Dance Club Music CD

Dance Club Music CD
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This CD features various types of music from funky and groovy sounds to classical and techno tunes. The fun kids' songs on this album are diverse and unique to provide an array of music to move to. The versatility of this club mix music makes it very useful for multiple genres of dance. The music flows well from one tempo to the next. The original and motivating pieces will spark original and motivating warm-ups, center work, across-the-floor combinations and choreographic ideas. There's a genre and style of music to fit every mood!

Track Listing:

  1. Funky Fitness
  2. Feel the Beat
  3. Dance Club Mix
  4. Break Beat Boogie
  5. Wiggle and Walk
  6. Funky Groove Dance
  7. Corner Beat
  8. Techno Trek
  9. Space Rock
  10. Classical Connection
  11. Jazzy Jazz

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