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Are you looking to increase student engagement and improve student outcomes?

Alive Studios Zoo is a software developer of supplemental curriculum that creates mind-boggling learning experiences to increase student engagement and improve literacy scores. Students are motivated and inspired as they interact with 26 3D virtual zoo animals while learning the essential fundamentals of ELA, Math, STEM, and Social-Emotional skills. Alive Studios' programs and mobile applications use a technology called augmented reality (3D without glasses) to bring lessons to life. Their family of supplemental early literacy products can be used for in-classroom, virtual learning, or at-home instruction for ages 2 to 8 and make a powerful addition to your current curriculum.

Classrooms alive

The magical zoo-themed learning experience.

This award-winning and research-based supplemental resource will increase student engagement and improve student outcomes.

Classrooms alive has awakened excitement and engagement in our students and teachers like never before! It is an excellent complement to our existing curriculum.

Pre-K Teacher
Classrooms alive™ Zoo Keeper Edition

Classrooms alive allows you to create magical, zoo-themed learning experiences with a full suite of our early learning products: Learning alive™, Rugs alive™, Letters Journals, and Math Journals. Our 26 zoo animals interact with your students as they learn the foundations of ELA, Math, and Social-Emotional skills along with a cross-curricular element of animal science, which is woven through this wondrous zoo adventure! Based on brain-science, this early literacy program includes an easy-to-follow zoo-themed supplemental curriculum perfect for Pre-K and kindergarten. And, it's guaranteed to increase student engagement and improve student outcomes!

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Learning alive™ Zoo Keeper Edition

ELA · Math · Social-Emotional

Learning alive™ is a supplemental curriculum perfect for pre-K and kindergarten. It includes Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition, Math alive®, and three Interactive Stories. This brain-based program is designed to help your early learners become proficient in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and mathematics. Fill your classroom with our magical cast of 26 zoo animals for a super-engaging, cross-curricular experience. Enjoy the action, sounds, and engagement as our animals spring to life via augmented reality to provide an eye-popping, interactive 3D experience for your kids.

Mr. Greg Teaching
Learning alive™ Zoo Keeper Edition

What's in the kit?

  • Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition (ELA and Social-Emotional)
  • Math alive®
  • Three Interactive Stories
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Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition

ELA · Social-Emotional

Letters alive® is an award-winning supplemental ELA curriculum that incorporates multiple learning modalities and a cross-curricular approach to teach letters, letter sounds, word building, and sentence building. The supplemental Zoo Keeper Lesson Plans are presented as a magical tour through the Alive Studios Zoo and are perfect for enhancing pre-K and kindergarten ELA curriculum. Alignments to Kindergarten ELA standards are provided.

26 animals spring to life right in your classroom tying science into early literacy. This multimodal, brain-based approach is proven to increase student engagement leading to greater retention and recall of foundational skills.

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Letters alive™ Zoo Keeper Edition
Letters alive in Action

Letters alive has brought letters and sounds to life in our classroom!

Pre-K Teacher
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Math alive®

86 Mathematics Skills

Math alive™ Zoo Keeper Edition

Math alive® is a supplemental mathematics curriculum that uses augmented reality (3D without glasses) and gaming technology to teach math concepts in a fun and engaging way.

The kit includes 86 math skill activities that are great for Pre-K and aligned to kindergarten state standards. Math alive uses the key learning modalities of seeing, hearing, and doing to appeal to all learning styles.

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Rugs alive™

Classroom Rugs & Free Mobile App
Animal Habitats · Letters · Social-Emotional · STEM

Rugs alive™ are our colorful and durable classroom rugs that come to life in your classroom with our FREE Rugs alive mobile app! These rugs are perfect for introducing the alphabet and zoo animals through sight, song, and 3D magic! Each of our 26 animals come alive when matched with the correct habitat card. Your students can walk around the animals and explore them from all sides, which opens up so many STEM activity ideas! You can also play the Zoo Crew Alphabet Song right from your rug!

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Rugs alive™ Floor Rugs

My Letters alive® Student Journals

Student Activity Journals & Free Mobile App
Letters · Letter Sounds · Letter Writing · Creative Writing · 3D Animals

Letters alive® Journals along with our FREE mobile app for tablets and smartphones, provide your kids with an interactive experience using mind-boggling 3D animals for learning letters, letter sounds, and proper letter formation!

$9.99 Each
$179.00 pack of 20
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Letters alive® Journals
Girl Tracing Letters with the Letters alive App
Boy with Giraffe
Girl with tablet - Watch this

Watch Adaline's priceless reaction while using the Letters alive Journal to interact with the Free Zoo Crew Alphabet Show on YouTube. She is not even 3 years old yet, and she now knows all her letters and most of her letter sounds.

My Math alive® Student Journals

Student Activity Journals & Free Mobile App
Numbers · Number Writing · Counting · Animal Facts

Math alive® Journals along with our FREE mobile app for tablets and smartphones, provide kids with an interactive experience for learning numbers, counting, shapes, and proper number formation! Your students will love feeding the 26 zoo animals while mastering basic math skills.

$9.99 Each
$179.00 pack of 20
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Math alive® Journals
Kids Working in Math Journals
Math alive App
Math alive App

Classroom Zoo Carts

Mobility · Security · Storage

Learning alive™ Teacher Cart


  • Durable, lockable, and mobile
  • Pop-up shelf provides extra surface for your kit setup
  • Sound system
  • Compartmentalized drawer for organized card storage
  • Internal shelf for additional storage
  • 15ft power strip
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