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Nurture early social and emotional explorations with Kaplan’s range of inclusive social-emotional products designed to help young children understand social interactions, build meaningful connections, and express their emotions in a positive way. Create open and supportive spaces for little learners as they develop social-emotional skills with Kaplan’s selection of therapeutic toys, books, mindfulness materials, blocks, and other social-emotional tools.

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Image of All About Me Journals - Set of 10
All About Me Journals - Set of 10
Item: 89829
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Invite children to tell their story in their own individualized book with these journals for children. The 8.5" x 11" journals serve as wonderful self-discovery tools and provide a template for children to create their own self-portrait along with 8 writing prompts for kids to help them draw/write their own story. Set of 10. Great for back to school!
Image of Peeka® Developmental Mirror
Peeka® Developmental Mirror
Item: 147601
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. The Peeka® developmental mirror features an array of colorful and engaging elements designed to help children explore, learn, and grow. Adjust the multi-position stand for tummy time or held by baby. Babies can grasp the multi-textured handles for tactile stimulation and sensory exploration. Move the multi-texture balls along the top and bottom handles for midline play improving gross and fine motor skills. Little ones can engage in early stages of communication through smiling,… More »
Image of Walk in My Shoes Mat with Activities and Teacher Guide
Walk in My Shoes Mat with Activities and Teacher Guide
Item: 33592
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Model and practice empathy with the Walk in My Shoes Mat, Teacher Guide, and Activity Card(s) and 40"L X 60"W mat that rolls easily for storage.  Perfect to help children learn to be more empathetic and appreciate how different people express their feelings. Provide children the emotional tools they need as you demonstrate and practice appropriate responses about feelings and emotions.
Image of Mindfulness Mat Kit
Mindfulness Mat Kit
Item: 33590
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Bring mindfulness into your environment and enjoy the benefits the practice brings with the Mindfulness Mat and accompanying guide and activity card(s). Mindfulness helps increase our ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression and can help us focus our attention, as well as, help us center our thoughts and feelings in an intentional way. Measure 60"L x 60"W.
Image of Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever - Preschool, 2nd Edition - Set of 20
Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever - Preschool, 2nd Edition - Set of 20
Item: 26173P
Status: In Stock
These guides offer families simple strategies to support young children's healthy social and emotional development. Filled with suggestions of everyday activities that families can enjoy together and promote three key protective factors: initiative, self-regulation, and attachment/relationships. Booklets (40 pages) are available in English or Spanish in sets of 20. Copyright 2013.
Image of Emotion Bears - Set of 4
Emotion Bears - Set of 4
Item: 63517
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Children will relate to this lovable set of bears and matching blanket that encourages social emotional development. The four soft and colorful bears will help children identify and label the common emotions of happy, sad, angry, and scared. Have children match the bear to the corresponding color on the blanket, and discuss each emotion. Each bear is 11" tall. Machine washable.
Image of Eggspressions
Item: 84121
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Unscramble the confusion of emotions with this innovatively designed figure set! With the Eggspressions Figure and Book Set, children can learn to communicate their feelings effectively. This set features 6 wooden eggs - 5 with expressions and one without an expression for children to add their own. It also includes a book with activities to help children identify their feelings and develop communication skills. Made with wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forest and… More »
Image of DIY Calm Down Sensory Bottles - Set of 2
DIY Calm Down Sensory Bottles - Set of 2
Item: 301094
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Craft your own calming sensory bottles using the DIY Calm Down Sensory Bottle Kit! Each kit comes with a selection of glitter and sparkles, along with an instructional sheet. Simply add contents and water, twist the cap back on, and your sensory bottle is good to go. The ends of the bottles are protected by textured silicone caps and are ideal for little fingers to explore. Bottles are refillable and reusable, offering limitless creative possibilities. Designed to encourage focused… More »
Image of Garden Buddies Plush - Set of 3
Garden Buddies Plush - Set of 3
Item: 301091
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Encourage an interest in science with the Garden Buddies Plush Set! Help children learn about different types of bugs, their characteristics, habitats, and behaviors with this set of 3 cute and cuddly critters; Inchy Inchworm, Vinnie the Banana Slug, and Lavern Slug. For children who may feel fearful or apprehensive about insects, playing with the Garden Buddies Plush may help desensitize their fear and promote a more positive attitude towards these creatures. Each Garden Buddy… More »
Image of Sense of Place Cozy Classroom Arch
Sense of Place Cozy Classroom Arch
Item: 300672
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Create a welcoming classroom that fosters a sense of belonging using unique furniture like the Sense of Place Cozy Classroom Arch. Gentle curves and nature-inspired textures in the rattan paneling enhance the beauty of the physical environment while creating warmth and comforting balance. Arrange soft elements like the Cozy Corner Couch inside the arch to create an inviting space for one child or multiple children who need a quiet moment of respite. Entire unit measures 48"W x 56"H x 21"D.
Image of Community Workers 3" Tall - 8 Pieces
Community Workers 3" Tall - 8 Pieces
Item: 30824
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. From a firefighter to a caring doctor, this set of eight community workers represents many of the occupations children see throughout their community. These figures are easy to grip and perfect for an interactive lesson about careers. Children will delight as they identify familiar faces from their community, some they may know personally. These Community Workers are the perfect way to have a conversation about children's future occupations all while promoting fine motor skills… More »
Image of Yoga Mats
Yoga Mats
Item: 55568P
Status: In Stock
Practice yoga and mindfulness to address stress and anxiety, and promote social and emotional learning, physical and emotional health and well-being. High performance, easy care, premium child yoga mat contains no pththalates or heavy metals. These mats will provide a stable, slip-resistant surface for a child's yoga practice. Measures 24" x 60" and is 0.125" thick. Available in three different colors.
