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Customizable Online Supply Procurement Solution

Ordering school supplies is easy, right? Until you consider the factors that are unique to your organization, such as multiple delivery locations, order approval channels, end-user access restrictions, and other company rules or regulations.

As the only full-service provider in the early childhood industry, Kaplan Early Learning Company has a unique perspective. We do more than sell supplies. Our goal is to streamline your supply procurement process without sacrificing quality or service.

myKaplan Platinum, our customizable e-commerce system, was designed with customers like you in mind. It offers a sophisticated set of online tools that take the complexity out of purchasing supplies:

  • Fast, convenient, and secure ordering process
  • View contract pricing and discounts, as applicable
  • Track orders and shipments
  • View order history
  • Create shopping lists
  • Approve or modify pending orders based on tiered approval levels unique to your organization
  • You'll know exactly who's ordering what, when, and for how much. It's all at your fingertips!

For more information or to have a myKaplan Platinum account established for your organization, contact your local Kaplan representative today. If you are not affiliated with an organization or do not need all of myKaplan Platinum's features, you can sign up for a basic myKaplan account that can be set up by anyone.