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Watch students develop their rhythm, balance, and gross motor skills with Kaplan's large collection of energetic music. Kaplan also offers classical music for infants, ribbon and scarf activity sets, music that introduces students to different cultures, and sing-along classics. In addition, Kaplan offers CDs that accompany many popular children's books.

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  • Music for Dance, Movement, and Exercise CD Set
    Music for Dance, Movement, and Exercise CD Set
    • Item Number: 85759
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Move to the music! The Music for Dance, Movement, and Exercise CD Set features seven discs representing an array of musical styles to sing and dance along with simple aerobic exercises to practice. These dynamic CDs provide a platform encouraging children to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle through fun musical and exercise activities. CDs include "Rock N' Roll Songs That Teach", "Singing, Moving, and Learning", "The Hokey Pokey", "Wiggles,… More »
  • Nutricise CD
    Nutricise CD
    • Item Number: 85760
    • In Stock
    3 - 7 years. Good nutrition and exercise are the keys to healthy children. Nutricise is a happy blend of active learning songs that give children healthy eating tips and nutritional information along with fitness activities at a level 3-7 year olds understand. Physical fitness is incorporated into the songs that cheerfully impart the elements of a healthy diet including the importance of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Children chant about good nutrition, balanced meals, the importance of fruits… More »
  • 102 Children's Songs (Set of 3)
    102 Children's Songs (Set of 3)
    • Item Number: 30776
    • In Stock
    A CD set with over 3 hours of traditional and original children's songs. The 3 CD set includes songs that teach colors, shapes, letters, numbers, manners and more. Some of the favorites include: The ABC Song, B-I-N-G-O, Eensy Weensy Spider and Hickory Dickory Dock. Also includes marches, songs about feelings and safety.
  • Sing, Learn and Play Everyday CD Collection
    Sing, Learn and Play Everyday CD Collection
    • Item Number: 30503
    • In Stock
    250 songs to use everyday stored in an accordion style box to make your favorite CD easily accessible. Theme songs include morning songs, farm, alphabet, numbers, science, animal, birthday, playtime, bathtime, good morning, silly songs, number songs, nursery rhymes, classical and more. 20 CD set.
  • Naptime CD Set (Set of 5)
    Naptime CD Set (Set of 5)
    • Item Number: 46623
    • In Stock
    All ages. This series will calm children into gentle sleep using traditional lullabies and sweet tunes. A relaxing and peaceful grouping of varied vocal styles and harmonies will make regular nap times a tranquil time for children as well as adults. Set of 5 CDs.
  • Putumayo Kids Global CD Collection
    Putumayo Kids Global CD Collection
    $15.95 - $60.95
    • Item Number: 88806P
    • In Stock
    Take a cultural journey around the world! This cohesive collection is a well-rounded way to learn about the world with upbeat music that will spark cultural curiosity in young learners. These Playground CD's include Latin, French, African and World music. Each CD focuses on a unique topic and will delight both children and adults.
  • Sweet Lullabies CD Set (Set of 4)
    Sweet Lullabies CD Set (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 30504
    • In Stock
    The soft, soothing music is especially selected to enrich development and help young minds grow! 4 CD Set.
  • Wiggles Jiggles & Giggles (CD)
    Wiggles Jiggles & Giggles (CD)
    • Item Number: 20181
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. This CD collection will fill many hours of active movement, celebrating such fun filled dancing.
  • Putumayo Kids Dreamland CD Collection
    Putumayo Kids Dreamland CD Collection
    $15.95 - $60.95
    • Item Number: 88810P
    • In Stock
    A collection of world lullabies that is perfect for relaxation or naptime. Beautiful and soothing music from around the world will create a tranquil and calm ambiance.
  • Yoga CD
    Yoga CD
    • Item Number: 30464
    • In Stock
    A soothing collection of 14 songs for yoga, meditation and relaxation from renowned musicians from around the world.
  • Music for Baby Set ( Set of 4 CDs)
    Music for Baby Set ( Set of 4 CDs)
    • Item Number: 80461
    • In Stock
    Play this music because it is lovely...and because the selections are based on brain development research. Volumes include classical and traditional folk music arranged for children, plus instrumental versions of well-know lullabies and nursery rhymes.
  • Lullaby Favorites CD
    Lullaby Favorites CD
    • Item Number: 11526
    • In Stock
    Soothing and Sweet lullaby music. Includes 10 songs including 'Twinkle Twinkle LIttle Star', 'Rock-A-Bye Baby','All through the Night', 'Somewhere over the Rainbow', 'Brahm's Lullaby' and others.
