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MATH / Place Value

Help students understand problems relating to decimals with our place value activities. Products include games, pocket charts, flip charts, counting cubes, and dry erase boards.

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  • Junior GeoStix
    Junior GeoStix
    • Item Number: 63176
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Develop creative thinking and improve fine motor skills with this unique building set. Make shapes, compare sizes, and identify colors and numbers. Our Junior GeoStix have multiple points of connection along each piece for unlimited possibilities for shape combinations and greater satisfaction for kids! Includes 140 flexible sticks in eight lengths and 20 double-sided activity cards. Children can either build the design on the activity cards or create their own designs. Either… More »
  • Unifix® 1-10 Stair
    Unifix® 1-10 Stair
    • Item Number: 17057
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 3. The Unifix® 1-10 stair consists of ten joined vertical grooves in which joined rods of Unifix® Cubes are placed to match the values printed at the top of each groove. Cubes placed in the grooves demonstrate each number as a grouping of ones. Ideal for reinforcing and teaching number, ordering and sequencing. The stair is made of durable plastic and measures 8.5" x 8.875". Cubes are not included.
  • 24 Game Double Digits
    24 Game Double Digits
    • Item Number: 87682
    • In Stock
    Grades 4 & up. Develop varied problem solving strategies with three levels of difficulty using this math card game. Can you make 24 first? Students must add, subtract, multiply or divide to make it happen. All four numbers must be used, but each number used only once. There is at least one solution to every card. 96 double-sided cards.
  • Place Value Number Structure Set
    Place Value Number Structure Set
    • Item Number: 82862
    • In Stock
    Grades 2 - 6. Make learning and teaching place values easy with this set of manipulates. Promotes visual and kinesthetic learning to children as they build and come to an understanding of math concepts. Ideal for use in classrooms and in other learning centers. Includes 100 yellow unit cubes, 10 green ten rods, 10 blue hundred flats, and 1 red thousand block.
  • Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set
    Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set
    • Item Number: 52590
    • In Stock
    Grades K & up. Easily demonstrate base-ten number concepts on the whiteboard! Giant magnetic Ten-Frames and colorful discs allow students and teachers to engage with base ten and other number and operations skills (addition and subtraction) as a group. Set includes 4 magnetic frames, 40 discs (20 green, 20 blue) and Instruction Guide. Frames measure 11/4"L x 5"H.
  • Make a Splash™ 120 Mat
    Make a Splash™ 120 Mat
    • Item Number: 52593
    • In Stock
    Grades K & up. Dive into number concepts through 120! Discover doubles, more and less, place value, and addition and subtraction. Perfect tool for important first grade concepts! Includes a 120 mat, 3 inflatable cubes, 64 square colored frames, 64 solid square cards, and 4 t-shaped pieces to highlight more/less. Activity guide features CCSS-based activities.
  • Place Value and Ordering
    Place Value and Ordering
    • Item Number: 22244
    • In Stock
    Grades 2 - 4. Fun puzzles to add to your hundred's board activities. Each of these 25 write-on wipe-off cards is part of a 100 number board. One side has a clue to help students complete a pattern, the other side the student can make his own.
  • Hands-On Standards®: PreK-K
    Hands-On Standards®: PreK-K
    • Item Number: 82765
    • In Stock
    Maximize the effectiveness of manipulatives in the PreK-K curriculum with this step-by-step, photo-illustrated professional handbook. Features 51 manipulative-based activities with real-world problem-solving scenarios. Blackline masters reinforce key math concepts and visual organization. Special Look Out! sections let you anticipate common student difficulties within each lesson. Writing and extension activities also included to encourage student demonstration of mathematical thinking. Sturdy 144-page… More »
  • Place Value Flip Stand
    Place Value Flip Stand
    • Item Number: 82824
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    Grades 2 - 5. Simplify the teaching of big numbers with this large flip stand. Features 7 sets of flip cards each 0-9. Side one covers place value from ones to millions. Side two provides practice with decimal numbers. Stands 5" high by 17" long.
  • Number Pops™
    Number Pops™
    • Item Number: 31356
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. A fine motor manipulative and number builder all in one yummy set of ice cream pops! Pop the shell over the matching dots to make a match. Perfect for practicing 1-to-1 correspondence with numbers from 1-10. Includes 10 pops approximately 3"H x 2"W.
  • 24 Game Single Digits
    24 Game Single Digits
    • Item Number: 87681
    • In Stock
    9 years & up. Fun and easy to play, both teachers AND students enjoy it! Develop varied problem solving strategies with three levels of difficulty. Object of the game is to make 24 using all four numbers on a card. You can add, subject, multiply and divide, but use each number only once. There is at least one solution to every card. Can you make 24 first?! There is at least one solution to every card. 96 double sided cards. For one or more players.
  • Counting and Place Value Pocket Chart
    Counting and Place Value Pocket Chart
    • Item Number: 21522
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 3. Teach counting, sorting, place value, and grouping with this heavy-duty chart. Includes a set of 20 double-sided number cards, 3 double-sided title cards, 200 blue plastic counting straws, pockets to store everything, and an activity guide. Measures 13"W x 18"H.

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