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Literacy & Language

Kaplan's large collection of over 200 materials dedicated to literacy and language will help students develop their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Materials include resource books, posters, bookmarks, workbooks, CDs, activity kits, and more.

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Image of Raising a Talker: Easy Activities for Birth to Age 3
Raising a Talker: Easy Activities for Birth to Age 3
Item: 27920
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Combining fun, easy-to-do activities with research-based tips and developmental overviews, "Raising a Talker" helps parents and caregivers naturally transform play sessions into meaningful language-learning experiences. Little tweaks and easy changes in everyday play create nurturing environments where communication and discovery can flourish. These skills build the foundation for better communication, both now and later, and set the stage for success in school and beyond. This practical… More »
Image of Read! Move! Learn!
Read! Move! Learn!
Item: 84567
Status: In Stock
Energize your classroom with lively literacy lessons based on more than 70 popular children's books. Includes over 150 activities, theme connections, lesson objectives, vocabulary list, concept list, and related music for hours of fun. 232 pages.
Image of Reading & Math Jumbo Workbook for Grade PreK
Reading & Math Jumbo Workbook for Grade PreK
Item: 73038
Status: In Stock
Grade PreK. This workbook has 300 skill-building pages that give young learners practice with the alphabet, sight words, handwriting, counting, numbers, shapes and everything they'll need to succeed as students. Includes: free stickers and certificate of achievement, instant assessment test to check progress, and a free web link to great learning games. This workbook is teacher approved to support classroom learning. 320 pages.
Image of The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories and Fingerplays
The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories and Fingerplays
Item: 60344
Status: In Stock
Over 450 rhymes, songs, stories, and fingerplays with Spanish and English on each page to help build vocabulary and language skills. Organized by theme. 384 pages.
Image of Literacy for All Young Learners
Literacy for All Young Learners
Item: 72302
Status: In Stock
Mary Jalongo, PhD, offers 65 strategies to support literacy learning with children from preschool through the third grade. With specific suggestions for ELL students, Jalongo includes recommendations for hundreds of great children's books, websites, and apps to make teaching easier. Each strategy is designed to be simple to use with all of the children in your classroom-from the not-yet-readers to the fluent readers-and each strategy is tied to the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten through… More »
Image of Story Stretchers - Infants, Toddlers & Twos
Story Stretchers - Infants, Toddlers & Twos
Item: 80888
Status: In Stock
It's never too early to read to a child, especially when you have Story S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r-s! The youngest children love the repetition of words and experiences that stories provide. Contains a resource of activities for 80 popular age-appropriate children's books and 240 ways to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the stories in new ways to enhance the learning process. (Books are not included). Children reap amazing benefits from being exposed to reading at an early age, and Story S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r-s makes reading… More »
Image of Literacy Play
Literacy Play
Item: 61276
Status: In Stock
Children decide everyday to pretend to have a tea party, be a firefighter, open a pet store - all of these are opportunities to increase pre-reading skills. Literacy Play is packed with over 185 dramatic play activities that teach important pre-reading skills while bringing children's imaginations to life. Paperback 320 pages.
Image of Playful Writing: 150 Open-Ended Explorations in Emergent Literacy
Playful Writing: 150 Open-Ended Explorations in Emergent Literacy
Item: 27686
Status: In Stock
Adults and children write to communicate ideas, to share information, and to record events. 'Playful Writing' builds on the cyclical nature of learning with open-ended play ideas that will inspire children to write. From the first marks of the youngest writers to ready writers who use their expanding vocabularies to express increasingly complex ideas, this book offers teachers, caregivers, and parents of children ages three to eight, 150 ideas for inspiring and scaffolding children's writing explorations.… More »
Image of Reading Games For Young Children
Reading Games For Young Children
Item: 60346
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This book has over 200 developmentally appropriate games that are great for learning to read, including games of alliteration, oral blending, writing, alphabet recognition, letter sounds, word play, and rhyming. 144 pages. By Jackie Silberg.
