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  • Toddler Walking Rope
    Toddler Walking Rope
    • Item Number: 63694
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Invite toddlers to help "walk the dog" and stay safe while going for a walk. This walking rope features 7 dog characters with a cushioned handle on each side for children to hold. This 14 handled walking rope comes with a zippered vinyl storage bag. Machine washable.
  • Dogwood
    $219.00 - $4,349.00
    • Item Number: PL1117P
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 - 23 months. Capacity: 10 children. Size: 10'1" x 8'5". Use Zone: 16'1"x 14'5". Weight with Ground Spikes: 650 lbs. Weight with Anchor Bolts: 625 lbs. Weight of In-Ground Footer Kit: 40 lbs. Like the Dogwood tree, children in the 6-23 month age group are growing at a rapid rate. The Dogwood play structure provides activities designed to help toddlers and infants meet developmental milestones. This shaded, two-deck structure encourages gross motor development and features an… More »
  • Happy Hollow
    Happy Hollow
    • Item Number: PL1146P
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months - 5 years. There is a garden full of wonderful possibilities for little ones in Happy Hollow! Children will squeal in delight at the whimsical, botanical wonder that awaits them. Their forest friends hide under leaves, rest on vines and hang to the side of this cheerfully colored playhouse. This interactive playhouse is great for active play, sensory stimulation, motor skill development and imaginative play. Children will make memories with friends, gain skills, and enjoy the garden of… More »
  • Service & Workshop
    Service & Workshop
    • Item Number: PL1107
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Ages: 6 months - 4 years. Capacity: 8 children. Size: 4'10"L x 3'11"W x 4'H. Weight: 115 lbs. Interactive Service and Workshop offers infants and toddlers a chance to have fun and explore. The structure can lend in support for raising, crawling, and walking around. The numerous play features motivate social play and supports child development. Features: Gear Wheels, Bell, Tumbler, Steering Wheel, Microphone, Fuel Handle, String with Knobs, Flap Door, Funnel, and Pot.
  • Totstuff Bongos
    Totstuff Bongos
    • Item Number: PL223
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Designed for children under 2 years old. Multisensory experiences. Color options are available.
  • Infant Modular Space
    Infant Modular Space
    • Item Number: 49460
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Infants & up. Includes pad, rolling hill, tunnel, and steering wheel. Low panels provide support. Rolling hills help develop strength. Wonderful for children who have reached mobile stage.
  • Totstuff Crawl Tube
    Totstuff Crawl Tube
    • Item Number: PL225
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Color options are available.
  • Totstuff Gizmo
    Totstuff Gizmo
    • Item Number: PL224
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Designed for children under 2 years old. Helps promote understanding of cause and effect. Color options are available.
  • Infant Modular Space with Ramp and Two Hills
    Infant Modular Space with Ramp and Two Hills
    • Item Number: 49918
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Infants & up. Includes: ramp, pad, 3 panel tops, pull up handle, and steering wheel
  • Discovery Center Playhouse
    Discovery Center Playhouse
    $212.00 - $2,699.00
    • Item Number: PL378P
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    4Play Panels Discovery Center Playhouse.Features: Shapes and Objects panel, Clock panel, Swirl panel, Gear panel, Window panel, and a Crawl Through.
  • Totstuff 4-Way Crawl Tube
    Totstuff 4-Way Crawl Tube
    • Item Number: PL346
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Designed especially for the needs of crawlers, walkers, and toddlers. Color options are available.
  • Infant Belly Swing
    Infant Belly Swing
    • Item Number: 49891
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 - 23 months. Belly Swing is the perfect height for little ones to lay on their bellies and gently rock back and forth. There is a 2" thick pad underneath to prevent them from bumping their heads on a hard surface. The pad is covered in marine-quality outdoor fabric with a zipper for easy removal and cleaning. Steel swing frame is powder-coated with "Sure Grip" texture and the chains are coated for safety. The welding and bottom support plate is stainless steel. The Belly Swing may… More »

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