  • Seagulls CD
    Seagulls CD
    • Item Number: 39810
    • In Stock
    Hap Palmer's "Sea Gulls . . . Music for Rest and Relaxation" provides soothing music as a background for rest time, slow motion activities, and any other time that relaxing music is appropriate. The variety of instrumental songs is excellent for assisting in mindfulness, brain breaks and yoga. The accompanying guide includes easy-to-do activities for slow-motion moving, deep breathing, concentration and progressive relaxation.
  • Asian Dreamland CD
    Asian Dreamland CD
    • Item Number: 87891
    • In Stock
    A harmonious collection of tranquil lullabies and soothing songs from ancient Asian lands. Asian Dreamland offers soothing and musically intriguing songs from Japan, Nepal, China, India and even the Republic of Tatarstan. One can hear unique instruments, such as the shamisen, a three-stringed instrument similar to a banjo that came to Japan from China many centuries ago, the erhu, an ancient Chinese instrument whose origins go back more than a thousand years, and the sarode, an Indian instrument… More »
  • Sing Along Classics CD Collection (Set of 4)
    Sing Along Classics CD Collection (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 47534
    • In Stock
    1 - 6 years. Wonderful singable songs for young children. Full of action with cherished old favorites. Teacher guides include activities and links to books for extension ideas. Set of 4.
  • Relax and Be Happy: Mindfulness for Children CD Set - 2 CD Set
    Relax and Be Happy: Mindfulness for Children CD Set - 2 CD Set
    • Item Number: 55549
    • In Stock
    This CD set includes 25 tracks meant to promote and guide mindfulness practices. Includes creative mindfulness games, visualizations and exercises to help children feel grounded, find calm, improve focus, practice kindness and relax.
  • Movin' & Shakin' for Youngsters
    Movin' & Shakin' for Youngsters
    • Item Number: 39587
    • In Stock
    Children sing silly lyrics to wacky voices while moving to simple instructions, identifying colors, counting off from 1-20, and scaling their ABCs. It's so much fun, they don't even know they're learning. Some songs are sprinkled with Spanish words.
  • Rainbow Rhythm Ribbons Activity Set
    Rainbow Rhythm Ribbons Activity Set
    • Item Number: 85799
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Move the brightly colored ribbons to the child's own beat or to the repetitive rhythmic routines included on the CD. Each 12" wand has a 36" ribbon, perfect for young children. Set of 6, one of each color. CD includes diverse rhythms, such as African, Reggae, Cha Cha, Rap and other cool musical action songs. Guide included.
  • Toddler's Sing Set of 3 CDs
    Toddler's Sing Set of 3 CDs
    • Item Number: 20096
    • In Stock
    Adorable series features singers 2 - 4 years of age. Toddlers love listening to and singing along with their peers. CD Titles include Storytime, Playtime and Outrageous Vocals, You'll enjoy the innocence and sincerity of these outrageous performances.
  • Toddlers On The Move CD's - Set of 3
    Toddlers On The Move CD's - Set of 3
    • Item Number: 39589
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Upbeat toddler tempos for hopping, shaking, romping, and learning. Three separate CD's full of action songs to get children moving. Over 70 short and lively songs that encourage imaginative play. Silly moves, ABCs, counting, colors, animal acts, and more.
  • Musical Scarves & Activities CD
    Musical Scarves & Activities CD
    • Item Number: 47732
    • In Stock
    Fun scarf activities offer important benefits such as creative expression and imaginative play, team work, reinforce important concepts and exercise. Scarves are sold separately.
  • Wiggle Giggle & Shake CD
    Wiggle Giggle & Shake CD
    • Item Number: 88978
    • In Stock
    From animals to astronauts, feelings to snowflakes, children will be moving and learning with the popular classroom themes on this delightful CD. Inspired by the best-selling book, "Wiggle, Giggle & Shake", this CD puts music to author Rae Pica's poems and concepts. Each song interweaves charming movement activities with ideas that inspire children to participate.The songs on this CD can help children follow directions, expand their vocabulary, reinforce classroom concepts, stimulate… More »
  • Baby Song Set (Set of 4 CDs)
    Baby Song Set (Set of 4 CDs)
    • Item Number: 80006
    • In Stock
    Enchant babies with lullabies, simple melodies and restful music. These CDs make a great addition to your collection.
  • Greg & Steve: We All Live Together
    Greg & Steve: We All Live Together
    $16.99 - $64.95
    • Item Number: 337194P
    • In Stock
    3 - 7 years. Spanning cultures and generations, Greg & Steve touch every aspect of the early childhood curriculum. With more than two million recordings sold to date, Greg & Steve hold the rank of the number-one children's music duo in the country. It's easy to see why their singable lyrics and catchy melodies are set to a contemporary beat. Parents and teachers alike find Greg & Steve's tunes a fun way to teach children basic concepts such as colors and numbers as well as friendship… More »

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