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Image of Tuffy Books Set - 4 Indestructible Books
Tuffy Books Set - 4 Indestructible Books
Item: 301014
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
Birth & up. This Tuffy Books Set features 4 books tough enough for teething babies, newborns, and toddlers. The durable, indestructible pages are made of washable, chewable, unrippable pages. The paper-like pages wipe clean and are bound by a built-in teether that is safe for babies to chew on. Books feature punch out hole for toy ring for easy transport and entertaining. BPA-free.
Image of Britta Teckentrup Books - Set of 3
Britta Teckentrup Books - Set of 3
Item: 300794
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Experience Britta Teckentrup's lovely art and elegant writing in this book set. These books will teach children valuable lessons about love and friendship through engaging stories and captivating imagery. The lessons align well with our new "We Are Together" and "A Million Bright Stars" giclees also designed by Britta Teckentrup so pair the books with the giclee in the classroom to reinforce the books!
Image of Lamaze Accordion Cloth Book
Lamaze Accordion Cloth Book
Item: 300805
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
6 months and up. This accordion cloth book unfolds to become a school bus and is a perfect start to a little learner's educational journey. This sensory book includes a textured teether, a squeaker, a hidden mirror, and friendly faces in every window. Flip this book over and enjoy a whole new experience with black-and-white illustrations of schoolyard scenes.
Image of Who Was/Is Books-Set of 6
Who Was/Is Books-Set of 6
Item: 300349
Status: In Stock
Grades 3 - 6. These well-written biographies and autobiographies tell the stories of noteworthy individuals in a variety of contexts. Each book highlights the life, contributions and accomplishments of the individual in a fun, engaging way. Fascinating details and black-and-white illustrations fill each story, along with side notes and a time line to enhance readers' understanding. Collection includes six, 112-page paperbacks.
Image of Sweet Animals Soft Crinkle Cloth Books - Set of 2
Sweet Animals Soft Crinkle Cloth Books - Set of 2
Item: 300878
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Adventure into the rainforest to find Silly Little Sloth in dreamland along with the Sweet Little Gray Elephant and his blankie. These adorable, cloth books contain charming illustrated images on fun crinkle cloth pages and interactive features like flaps, mirrors, and more. Baby will be captivated with each page turn as you introduce them to Silly Little Sloth and Little Gray Elephant through simple, playful phrases. Each book includes an acrylic, unbreakable mirror. Books use a… More »
Image of Rhythm and Rhyme Book & CDs - Set of 8
Rhythm and Rhyme Book & CDs - Set of 8
Item: 300902
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years & up. Take your little one back in time with the Rhythm and Rhyme Soft Cover Set! This set comes with eight classic nursery rhymes that are perfect for storytime with your little learner and may even bring back fond memories of your childhood. The rhymes will also foster important early language development skills such as vocabulary, rhythm, and pronunciation.
Image of Molly and Dyslexia Series -  Set of 3 Books
Molly and Dyslexia Series - Set of 3 Books
Item: 301162
Status: In Stock
Readers will go on an adventure with Molly and Lexi empowering dyslexic children to embrace their strengths. Written with an authentic voice by a dyslexic author who is an advocate for dyslexic learners, this three-book series is about a young girl, Molly, and her personified dyslexia, Lexi. Together, they help each other meet the challenges of dyslexia with creativity and determination while touching on themes of self-advocacy, self-esteem, and personal strengths. The series helps dyslexic children… More »
Image of Hello, Face! - Board Book
Hello, Face! - Board Book
Item: 300998
Status: In Stock
Birth and up. Hello, smiling face! From laughing to cooing, from sneezing to yawning, join baby in discovering what expressive eyes, noses, and, mouths can do. With high-contrast design and engaging photographs, this title is perfect for the year youngest readers. 16 pages.
