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Image of Boombox CD/FM Media Player with Bluetooth® Receiver
Boombox CD/FM Media Player with Bluetooth® Receiver
Item: 31605
Status: In Stock
This portable stereo is a convenient and innovative, quality stereo Bluetooth® boombox/media player. Take your classroom technology up a notch with the boombox that lets you stream music from your Bluetooth® enabled device in addition to playing CDs or FM Radio. This school-tested and teacher-approved boombox gives you unrivaled control of your listening experience! Measures 11.8" x 8.5" x 4.5". Features: CD Player: Supports CD-R/RW, FM Radio, Bluetooth® 2.1, LED Display,… More »
Image of Walkie Talkie Set
Walkie Talkie Set
Item: 37047
Status: In Stock
Clear, crisp communication with easy button access and 22 channels.  Extreme range up to 24 miles for longer range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction. Call alert notifies you of incoming calls from your group. Silent operation turns off all tones for quiet operation. HI/LO power settings lets you adjust transmit power and conserve battery life. Keypad lock prevents accidental activation of function/mode keys. Auto squelch removes annoying background noise. Includes rechargeable battery.
Image of Audio Listening Center
Audio Listening Center
Item: 300263
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This 6-person listening center with Bluetooth® Boombox plays CDs, FM radio, and with the built-in Bluetooth® you can wirelessly stream through the Boombox from your Bluetooth® enabled devices or you can playback media from non-Bluetooth® devices via the AUX IN jack. Includes 6 on-ear personal headphones, 1-eight position stereo Jackbox with individual volume controls, and 1 lockable carrying case. Lock not included.
Image of Audio Star Boom Box
Audio Star Boom Box
Item: 37332
Status: In Stock
The AudioStar™ boombox plays everything from older technology like the radio and cassette tapes, to the latest including CDs and MP3 files. It has a built-in tape and CD-to-MP3 converter allowing you to convert all your tapes and CDs to MP3 files and record them onto a USB flash drive without a computer! Designed and built to withstand the rigors of classroom use while providing high quality sound with incredible versatility, the AudioStar™ is a must-have in all today's classrooms--… More »
Image of My Audio Pet Bluetooth® Speakers 5
My Audio Pet Bluetooth® Speakers 5
Item: 33272P
Status: In Stock
Sound beyond size from your new classroom friend! Use Bluetooth® connectivity to pair a phone, tablet or PC to stream music with enough volume for everyone to enjoy. Connect multiple Audio Pets for sound that's big enough for even the largest of rooms! Use your new friend to upgrade story time with background sounds or even a dramatic reading. Download the "Hide and Speak" (available on iTunes & Google Play) and use your pet to play a game of hide and seek or practice speech development… More »