Image of 10 Languages You'll Need Most in the Classroom
10 Languages You'll Need Most in the Classroom
Item: 18139
Status: In Stock
This handy reference guide to the ten most common languages of students who do not speak English - Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tagalog, Haitian Creole, Navajo, Hmong, Cantonese, and Korean - offers practical guidance for communicating with ELL students and their families. Includes information about the culture of the family's country of origin; guides to common words and phrases; picture dictionaries that can be reproduced for use with students; sample parent letters with English and native… More »
Image of Connecting Right from the Start: Fostering Effective Communication with Dual Language Learners
Connecting Right from the Start: Fostering Effective Communication with Dual Language Learners
Item: 72387
Status: In Stock
Connecting with dual language learners (DLLs) is a growing reality among early childhood educators, who need to learn practical, proven strategies to reach these students. Grounded in research and strengthened by the author's personal experience as a student learning English, Connecting Right from the Start helps teachers understand the culturally and linguistically diverse children in their classroom, as well as those with disabilities. Some of the skills teachers will learn: ways to make DLLs… More »
Image of Learn Every Day® About Animals
Learn Every Day® About Animals
Item: 18272
Status: In Stock
With the 100 activities included in this resource, teachers can easily incorporate learning about animals into any curriculum. Each activity features learning objectives, vocabulary, related children's books, materials, preparation (if necessary), directions, and an assessment component.
Image of What Does a Lion Say?
What Does a Lion Say?
Item: 18276
Status: In Stock
With on-the-go games that are perfect for busy lifestyles, this book is filled with fun and easy literacy games for children to play any time, anywhere. These games introduce the world of letters and reading, while building skills all children need for a lifetime of learning. Paperback.
Image of Art Across the Alphabet
Art Across the Alphabet
Item: 47923
Status: In Stock
Create readers while creating art! Contains activities that reinforce letter recognition and pre-reading skills. 160 pages.
Image of The Complete Book of Rhymes, Poems, Songs, Fingerplays & Chants
The Complete Book of Rhymes, Poems, Songs, Fingerplays & Chants
Item: 46309
Status: In Stock
Give children a variety of ways to fall in love with rhythm, rhyme, repetition and structural sequence - important building blocks for future readers. Over 700 selections. 507 pgs.
Image of Many Languages, One Classroom
Many Languages, One Classroom
Item: 17244
Status: In Stock
Many Languages, One Classroom applies the latest information about best practices to all aspects of a preschool program. Designed to fit any preschool curriculum, this book addresses state standards and benchmarks of standard quality programming. Organized by interest areas and times of the day, you'll find everything you need to help English language learners during dramatic play, outdoor play, reading, science, blocks, and circle time. Each chapter is broken down into several sections: the environment,… More »
Image of Playful Activities for Reading Readiness: Laying a Foundation for Literacy
Playful Activities for Reading Readiness: Laying a Foundation for Literacy
Item: 37599
Status: In Stock
Children learn best through play. Did you know play supports children's skill building, from language and literacy to memory and math? Through play, children can experiment with words and concepts, express emotions and ideas, and make connections. "Playful Activities for Reading Readiness" offers purposeful, play-based activities to develop the foundational literacy and language skills young children need to succeed in school. Learn research-led tips to guide children to play their way… More »
Image of Starting with Stories
Starting with Stories
Item: 81868
Status: In Stock
Featuring 100 well-loved children's books, Starting with Stories has more than 1500 activities to actively engage every learning style. First, choose one of the 100 popular children's books to read together. Then enhance the experience with ideas for learning centers, activities, and literacy experiences. Connect with children's eight multiple intelligences through creative and engaging math, art, dramatic play, fine motor, writing, blocks, science, and discovery activities. It's all here--everything… More »
Image of Time for a Story: Sharing Books with Infants and Toddlers
Time for a Story: Sharing Books with Infants and Toddlers
Item: 72307
Status: In Stock
Explore fun and engaging ways to talk, sing, read, write, and play with young children throughout the day to help them begin developing important pre-literacy skills, including phonological awareness, print awareness, letter knowledge, and background knowledge. These practical techniques will help you put the children in your care on the path to school readiness! Paperback. 176 pages.
Image of Jump Into Literacy: Active Learning for Preschool Children
Jump Into Literacy: Active Learning for Preschool Children
Item: 84565
Status: In Stock
Combine children's active games with over 100 literacy activities. They will engage the whole child in moving, playing and developing literacy skills needed for reading and writing. Each activity has objectives, material list, instructions, and extension ideas. Paperback. 136 pages.
Image of Wild About Group Time
Wild About Group Time
Item: 19123
Status: In Stock
A unique teaching resource perfect for large groups of children. Playful learning approach and unique educational content teaches children key literacy skills. The 100 plans follow a literacy scope and sequence so teachers can help children develop and practice the literacy skills they need to be successful readers. Each chapter focuses on a familiar early childhood topic, such as friends, feelings, colors, and houses and homes. Paperback. 224 pages.