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Math and science are virtually nonexistent in pre-K classrooms.

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About Connect4Learning®

Too few prekindergarten classrooms provide opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary learning, choosing instead to focus on one or two areas. Using research-based and classroom-tested foundations in mathematics, science, literacy, and social-emotional, Connect4Learning® (C4L) weaves together all four domains to ensure that each subject is addressed meaningfully and comprehensively with each child.

C4L features six curriculum units that are focused on supporting children's development of ten comprehensive cognitive processes:

Communicating & Representing Communicating & Representing
Cooperating Cooperating
Comparing & Classifying Comparing & Classifying
Creating, Imagining, & Innovating Creating, Imagining, & Innovating
Asking Questions & Seeking New Information Asking Questions & Seeking New Information
Observing Observing
Persisting, Attending, & Self-Regulation Persisting, Attending, & Self-Regulation
Reasoning & Problem Solving Reasoning & Problem Solving
Making Sense Making Sense
Using Tools Strategically Using Tools Strategically

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Julie Sarama

Julie Sarama, PhD

Kennedy Endowed Chair in Innovative Learning Technologies; Co-Executive Director, Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy; and Professor, University of Denver

Kimberly Brenneman

Kimberly Brenneman, PhD

Program Officer for Education at the Heising-Simons Foundation; Former research faculty at Rutgers University's National Institute for Early Education Research

Douglas H. Clements

Douglas H. Clements, PhD

Kennedy Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Learning; Co-Executive Director, Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy; and Professor, University of Denver

Nell K. Duke

Nell K. Duke, EdD

Professor, Literacy, Language, and Culture, and faculty affiliate in the combined program in education and psychology, University of Michigan

Mary Louise Hemmeter

Mary Louise Hemmeter, PhD

Professor, Special Education, Co-Faculty Director of the Susan Gray School for Children, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University


Connect4Learning® was developed through funding by the National Science Foundation. As part of the development of this curriculum, several pilot programs were established to determine the efficacy of Connect4Learning® and its interdisciplinary approach to early education. To date, children in classrooms that have implemented the C4L curriculum significantly outperformed control classrooms on measures of math, science, literacy, and social-emotional learning -- including number sense, early geometry skills, vocabulary knowledge, and name writing. C4L is also supported by current research on strategies to best support dual language learners and children from under-resourced communities in an early learning environment.

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The Connect4Learning® Complete Classroom Kit includes unit manuals, handbooks, formative assessment, a one-year subscription to the online portal and hundreds of items, many exclusive to Connect4Learning®. From custom books written by the principal investigators to cards, games, and posters, the kit includes almost everything teachers will need for the initial implementation school year.

Connect4Learning Kit Contents

The Complete Classroom Kit Includes

Six Unit Manuals

The unit manuals outlining 32 weeks of lessons and learning centers.

  • Unit 1: Connecting with School and Friends
  • Unit 2: Our Environment
  • Unit 3: How Structures Are Built
  • Unit 4: Exploring Museums
  • Unit 5: Growing Our Garden
  • Unit 6: How We've Grown

Teacher's Handbook

C4L also features a teacher's handbook to support the daily implementation of the curriculum and to ensure that each learning experience follows educational best practices. The handbook offers guidance to enhance teachers' understanding of learning trajectories and specific teaching techniques as well as suggestions for daily routines and transitions, play experiences, and more.

Principal's Handbook or Director's Handbook

The director's handbook provides preschool child care center and Head Start directors with additional support when supervising the implementation of Connect4Learning® across their entire center or program. Similarly, the principal's handbook offers school administrators information and guidance when supporting the implementation of the curriculum across public school prekindergarten programs.

Classroom Book Set

C4L Classroom Book Set The Connect4Learning® Pre-K Classroom Book Set includes both beloved favorites and custom texts written specifically for use with the C4L curriculum. Comprised of more than 120 titles, the collection includes both works of fiction and informational texts.

Large Card Set

C4L Large Card Set Dozens of custom-made cards aid teachers as they implement lessons. The cards are designed for repeated use across multiple units and lessons. The large cards come in a sturdy storage container, complete with separation tabs.

