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PLAYGROUND / Infants & Toddlers

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  • Tot Tree
    Tot Tree
    • Item Number: 96616
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    9 - 24 months. This enchanted unit encourages social interaction and exploration for up to 10 children. It is loaded with hidden objects and play events. Easy to supervise. Size: 6'11" x 8'3". Weight: 435 lbs.
  • Mushroom Cottage
    Mushroom Cottage
    • Item Number: 48458
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    9 months - 2 years. Whimsical Mushroom Cottage comes fully assembled and can be used indoors or outdoors. Encourages and develops gross motor, cognitive, and social skills. Includes animal and insect shapes, slide, and a toadstool chair. Capacity: up to 10 children. Size: 4'8" x 8' x 5". Use Zone: 16'8 x 20'. Weight: 270 lbs.
  • Toddler Walking Rope
    Toddler Walking Rope
    • Item Number: 63694
    • In Stock
    Invite toddlers to help "walk the dog" and stay safe while going for a walk. This walking rope features 7 dog characters with a cushioned handle on each side for children to hold. This 14 handled walking rope comes with a zippered vinyl storage bag. Machine washable.
  • Infant Modular Space
    Infant Modular Space
    • Item Number: 49460
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Infants & up. Includes pad, rolling hill, tunnel, and steering wheel. Low panels provide support. Rolling hills help develop strength. Wonderful for children who have reached mobile stage.
  • Chime Panel
    Chime Panel
    • Item Number: PL1021
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months - 5 years. Playing music has never been more fun! Use for creative play or outdoor classroom use. Made of durable recycled plastic lumber. For 1 to 3 children. Measures 24"W x 40"L x 44"H. Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Totstuff Bongos
    Totstuff Bongos
    • Item Number: PL223
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Designed for children under 2 years old. Multisensory experiences. Color options are available.
  • Totstuff 4-Way Crawl Tube
    Totstuff 4-Way Crawl Tube
    • Item Number: PL346
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Designed especially for the needs of crawlers, walkers, and toddlers. Color options are available.
  • Infant Belly Swing
    Infant Belly Swing
    • Item Number: 49891
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 - 23 months. Belly Swing is the perfect height for little ones to lay on their bellies and gently rock back and forth. There is a 2" thick pad underneath to prevent them from bumping their heads on a hard surface. The pad is covered in marine-quality outdoor fabric with a zipper for easy removal and cleaning. Steel swing frame is powder-coated with "Sure Grip" texture and the chains are coated for safety. The welding and bottom support plate is stainless steel. The Belly Swing may… More »
  • Totstuff Crawl Tube
    Totstuff Crawl Tube
    • Item Number: PL225
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Color options are available.
  • Discovery Center Playhouse
    Discovery Center Playhouse
    $200.00 - $2,399.00
    • Item Number: PL378P
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    4Play Panels Discovery Center Playhouse.Features: Shapes and Objects panel, Clock panel, Swirl panel, Gear panel, Window panel, and a Crawl Through.
  • Totstuff Gizmo
    Totstuff Gizmo
    • Item Number: PL224
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 months & up. Designed for children under 2 years old. Helps promote understanding of cause and effect. Color options are available.
  • Infant Modular Space with Ramp and Two Hills
    Infant Modular Space with Ramp and Two Hills
    • Item Number: 49918
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Infants & up. Includes: ramp, pad, 3 panel tops, pull up handle, and steering wheel

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