FLIP IT!® Transforming Challenging Behavior - Paperback

FLIP IT!® Transforming Challenging Behavior - Paperback
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FLIP IT® offers four simple and effective steps to transform challenging behavior in young children. Teachers and parents can help children learn about their feelings and gain self-control by using the mnemonic: Feelings, Limits, Inquiries, Prompts The FLIP IT® book is easy to read and includes opportunities to reflect, practice and get inspired by real life FLIP IT stories shared by the author Rachel Sperry. 88 pages. © 2011

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In this free webinar, Rachel Wagner Sperry presents "4 Steps to FLIP a Challenging Moment into a Learning Opportunity for Young Children." Watch and join our Classroom Management for Early Learning community for a free CE certificate.

5 stars
The book is simple to use, good information applicable to my profession.

Great Strategy

5 stars
As a teacher this is what I did in the classroom, when I moved into an ES place and had a training with this method and found what I was doing had a name. I have been helping classrooms one at a time FLIP challenging behaviors....it works!!!

Great Strategy

4 stars
It is always wonderful to have new strategies to use with those few children that have trouble being successful in the classroom. This is a great tool to have in our tool belt to use when needed to help children learn self-regulation and problem solving. Which I believe is one of the greatest gifts we can give to children is the ability to problem solve.