Image of Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up - Set 1
Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up - Set 1
Item: 32402P
Status: In Stock
$39.95 - $199.95
3 - 5 years. Inspire children to explore a variety of careers with these five career garments. Features hook-and-loop closures for easy dress up. Accessories and hats are included for all with the exception of the astronaut garment. 100% polyester. Soft, machine washable fabric. Includes: Mechanic, Construction Worker, Mail Carrier, Astronaut, and Chef. Available individually or in a set of 5.
Image of Around the World Dolls - 8 Pieces
Around the World Dolls - 8 Pieces
Item: 63440
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Children can engage in a historic cultural journey while playing with the eight Around the World Dolls. These 5" figures represent four males and four females dressed in traditional clothing from seven various cultures distinctly represented in this set of dolls. These dolls are great for storytelling and will help children introduce diversity to pretend play by exploring a different culture. 8 pieces.
Image of Toddler Emotion Figurines - Set of 4
Toddler Emotion Figurines - Set of 4
Item: 32729
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Whether you are happy, sad, upset, or afraid, these four Emotion Figurines are excellent props to express yourself. This set of four expressive dolls will allow children to role-play, identify feelings and expressions, and build upon their social and emotional skills. These easy to grip figurines are the perfect size for small hands and great to use in interactive discussions about emotions. Encourage children to identify the emotions each figure is expressing. If they are too… More »
Image of Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up  - Set 2
Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up - Set 2
Item: 32403P
Status: In Stock
$39.95 - $199.95
3 years & up. Familiar career garments children can use in role play to explore what they want to be when they grow up. Machine washable. Available individually or in a set of five.
Image of Me and My Friends Diverse Smiling Faces Posters - Set of 12
Me and My Friends Diverse Smiling Faces Posters - Set of 12
Item: 63715
Status: In Stock
Celebrate diversity and friendship in your classroom with this high quality Me and My Friends Diverse Smiling Faces Classroom Posters. This poster set is great for highlighting the friendships of children across ages and settings. Use these posters in your classroom for a lesson on diversity, inclusion, and collaborative play. Set of 12 posters. Measures 11"L x 17"W.
Image of When I Grow Up Career Toddler Shirts - Set of 6
When I Grow Up Career Toddler Shirts - Set of 6
Item: 90212
Status: In Stock
18 - 36 months. What do you want to be when you grow up? Children will pretend to be a race car driver, construction worker, zookeeper, pilot, astronaut, or veterinarian while wearing these detailed dress-up shirts in the dramatic play center. Each of the shirts have printed designs representing each occupation. Hook-and-loop closures allow children to practice dressing and undressing, encouraging independence. Promote an understanding of different careers in the classroom by encouraging dramatic… More »
Image of Feelings Friend Emotional Plush
Feelings Friend Emotional Plush
Item: 63012
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This cuddly pal will help children identify and feel comfortable with their emotions. Introducing facial vocabulary helps children understand how they feel moment to moment, day to day. Feelings Friend has an assortment of facial features in its front pouch and includes illustrated emotion cards, conversation starters, and a social-emotional development guide. Measures 12" high.
Image of Tangle Therapy
Tangle Therapy
Item: 91718P
Status: In Stock
$13.95 - $39.95
PreK & up. Tangle Therapy's twistable, ergonomic design allows children to fidget quietly, promoting better focus and attention. It can be a useful aid for redirecting behaviors or relieving stress or anxiety. The soft textured surface provides a unique sensory experience as children grab, bend, and twist the curved pieces in multiple ways, making it ideal for tactile stimulation and refining fine motor skills. Available individually or as a set of 3.
Image of All About Me 2-in-1 Mirrors - Set of 6
All About Me 2-in-1 Mirrors - Set of 6
Item: 63018
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Help children strengthen their expressive and receptive language as they learn to talk about feelings and emotions with these easy-to-hold, double-sided mirrors. One side is a regular mirror and the other side is a "fun mirror" that warps reflections giving an amusing appearance. Each unbreakable, non-glass mirror measures 4"H x 6"L.
Image of Activity Mirror Display Center
Activity Mirror Display Center
Item: 89196
Status: In Stock
Children wonder all about the babies they see in this acrylic mirror! Adding pictures to the write-on/wipe-off plexiglass panels provides entertainment and visual stimulation. Maple construction with removable side panels. Mounting hardware not included. 60"L x 1.25"W x 27"H. Wt. 25 lbs.
Image of My Mindful Mat - Set of 10
My Mindful Mat - Set of 10
Item: 35027
Status: In Stock
Give children a space of their own to relax and reflect with My Mindful Mat! Easy to incorporate into classroom layouts, these mats help introduce and reinforce the idea of self-regulation, identifying feelings, and mindfulness. The calming mandala-inspired design of each circular mat helps create a safe space for each student. These mats are the perfect tools for promoting personal space and classroom wellness. Made with smooth polyester fabric. Easy cleaning by handwashing or just a simple wipe… More »
Image of Occupation Puppets - Set of 8
Occupation Puppets - Set of 8
Item: 46167
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Excellent for creative role-play, career, and cultural awareness activities. These 8 puppets have appropriate outfits which illustrate different occupations. Set includes: doctor, chef, fireman, postal worker, construction worker, farmer, veterinarian, and policeman.