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MATH / Core Concepts

Help children practice math and meet Common Core Standards with Kaplan's selection of math resources, supplies, software, activities, and workbooks.

  • Circular Sorting Tray
    Circular Sorting Tray
    • Item Number: 17311
    • In Stock
    3 - 7 years. Customize your center time by combining this sorting tray with counters from popular classroom themes. (Counters sold separately).
  • Foam Number Dice - Set of 2
    Foam Number Dice - Set of 2
    • Item Number: 31273
    • In Stock
    Foam dice and are 2" square. Set of 2 dice, numbered 1 - 6.
  • My First Fraction Puzzle
    My First Fraction Puzzle
    • Item Number: 63202
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Introduce early math skills such as counting, number identification, basic concepts of fractions, and how different shapes work together. Promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor development.
  • Number Play
    Number Play
    • Item Number: 0749
    • In Stock
    PreK - Grade 1. Ten puzzles with familiar objects will reinforce counting, matching, sensory and perceptual motor concepts.. Puzzles are made out of washable, crepe rubber that is latex free and will not warp or crease. 5 3/4"W x 3 3/8"D.
  • Dot Dice Set of 2
    Dot Dice Set of 2
    • Item Number: 22229
    • In Stock
    PreK & up. These large 1 3/4" soft foam dice will fit perfectly into any game or math activity. Set of 2 dice.
  • Standard Dice (Set of 40)
    Standard Dice (Set of 40)
    • Item Number: 81812
    • In Stock
    Standard white dice with black dots representing numbers one through six on six sides. Set of 40 dice. Measures 5/8" square.
  • Hot Dots® Silver Talking Pen
    Hot Dots® Silver Talking Pen
    $12.95 - $74.99
    • Item Number: 53894P
    • In Stock
    6 years & up. It's interactive learning fun, with an all-new look ! Press the sleek, silver Hot Dots® Talking Pen to an answer dot on any Hot Dots® or Hot Dots® Jr. question for instantaneous visual and audio feedback! Features 17 speech and sound effects and flashing lights. Compatible to all Hot Dots® and Hot Dots® Jr. sets. Pen requires 2 AAA batteries each (not included).
  • Shapes Bean Bags
    Shapes Bean Bags
    • Item Number: 82776
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. It's time to shape up with these toss-and-learn bean bags. Each bean bag is a different color and shape - circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, and star - with its name beautifully embroidered. Bean bags are approximately 4" to 5" in size, just perfect for small hands, and come in a handy cloth drawstring bag. Includes a "Tip Sheet" packed with fun activities that make learning shapes an exciting visual and kinesthetic experience.
  • Junior GeoStix
    Junior GeoStix
    • Item Number: 63176
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Develop creative thinking and improve fine motor skills with this unique building set. Make shapes, compare sizes, and identify colors and numbers. Includes 140 flexible sticks in eight lengths and 20 double-sided activity cards.
  • Honey Bee Stones and Activity Cards
    Honey Bee Stones and Activity Cards
    $19.95 - $49.95
    • Item Number: 55530P
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Explore and strengthen numeracy skills with honey bee number stones and colorful activity cards. Help children to move beyond counting to number recognition, odds and evens, sequencing and more. Set of 16 durable plastic cards features detailed, photographic images that will inspire children to explore matching, counting, ordering, even and odd numbers, and bonds/pairs. Available separately and as a set.
  • 2" Foam Dice (6 Piece Sets)
    2" Foam Dice (6 Piece Sets)
    • Item Number: 86492P
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Each set includes six 2" x 2" foam dice. Three sets are available to choose from: Spot Dice have dots 1 through 6; Number Dice have numbers 1 to 6; and Shape Dice have six different basic shapes. Choose set.
  • Magnetic Number Maze
    Magnetic Number Maze
    • Item Number: 63801
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Familiar animals make counting and number matching an fun activity. Develop number recognition and counting skills while promoting hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving. Comes with self-contained wand.
  • Minute Math Electronic Flash Card™
    Minute Math Electronic Flash Card™
    • Item Number: 51321
    • In Stock
    Grades 1 & up. Build number fact fluency in just a minute! The familiar math fact family triangle is reinterpreted in an engaging electronic format. Encourages practice of operations (add/subtract or multiply/divide) and early algebraic skills related to equations and the commutative property. Offers a 60-second timed mode and a low-pressure untimed mode, plus 3 levels of difficulty. Reinforces arts of the equation through color-coded screen frames. Provides positive, corrective feedback --… More »
