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Help infants and toddlers develop basic social skills through mirrors and dolls. Kaplan also provides dress-up clothes and dramatic play props to engage children in imaginative play while teaching them important social skills.

  • Emotion Tiles (Set of 20)
    Emotion Tiles (Set of 20)
    • Item Number: 63685
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. Children can recognize, identify, and match familiar emotions with this set of 20 tiles that depict real images of a variety of feelings. Engaging with the Emotion Tiles will promote the development of: Confidence, Curiosity, Cooperation, Acceptance, Communication, and Self-regulation. Made with safe, durable material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • Social and Emotional Poster Set - Set of 12
    Social and Emotional Poster Set - Set of 12
    • Item Number: 63718
    • In Stock
    This set features 12 posters showing children experiencing a variety of emotions. The 11" x 17" images are perfect for children to identify their own feelings and the feelings of others.
  • Play, Learn, and Explore Games (2 Games)
    Play, Learn, and Explore Games (2 Games)
    • Item Number: 32661
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Where's Bear combines 2 favorite activities-stacking blocks and finding hidden objects. This games teaches children to take turns hiding and finding the bear under the sturdy nesting boxes. Monkey Around will get children up and moving with 40 cards that prompt players to do movements together. From hugs to high-fives, to simple skills like balancing, hopping, and marching. Included in the game is a bean bag banana that adds to the fun and learning.
  • All About Me 2-in-1 Mirrors (Set of 6)
    All About Me 2-in-1 Mirrors (Set of 6)
    • Item Number: 63018
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Help children strengthen their expressive and receptive language as they learn to talk about feelings and emotions with these easy-to-hold, double-sided mirrors. One side is a regular mirror and the other side is a "fun mirror" that warps reflections giving an amusing appearance. Each unbreakable, non-glass mirror measures 4"H x 6"L.
  • ASL Alphabet
    ASL Alphabet
    • Item Number: 32536
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. This 26-piece set features an impressed lower case letter and corresponding American Sign Language picture.
  • ASL Numbers 1-10
    ASL Numbers 1-10
    • Item Number: 32537
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. This 10-piece set features impressed numbers, counting dots, and American Sign Language illustrations that help children learn numbers in various ways.
  • Me and My Friends Posters - Set of 12
    Me and My Friends Posters - Set of 12
    • Item Number: 63715
    • In Stock
    This set features 12 posters showing children and their friends experiencing a variety of activites. The 11" x 17" images are perfect for children to identify moments they have spent with friends.
  • Little Action Game
    Little Action Game
    • Item Number: 67650
    • In Stock
    30 months & up. Children will be encouraged to follow direction as they complete challenges depicted on the cards. Children will work on hand-eye coordination while they build, toss, and stack the included 6 characters. Includes 20 cards, 6 animals, and 12 medals.
  • Little Memo Game
    Little Memo Game
    • Item Number: 67651
    • In Stock
    30 months & up. Build memory and language skills with this memory game. Children will try to remember which characters were on the table and guess which one is now hidden under the included cardboard cup.
  • Let's Play Animal Bingo
    Let's Play Animal Bingo
    • Item Number: 67648
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Match animals to their habitats by laying the tokens with the animal pictures face up or to build memory skills by placing the tokens face down and take turns uncovering one at a time.
  • Super Size Memory Game
    Super Size Memory Game
    • Item Number: 67647
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Encourage matching, memory, concentration, and cognitive thinking with these large 6" x 6" cards. Start with 2 or 3 pairs and then add other animals as the child's skills progress.
  • Flip and Peek Fun Phone
    Flip and Peek Fun Phone
    $7.95 - $14.95
    • Item Number: 30165P
    • In Stock
    3 months & up. Little ones will flip over this phone that features fun sounds, greetings and phrases and a Spanish mode that encourages bi-lingual learning. 3 button cell battery included. Available individually or in a set of 2. Colors may vary.