Image of Old Clothes for Dinner?! - Paperback
Old Clothes for Dinner?! - Paperback
Item: 301004
Status: In Stock
4 years and up. Magaly enjoys the yummy Cuban food her abuela has been cooking since arriving from Havana. When Magaly's sweater goes missing, she discovers that Abuela is making ropa vieja for dinner. Old clothes for dinner? Magaly needs to hide the rest of her clothes before her family eats them up. Spanish vocabulary and two delicious recipes for ropa vieja and arroz con leche. 32 pages.
Image of Shiver Me Letters Pirate ABC - PBK
Shiver Me Letters Pirate ABC - PBK
Item: 52491
Status: In Stock
4 years and up. The captain of this unconventional pirate crew has ordered them to capture the whole alphabet. If they dare miss catching a letter, they will be forced to walk the plank. Adults, caregivers, and children will delight in this alphabet adventure.
Image of I'll See You in Ijebu - Paperback
I'll See You in Ijebu - Paperback
Item: 301003
Status: In Stock
4 years and up. A girl growing up in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria takes a trip to spend a week with her Muslim extended family in the countryside town of Ijebu to celebrate Eid al-Adha. Her days in Ijebu are filled with celebrations, traditions, and special time connecting with family. Breathtaking illustration and poetic writing draws the reader into the sensory experience of celebrating Eid in Nigeria, includes information about Nigeria and Eid al-Adha, recipe for Nigerian Puff Puff and more. 32 pages.
Image of LMNO Peas
Item: 301407
Status: In Stock
Ages 4 and up. Get ready to travel through the alphabet with a cheerful cast of busy little peas. There are a range of unique characters from Acrobat Peas to Zoologist Peas, this richly illustrated picture book highlights a variety of interests, hobbies, and careers - each one themed to a letter of the alphabet. Adults, caregivers, and children alike will enjoy pouring over the detailed scenes while immersing themselves in the alphabet.
Image of Firefly Galaxy - Paperback
Firefly Galaxy - Paperback
Item: 300997
Status: In Stock
Sofia and her siblings can barely wait for nightfall because they want to fill a jar with fireflies. Once Mars flickers and the owl begins to hoot, Sofia and her whole family venture out into the night to find and catch fireflies. All the while, the fireflies light up the sky like a glittering galaxy. Enjou this thoughtful story about engaging with nature in fun yet responsible ways. The book also includes informative end matter that tells readers how to find fireflies and protect their habitats. 32 pages.
Image of Understanding Differences - Set of 3
Understanding Differences - Set of 3
Item: 301296
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
5 years & up. Understanding Differences is the perfect set for neurodivergent children and their peers. This set will help little learners feel seen, understood, and accepted for who they are. Each book offers children a valuable lesson in self-expression, acceptance, and recognizing diverse talents. Children will see themselves reflected in the characters of these durable, hardback books encouraging their self-esteem and sense of belonging.
Image of Potty Party Board Book
Potty Party Board Book
Item: 300423
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
Going potty can be a party for everyone! This durable potty board book celebrates a big change for children introducing the concept of using the toilet in a familiar and non-threatening way. This book filled with colorful illustrations shows children what to expect when they use the potty.  Potty Party�s energetic board book features a diverse group of children as they ditch their diapers showing them that using the potty is a normal and expected part of growing up.<br />  
Image of Best Behavior Books - Set of 4
Best Behavior Books - Set of 4
Item: 301295
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
4 years & up. Your little learner's Best Behavior Book Set will teach social skills foundation in an engaging and relatable format. Author Elizabeth Verdick offers a clear framework for appropriate behavior while building confidence. This paperback set encourages children to develop their social skills as they navigate the world around them. Each book includes end matter with tips and activities for caregivers and educators. Set of 4 paperback books.
Image of Transportation Board Books - Set of 4
Transportation Board Books - Set of 4
Item: 301426
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
2 years & up. Full of counting fun, this colorful rhyming board book invites children to explore various modes of transportation. The crafted text is written to encourage pre-reading skills and enhance vocabulary. Set includes TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS!, PLANES PLANES PLANES!, CARS CARS CARS, & TRUCKS, TRUCKS, TRUCKS!