  • Size Sorting Eggs - Set of 8
    Size Sorting Eggs - Set of 8
    • Item Number: 55531
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. These highly appealing and tactile eggs will help develop children's comparison and sorting skills. Stimulate both language development and mathematical skills as children sort the eggs by size and weight. Perfect for indoor or outdoor exploration. Contains eight eggs measuring between 1 1/2" to 3"H.
  • Addition Hot Dots® Flash Cards
    Addition Hot Dots® Flash Cards
    • Item Number: 97447
    • In Stock
    Grades 1 - 3. Students build math skills and get instant reinforcement. Cards can be used independently or as teacher directed flash cards. Box includes 50 double sided cards.
  • Platform Scale
    Platform Scale
    • Item Number: 83533
    • In Stock
    Grades 2 - 8. The Platform Scale is the perfect tool for students to learn how to read a scale. It has an easy-to-read display which shows results in both customary and metric systems with a 5 kg/11 lb. capacity. Students can estimate, measure and calculate weights of liquids and solids, as well as, weigh and compare more than and less than concepts. Scale includes removable pan. Cubes shown are not included.
  • Magnetic Ten Frame Answer Boards
    Magnetic Ten Frame Answer Boards
    • Item Number: 51199
    • In Stock
    Grades K & up. Teach the foundational concept of 10 like the most effective Asian math programs do with ten frames! Students place magnetic counters on boards, then raise boards to show their answers. Magnetic, write and wipe boards feature 10-square frame on one side, double 10 on reverse. Includes 4 boards; 100 double-sided, foam magnet counters (red and yellow); and Activity Guide. Boards measure 7"L x 6 1/4"H.
  • Math Whiz™ Electronic Game™
    Math Whiz™ Electronic Game™
    • Item Number: 23952
    • In Stock
    6 years & up. Video game fun with the learning power of flash cards! Math Whiz™ is a handheld, electronic math game that quizzes kids on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Try to solve the mathematical problems displayed on the screen with eight skill levels that challenge young learners. Switch from game mode to the calculator function at the touch of a button. The game provides instant feedback on an LCD screen with sound. Press the mute button to activate silent play.… More »
  • Interlocking Gram Unit Cubes - Set of 1000
    Interlocking Gram Unit Cubes - Set of 1000
    • Item Number: 23997
    • In Stock
    6 years & up. Interlocking 1cm unit cubes are great for measurement, base 10, linear, and mass activities. Each cube has 3 interlocking sides, 2 smooth sides, and 1 connector side. Cubes measure 1 cubic centimeter and weigh 1 gram each. Set of 1,000 cubes come in 10 different colors and a storage bucket.
  • Pet Counters, Set of 72
    Pet Counters, Set of 72
    • Item Number: 51146
    • In Stock
    3 - 7 years. Counting and sorting activities come to life with these adorable household pets! Also ideal for theme-based units and life science activities. Set of 72 rubber counters includes 12 each of a dog, cat, fish, rabbit, bird and guinea pig, all in a clear plastic tub with lid. Washable counters come in 6 bright shades for color identification activities and measure approximately 1 1/4"L each.
  • Magnetic Ten Frames (Set of 4)
    Magnetic Ten Frames (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 51201
    • In Stock
    Pre-K & up. Illustrate numbers less then or equal to ten, and improve number sense within the context of ten. Ten-frame activities enable children to think of numbers less then ten in terms of their relationship to ten and to build a sound knowledge of the basic facts which are an integral part of calculations. Suggested activities included. Foam construction, magnetic backing. Set includes four magnetic boards and 80 pegs (40 blue and 40 red/blue).
  • Write-On Wipe-Off Clock Faces
    Write-On Wipe-Off Clock Faces
    • Item Number: 88885
    • In Stock
    Grades 1 & up. These versatile flexible plastic clock dials with movable hands and digital window are ideal for all classroom time activities. Clock face is 4 1/2" diameter. Measures 5 x 6 1/2" overall. Set of five clocks.
  • Friendly Farm® Animal Counters (Set of 72)
    Friendly Farm® Animal Counters (Set of 72)
    • Item Number: 51147
    • In Stock
    3 - 7 years. Mama and baby animals come in 6 shapes and colors. Includes Activity Guide and storage bucket. Counters are made of soft rubber and measure 1"H - 1 3/4"H. Set of 72 counters.
  • Write-On/Wipe-Off 120 Number Mats (Set of 10)
    Write-On/Wipe-Off 120 Number Mats (Set of 10)
    • Item Number: 53283
    • In Stock
    Grades K & up. These write and wipe mats can be used with erasable markers, counters, or color tiles. Teaching guide includes activity suggestions. Features a blank grid on back. Set of 10.

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