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Time & Calendars

Help students with their time-telling skills with oversized clocks, quiz cards, books, and puzzles. Kaplan also offers pocket chart and magnetic calendars.

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Image of Telly the Teaching Time Clock
Telly the Teaching Time Clock
Item: 301202
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Telly the Teaching Time Clock is interactive and features 2 play modes. Telly teaches kids to tell analog and digital time. In learning mode, turn the clock hands to any time, and Telly the Teaching Time Clock will announce the selected time while showing the correct time on the LCD screen. The minute hand can be moved in 5-minute intervals. In quiz mode, Telly asks your child to move the hands on its face to match the time displayed on its screen. Telly also features a real working… More »
Image of Large Minute Sand Timer
Large Minute Sand Timer
Item: 63403P
Status: In Stock
$18.95 - $71.95
3 years & up. Keep up with the time using this brightly colored Large Minute Sand Timer for Classroom Activities Indoors and Outdoors. This classic hourglass timer is the perfect tool to help children visualize time. Use this exciting timer for science experiments, time management, and other timed games. This sand timer is time-tested and made of durable plastic. Timer comes with matching colored sand inside of a glass hourglass. Available separately or purchase the whole set of 4. Measures 3.25"L x 6.375"W.
Image of Time Tracker® Visual Timer and Clock
Time Tracker® Visual Timer and Clock
Item: 21593
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. It's never been easier or more fun to keep kids on track with this unique lighted electronic timer and clock. Easily program green, yellow and red sections to indicate that time is running out. With 180 degree viewing, it teaches time management. Perfect for: study sessions, projects, tests, experiments, practice sessions, classroom assignments, cooking, hearing impaired, and more. Measures 8" x 4". Requires AC adapter or 4 AA batteries, not included.
Image of Liquid Motion Bubble Timers - Set of 3
Liquid Motion Bubble Timers - Set of 3
Item: 37359
Status: In Stock
Calming, soothing bubble timers can be used as a transition tool, in science centers, for light table exploration or to relax and relieve stress. Once colored drops have tumbled to the bottom, turn bubblers over to restart the motion. Each lasts for approximately 1 minute. Made from durable acrylic and approximately 6" tall, each set of 3 timers comes in assorted styles and colors.
Image of Wooden Shape Sorting Clock
Wooden Shape Sorting Clock
Item: 81603
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Time to Block the Clock! Combines shape sorting and learning to tell time. It's two toys in one. Place the colorful numbered shape pieces in their proper places on the face of the soundly built clock and move the hour and minute hands to make learning time fun! Styles may vary.
Image of 12 Hour Mini Student Clocks - Set of 6
12 Hour Mini Student Clocks - Set of 6
Item: 8958
Status: In Stock
7 years & up. Ideal for teaching the concept of telling time this 5" child friendly mini 12 hour geared clock is and easy to use. The clock hands move together on a gear to maintain correct hour and minute relationships. Set of 6.
Image of Magnetic Calendar and Weather Set
Magnetic Calendar and Weather Set
Item: 70859
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This magnetic, dry erase calendar teaches, time, weather and vocabulary! Children interact and learn about the days of the week and months of the year while increasing their vocabulary knowledge. There are 18 weather related magnetic pictures and 45 word tiles (20 weather words, 22 calendar words). 3 blank picture tiles and 3 blank calendar word tiles are included so that teachers can add words and pictures of their own. 23.5" L x 32"W.
Image of Original Judy Clock
Original Judy Clock
Item: 9121
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. The Original Judy Clock provides a simple and fun learning tool for telling time featuring moveable hands, visible functioning gears, and an elapsed time bezel. Visible functioning gears maintain correct hour hand and minute hand relationships. Use this clock as a resource to introduce children to concepts of time, motion, and cause/effect. Clock comes permanently assembled. Includes a teacher's guide. Clock measures 12.75" diameter x 13.5" H.
Image of Big Time Demonstration Clock
Big Time Demonstration Clock
Item: 46393
Status: In Stock
Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you demonstrate time telling concepts. Twelve hour plastic clock is 13.25" high with easy to read hour and minute markings, removable stand and teaching guide.
Image of NumberLine™ Clock
NumberLine™ Clock
Item: 36174
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. This magnetic demonstration clock helps teach time in a different and unique way, through a number line! Students will be able to recognize and understand that a clock is just a circular number line. They will be able to take the pieces apart as they begin to learn and then put them back together as they advance. Two reversible number lines are included, one for hours and one for minutes. This clock provides an easy way to go from counting to telling time. 13" magnetic demonstration… More »