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  • Effective Discipline Policies
    Effective Discipline Policies
    • Item Number: 90589
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    Challenging behaviors can derail an early childhood classroom, and punishment and exclusion aren't the answer. Young children need support and instruction to help them learn how to cooperate, listen, share, interact positively with their peers and with adults. Where to start? Effective Discipline Policies will be your go-to resource. Craft a developmentally appropriate, consistent, effective behavioral guidance policy. Create a system that supports young children's social-emotional competence. Provide… More »
  • When Nothing Else Works - Paperback
    When Nothing Else Works - Paperback
    • Item Number: 27687
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    Research shows that children do not outgrow challenging behavior, making early intervention essential. But what can early childhood educators do to reduce challenging behaviors when nothing seems to work? From aromatherapy to affirmations,'When Nothing Else Works' is filled with creative strategies and techniques to address and adjust problematic behavior in the classroom while also promoting resilience and active engagement in learning. Written from the perspective of an experienced school development… More »
  • No Biting: Policy and Practice for Toddler Programs
    No Biting: Policy and Practice for Toddler Programs
    • Item Number: 80886
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    Policy and practice for toddler programs, this 'how-to' manual is for every toddler program seeking to address biting incidents from developmental, emotional, and practical perspectives. Paperback, 80 pgs.
  • Push Past It!: A Positive Approach to Challenging Classroom Behaviors
    Push Past It!: A Positive Approach to Challenging Classroom Behaviors
    • Item Number: 99625
    • In Stock
    Resource books often provide tips and tricks for managing challenging behaviors, but what happens when those tactics don't work? Most teachers give up. This book brings a raw, real, and at times funny approach to handling challenging behaviors and understanding why most behavior-management strategies don't work. Author Angela Searcy shares real-world examples, proven solutions, and new approaches to overcoming classroom disruptions using her PUSH PAST IT approach. Paperback. 176 pages.
  • Sanity Savers
    Sanity Savers
    • Item Number: 61273
    • In Stock
    200 quick fixes for everything from big messes to small budgets, from clean up solutions to storage ideas to help with cost saving strategies, and everything in between. Solve everyday problems, giving you more time to teach and enjoy the children in your classroom. 160 pages.
  • The Anti-Bullying And Teasing Book For Preschool Classrooms
    The Anti-Bullying And Teasing Book For Preschool Classrooms
    • Item Number: 60340
    • In Stock
    Over 40 activities that focus on controlling teasing and bullying with friendship, community, and expressing feelings. Use these activities, the classroom environment, and family involvement to create a climate of mutual respect in the classroom. 128 pages.

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