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Image of On-Site Professional Learning - 4 Hours
On-Site Professional Learning - 4 Hours
Item: 93222
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
This onsite professional learning is designed to inform and empower school leaders, teachers, and staff members on how to effectively leverage Alive Studios� resources to increase student learning. A certified trainer will conduct training to provide a meaningful learning experience for all participants. This interactive training will begin with the development of product knowledge to equip users on operation, functionality, and usage of the hardware and software. With a strong understanding of… More »
Image of Picoo - Set of 12
Picoo - Set of 12
Item: 300528
Status: Pre-Order Now
4 years & up. Welcome to Picoo! Hand-held controllers you can play with indoors or out. Picoo is unique in that it promotes physical activity and social interaction among children. Children can use technology while interacting with their friends. And best of all, there is no screen. Picoo�s 15 games are fun and easy to play. Picco takes classic childhood games and gives them a modern twist. Each controller has lights, sounds, and vibrations. Picoo simplifies classroom management by choosing… More »