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Gross Motor

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Image of Bilibo
Item: 22118-MT
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Bilibo's unique conic shell shape and bright colors immediately appeal to children of all ages who will intuitively create games. Developed by Zurich University's children's hospital to engage imagination and stimulate the senses and encourage creativity. Use indoors and out, right side up and upside down. Color may vary. Bilibo measures 15.5"L x 15.5"W x 8.6"H.
Image of Parachutes
Item: 3570P
Status: In Stock
$34.95 - $140.95
18 months & up. Parachute activities promote gross motor functions and imagination. The durable parachute is made of rip-stop nylon fabric, and sewn to last through the toughest play times. Each size includes storage bag. Available in 12' with 8 Handles, 20' with 16 Handles, 24' with 20 Handles, and 6' with 9 handles.
Image of GONGE River Stones - Set of 6
GONGE River Stones - Set of 6
Item: 61444
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. The River Stones are designed to improve coordination and balance. Jumping or stepping from stone to stone developes a child's confidence in their ability to judge distances. The side of each triangular block varies in steepness and difficulty, and the layout can be changed to make a pathwat more or less challenging. Each stone has a non-slip rubber rim that helps with stability during play, which also protects indoor surfaces. River Stones can be conveniently stacked for storage.… More »
Image of GONGE Tactile Discs - Set of 10
GONGE Tactile Discs - Set of 10
Item: 61445
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. An inviting tactile material that challenges children's sense of touch on both hands and feet. At the same time, it develops the ability to describe sense impressions verbally. The tactile discs, made of nice-to-touch synthetic rubber, contain different tactile structures, each with its own color. Each of the tactile structures can be found on a large disc for positioning on the floor, as well as on a small disc that the child will be able to hold in his/her hands. In terms of… More »