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  • Are You What You Eat? - Hardcover
    Are You What You Eat? - Hardcover
    • Item Number: 74484
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    8 years & up. Help children better understand how food fuels and affects their bodies in this book that uses color and fun presentation to communicate nutritional information in a fun and eye-catching way. Kids learn to see their food as more than just taste, learning things like which foods will make you sleepy, how to tell if you're hungry or full, and why our bodies need nutrition. Teach children the basics about proteins, taste buds, antioxidants, and more food. Because nutritional information… More »
  • Healthy Children, Healthy Lives: The Wellness Guide for Early Childhood Programs
    Healthy Children, Healthy Lives: The Wellness Guide for Early Childhood Programs
    • Item Number: 29064
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    Early childhood is a critical time in human development. Understanding and supporting children's wellness early on can make the greatest impact on physical, social and emotional, and cognitive health throughout childhood and adulthood. This book provides a comprehensive collection of checklists and research-based information to help you evaluate and improve wellness in your program, making it a safe, happy place for each person -- child and adult -- who passes through the doors. The checklists cover… More »
  • Preschool Health and Safety Matters
    Preschool Health and Safety Matters
    • Item Number: 20238
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    Early childhood educators are responsible for the health and safety of the children they care for. From preventing harm from known safety risks to promoting children's medical, nutritional, oral, and mental health, educators and program directors act as children's daily protection and support. This easy-to-use manual provides educators with the information they need to ensure that the children in their care are safe, while they learn the best practices to stay healthy for life. With suggestions,… More »
  • Complete Book of Breastfeeding, 4th Edition - Paperback
    Complete Book of Breastfeeding, 4th Edition - Paperback
    • Item Number: 72382
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    The Complete Book of Breastfeeding is a recognized classic in its field. Now it's been completely revised and updated in a new fourth edition-non-doctrinaire, informative, and friendly, it is the most accessible and authoritative book, as much required reading for expecting and new mothers as a pregnancy guide and baby name book. All healthy mothers should consider breastfeeding for the first year of a baby's life, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, and this is the book that will help… More »
  • Healthy Young Children (5th Edition)
    Healthy Young Children (5th Edition)
    • Item Number: 29077
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    This comprehensive manual contains a new chapter on promoting children's health through physical activity as well as updated standards, procedures, and resources, including sample forms, letters, and checklists. 256 pages.
  • The Neglected Child - Paperback
    The Neglected Child - Paperback
    • Item Number: 27685
    • In Stock
    'The Neglected Child' provides everything educators and caregivers need to know to identify and intervene in neglectful situations, while also creating a safe, nurturing, and protective environment for young children. From defining the different types and levels of severity of neglect to establishing suspicion and reporting neglectful situations, this book is filled with helpful information from expert psychologists and educators in the field today. Each chapter includes a brief quiz to assess chapter… More »
  • Healthy From the Start Spanish Edition (set of 20)
    Healthy From the Start Spanish Edition (set of 20)
    • Item Number: 85291
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    Healthy From the Start helps parents and caregivers learn how meal and snack times are rich opportunities to help children learn healthy eating habits. They can feel important, loved, trusted that others will care for them and respect their bodies. Healthy from the Start is available in packets of 20 to make it convenient to distribute copies to parents and staff.
  • Infant-Toddler Social Studies: Activities to Develop a Sense of Self - Paperback
    Infant-Toddler Social Studies: Activities to Develop a Sense of Self - Paperback
    • Item Number: 74277
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    As infants become toddlers, their expanding sense of self and growing motor, language, and cognitive skills provide opportunities for learning more about the physical and social world around them. This book is a valuable resource for advancing a child's sense of self, cultural identity, social relationships, and connectedness to community through developmentally appropriate activities. Paperback. 176 pages.
  • Cooking Art (Book)
    Cooking Art (Book)
    • Item Number: 39944
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    Children can make 150 edible activities. 89 activities require no baking, 64 activities use 5 ingredients or less, and 25 activities require only 10-15 minutes to prepare. 13 different food categories are represented with icons. The 12 theme-related chapters include Shapes & Forms, Numbers & Letters, Transportation & Travel, Building & Construction and Animals & Creatures. Paperback, 192 pages

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