Let students explore basic geometric concepts with safe and colorful elastic bands and plastic pegs. Students can also further their understanding of area, volume, and perimeters with Kaplan's selection of folding geometric shapes. Kaplan also offers activity sets mosaics to promote patterning and problem solving skills.

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Plastic Geoboards - Set of 10
Plastic Geoboards - Set of 10
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Grades K - 3. Stretch your imagination and creativity through geometry! Create simple shapes and intricate designs with straight and diagonal lines using these engaging Geoboards. The durable, plastic boards feature a 5" x 5" grid with knobbed pegs that secure the colorful rubber bands in place. Learn about shapes and geometric concepts including symmetry, congruency, area, perimeter, coordinates, and spatial relationships through engaging, hands-on exploration. Geoboard measures 7.25"… More »
Colored Rubber Bands - 3 oz.
Colored Rubber Bands - 3 oz.
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Teach shapes, angles, sets, measurement, number patterns, and abstract mathematical concepts. Great for use with the Geoboards. Includes 3 oz. of Rubber bands. Colors: blue, lime, yellow, pink, orange, and purple. Made in the USA.