and intense focus on creating positive customer outcomes, and a continued drive across the organization to deliver excellence. From order inception to delivery we must strive for distinction to retain and build market share.

Our People

We possess a keen organizational focus on diversity and teamwork. Objectives are achieved through united and collaborative efforts. Integrity and respect govern every facet of our engagement.

Our Communication

We champion communication and demonstrate a shared appreciation for every role. We exhibit a relentless focus toward individual performance and problem resolution.

Our Performance

We jointly recognize customer retention is an outcome of our collective performance. Customers have the golden opportunity of choice and they are equally aware of the competition.

Commitment To Diversity

Diversity at Kaplan Early Learning Company is a business imperative. Just as our customer base is infinitely diverse, so is our workforce. Our commitment to diversity leads to higher quality of work by broadening our range of talents and stimulating our creativity. It enriches the work atmosphere itself. Accordingly, it is the goal of Kaplan Early Learning Company to foster and maintain a corporate-wide culture that supports and promotes diversity, so that all employees, regardless of their background, feel welcome, included, valued, supported, and able to succeed.

Kaplan Early Learning Company is committed to being an organization where all people are treated fairly, recognized for their individuality, promoted based on performance and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Kaplan Early Learning Company is an equal opportunity employer committed to a culturally diverse workforce. Opportunities for employment and advancement will be available on a non-discriminatory basis – without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, pregnancy, marital status, veteran status or any other legally protected status. We work to maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

We take affirmative action, in accordance with the law, to have minorities and women represented appropriately throughout the workforce, and to provide qualified physically challenged persons, disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam era an opportunity for employment and advancement.

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