  • Community Dress-Up Toddler Dramatic Play Costumes - Set of 6
    Community Dress-Up Toddler Dramatic Play Costumes - Set of 6
    • Item Number: 90249
    • In Stock
    18 - 36 months. What do you want to be when you grow up? Children will pretend to be a doctor, construction worker, chef, police officer, mail carrier, or firefighter while wearing these detailed dress-up shirts. Each of the shirts have colorful, printed designs representing an occupation children see in their community. Hook-and-loop closures allow children to practice dressing and undressing, encouraging independence. Promote an understanding of different careers in the classroom by encouraging… More »
  • Eggspression
    • Item Number: 84121
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Line them up in a row or build them up and let them fall. The set of six expressive wooden eggs also offers a role-playing activity to help children identify their feelings. Idea book is included.
  • Activity Display Center
    Activity Display Center
    $89.95 - $268.95
    • Item Number: 91800P
    • In Stock
    This photo display unit is at the child's eye level. Just attach the hardwood frame to the wall, slip in pictures, art work or photos behind the plexiglass panel. Great for language and cognitive skills. Mounting hardware not included. Measures 48"L x 16"H. Available individually or in a set of three.
  • Shape Mirrors - Set of 4
    Shape Mirrors - Set of 4
    • Item Number: 70763
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. Colorful, cushioned acrylic mirrors have handles on each side for babies and toddlers to easily grasp as they smile at themselves and their friends. It's great to promote facial recognition and expressions. Made of unbreakable acrylic. Measures 13"L x 8"W. Set of 4.
  • Acrylic Mirror
    Acrylic Mirror
    • Item Number: 2699
    • In Stock
    Hang this acrylic mirror in the dress-up room. Hardwood frame with removable legs for optional wall mounting. Write-on wipe-off board on mirror back. Feet can be attached for vertical or horizontal use. Measure 48" x 14".
  • Pull-Up Mirror
    Pull-Up Mirror
    • Item Number: 87904
    • In Stock
    Stretch up, up, up... see who's in the mirror! Babies love to pull up and explore, developing self-awareness and motor skills. Wall-mountable shatterproof acrylic with lacquer-finished maple rail. Minor assembly required. (mounting hardware not included). Mirrors are 46"W x 12"L, the wooden bar is 47"W.
  • Peekaboo Basket with Lid
    Peekaboo Basket with Lid
    • Item Number: 81293-DA
    • In Stock
    The woven basket with lid can be used for a variety of activities or as storage. Children will want to investigate the contents of the basket making it perfect for a game of peekaboo or a treasure hunt. Basket measures 9". Made of durable chenille and is stain and fade resistant. Spot clean or professional dry cleaning is recommended. Contents not included.
  • Baby Mirror
    Baby Mirror
    • Item Number: 40819
    • In Stock
    Explore little finger holes, teethe around the edges, or investigate reflections in the double-sided, unbreakable, non-glass mirror. 8" hexagon shape.
  • My First Grab It! Match Games
    My First Grab It! Match Games
    $14.95 - $28.95
    • Item Number: 32657P
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Kids will love learning about animals and colors with these action-packed games. With the colorful theme cards and dispenser, kids will push, launch, GRAB and match their animals and colors. Simply launch the discs from the dispenser and when your animal or color comes out, GRAB IT! and place it on the corresponding spot on your game board. Be the first one to fill your board to win the game! Game includes disc dispenser, sixteen game discs, and four playing boards. For up to four… More »
  • Busy Bugs Floor Activity Mirror
    Busy Bugs Floor Activity Mirror
    • Item Number: 89090
    • In Stock
    Birth & up. A large tru-reflection mirror with spinning balls, bold colors, and clicking bee engages baby's developing vision and curiosity. Easel back stands firmly on floor with soft frame construction. Measures 10" x 11".
  • Small Wall Mirror
    Small Wall Mirror
    • Item Number: 31242
    • In Stock
    Reflections fascinate babies while developing their perception and self-awareness. Mount one mirror or purchase two mirrors to create a reflective corner play space. Includes mounting hardware. Acrylic mirror measures 24" wide x 24" high.
  • Huggers Plush Sea Dolphin, Turtle, and Orca
    Huggers Plush Sea Dolphin, Turtle, and Orca
    • Item Number: 147202
    • In Stock
    Birth & up. These adorable plush sea creatures are ready to give lots of soft, snuggly hugs. Just spread their arms open wide, give the chest a little squeeze, and watch the arms instantly snap around to give you a hug. These sea creatures can hug around your wrist, backpack, and so much more. Size: 8". Included: 3 Plush Huggers: Sea Dolphin, Turtle, and Orca.

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