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Character Education

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Image of Vincent & Viola: The Moon Is Broke Together - Hardcover
Vincent & Viola: The Moon Is Broke Together - Hardcover
Item: 14754
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Grades K - 3. A follow-up story to the original Vincent and Viola, "The Moon Is Broke Together" reinforces the concept of the moon phases in conjunction with the fraction of the moon that is lit at each phase. The same two lovable characters take us through the discovery of a pattern found in both the moon phases and the fractions that represent each phase! The mathematics and science concepts incorporated in this book are right on target for 3-5 Common Core Standards. Don't miss out on… More »
Image of Different Abilities Books - Set of 8
Different Abilities Books - Set of 8
Item: 22092
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Even children have obstacles to overcome and this book set is actually honest, light, and direct. With issues ranging from asthma, diabetes, autism, Down's syndrome, handicapped, blind and poor eyesight. Each book has a desire for all children to learn and play, and to be accepted for themselves as other children are. Components may vary.
Image of Social Skills Board Games
Social Skills Board Games
Item: 91626
Status: In Stock
Grades 1 - 5. Addressing morals, manners, empathy, friendship, showing and managing emotions, these games encourage discussion among children about proper social behavior as they strive to find the best solution to problems. These games cover socially challenging situations and together the group decides upon the best action. This encourages all players to communicate, listen and participate in the game. Set contains six game boards, 24 counters, one die, and one spinner.
Image of Bullies, Victims, & Bystanders Board Game
Bullies, Victims, & Bystanders Board Game
Item: 91625
Status: In Stock
Grades 2 & up. Encourage children to exchange negative behavior for positive choices in the Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders Board Game. As they take on the roles of bullies, victims, and bystanders in this board game children will learn empathy, skills to overcome and prevent bullying, and communication skills. This game offers a lighthearted way to start a tough discussion on the effects of bullying and the importance of treating peers with kindness. Use this board game in small groups or… More »
Image of Books on Understanding Differences In Children - Set of 4
Books on Understanding Differences In Children - Set of 4
Item: 21061
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
Grades K - 1. A wonderful way to teach diversity and tolerance to young children with full-colored photos of children with different disabilities enjoying activities with their peers.