Classroom Materials, Tub 1 And Tub 2

C4L Classsroom Materials, Tub 1 And Tub 2 From playful puppets and pocket charts to math manipulatives and seven (7) custom games, the classroom materials tubs include specific items required to implement the curriculum. The custom games are classroom tested to make lessons engaging and fun for all learners.

Classroom Posters

C4L Classroom Posters Nine custom-made classroom posters are designed to be visual cues to reinforce learning.

Classroom Consumables

C4L Classroom Consumables Carefully designed to support the curriculum at a nominal ongoing cost per classroom, the consumable materials need to be replenished annually after the initial year of implementation. The set includes the Formative Assessment, science journals, stickers, and other items for use by children.

Online Learning Portal

C4L Online Learning Portal One-year Subscription to Connect4Learning Online Portal: The portal provides digital access to lessons, formative assessments, and computer-based learning activities.


Math Games

Connect4Learning® includes a series of computer learning activities designed to address learning trajectories in math and to solidify classroom learning. Through practice and repetition of early math concepts, these games help children foster deeper conceptual thinking and develop competence in key skills such as counting and sorting. Each game corresponds to a given unit and lessons within the curriculum. The difficulty of each game increases as children's abilities progress.

Online Portal

Professional Development

We recognize the importance of providing effective implementation training on Connect4Learning® as well as providing ongoing opportunities for educators to learn and enhance their professional knowledge, skills, and practices.

For decades, Kaplan Early Learning Company has been providing professional-development opportunities for educators of young children, and we are committed to providing engaging learning experiences that foster ongoing dialogue and professional growth for educators long after training ends. We differentiate ourselves by understanding the unique challenges and needs of each learning community.

Together with the Connect4Learning® author/research team, we have developed a comprehensive yet flexible training program.

Educators who have attended Connect4Learning® trainings have indicated that the training has had a positive impact on their implementation. Based on feedback from attendees, it has been reported that participants understood how to organize and use all materials, they knew how to schedule their instructional day to incorporate the Connect4Learning® lessons and learning centers, they knew how to modify the curriculum for students' needs and interests, and they understood how to effectively organize for formative assessment and how to use formative-assessment data to make instructional decisions.

Educators may access unit-specific support related to new concepts introduced, as well as opportunities for continuing unit activities. These videos are designed to provide the support educators need to ensure an effective curriculum implementation.

For more information, or to book training implementation, please contact us at 1-800-334-2014 ext. 3252 or email us at


Connect4Learning® recognizes the importance of providing effective curriculum implementation training as well as on-going opportunities for educators to learn and enhance their professional knowledge, skills, and practices.

Professional Development

Connect4Learning® offers a variety of in-person training opportunities that follow adult learning practices and are delivered with the goal of effective curriculum implementation in mind.

Continuous Support

Connect4Learning® provides helpful web-based modules that offer ongoing implementation support for users. The modules prepare teachers for upcoming units in an easy and interactive format. The modules review key unit concepts, offer helpful teaching tips and best practice strategies, and discuss the end-of-unit class project. Users can access the unit modules via their Connect4Learning® Teacher Portal login.



Does Connect4Learning® make math and science learning daily priorities?

Connect4Learning® begins with a sequence of math and science topics and integrates language, literacy, and social-emotional skills as natural components of each lesson.

Does Connect4Learning® recognize the value of a project-based, interdisciplinary approach?

Each Connect4Learning® curriculum unit allows children to work together toward a larger goal while learning key concepts across multiple domains of learning.

Does Connect4Learning® underscore the understanding that play and academics are not mutually exclusive?

Children naturally explore and engage with content areas such as math and science during play. C4L offers children numerous opportunities to learn and make connections through free play.

Does Connect4Learning® nurture a strong sense of community?

Connect4Learning® encourages a strong classroom community by focusing on the most important school connections: among the child and peers, teachers, and the school.

Does Connect4Learning® support you in teaching science and math?

Connect4Learning® makes teaching science and math concepts easy by introducing them as a fun, natural component of classroom explorations! Rather than focusing on teacher-directed instruction or isolated activities, C4L helps children make practical connections among all four domains of learning by using a practical, project-based approach to classroom instruction, with plenty of time allotted for play.

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