Dance Party Fun CD

Dance Party Fun CD
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3 years & up. Take a dance break in the middle of the day with this exciting Dance Party Fun CD for Engaging Classroom or At Home Physical Activity. This CD can be used daily to get children's minds and bodies stretched and refreshed. Dance parties promote gross motor skills, flexibility, balance, collaborative learning, and listening skills. Encourage your children to follow along with a dance together or to freestyle and express themselves. Ensure your children have enough space to move around before starting.

Product Features

  • Use Daily to get Children's Minds and Bodies Stretched and Refreshed
  • Promotes Gross Motor Skills, Flexibility, Balance, Collaborative Learning, and Listening Skills
  • Encourage Children to Follow Along with a Dance Together or to Freestyle and Express Themselves
  • Ensure Children Have Enough Space to Move Around Before Starting
  • 3 Years and Up

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