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Earth & Space

Get children excited to explore the mysteries of the world with Kaplan's collection of earth and space activities. Products include games, models, and experiments to give that hands-on demonstrations explaining how the universe works.

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Image of Sorting Shells
Sorting Shells
Item: 61081P
Status: In Stock
$7.50 - $27.95
3 years & up. Look under the magnifying glass to see the different details of the shells or use for counting, sorting, and up-close viewing. These genuine, assorted sea shells come in different sizes. Available in a set of 12 or a set of 48.
Image of Agate Light Table Slices - 12 Pieces
Agate Light Table Slices - 12 Pieces
Item: 86109
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Bring science into the classroom. This set of 12 Agate slices will delight the little explorer in any child. Transparent quality of each slice allows children to see the layers caused by formations. Color and texture variations can open discussions about likes and differences. The possibilities are endless! Each slice measures approximately 1.5" wide.
Image of Bee-Bot® Programmable and Rechargeable Robot
Bee-Bot® Programmable and Rechargeable Robot
Item: 62966
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Bee-Bot® is an exciting new robot designed for use by young children. This colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool to teach sequencing, estimation, problem solving and just having fun. Tell Bee-Bot® to move forward, back and turn left or right by pressing the arrow keys. Then press GO and send him on his way. Bee-Bot® stops, beeps and blinks after each step so you can follow along as Bee-Bot® executes your program. Bee-Bot® remembers… More »
Image of It's In The Bag!
It's In The Bag!
Item: 19525
Status: In Stock
PreK - Grade 1. Recycle, reuse, and create with this innovative activity book! Use bags to make masks, kites, buildings, art projects, and more. Meet state standards while helping children learn about the environment. 100 pages.
Image of Blue-Bot Programmable Floor Robot with Bluetooth®
Blue-Bot Programmable Floor Robot with Bluetooth®
Item: 55563
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. The Blue-Bot is a programmable floor robot that is ideal for teaching control, directional language, and programming to children. It has a sturdy, small design with clear and bright buttons and a memory of up to 40 steps. Sounds and flashing eyes confirm your instructions. When Blue-Bot comes across another Blue-Bot or Bee-Bot® it will stop and say hello with a fun little sound. Provides an exciting way to introduce sequencing and can be used for individual or collaborative… More »
Image of Space Explorer Floor Puzzle - 24 Pieces
Space Explorer Floor Puzzle - 24 Pieces
Item: 32510
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Promote conversation and learning around space, the planets and space travel while developing cognitive skills. The large 24-piece floor puzzle is made with extra-thick durable cardboard with wipe-clean surfaces. Measures 24" x 36".
Image of Classroom Thermometer
Classroom Thermometer
Item: 46332
Status: In Stock
6 years & up. This large wall-mount thermometer clearly gives temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Recessed tube prevents accidents. Temperature ranges: -40 to 50 degrees Celsius and -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Use indoors or out. Measures 15"H x 3"W.
Image of Pet Tornado
Pet Tornado
Item: 81903
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Give your children an exciting extreme weather lesson with this fun Create and Contain Realistic Tiny Tornado in a Can for Interactive Weather Learning. With a simple twist of the wrist, a realistic, tiny tornado is produced from the white foam clouds. Hold the can to the light and watch the iridescent currents swirl. This activity promotes STEM learning, discovery, and sensory learning. Tornado facts are printed on the back of the container. Use this activity over tornado safety… More »
Image of Weather Basics Books - Set of 6
Weather Basics Books - Set of 6
Item: 51109
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce children to the ever changing weather with these exciting Weather Basics Early STEM Learning Books with Photos. This set of books discusses different facts about weather and displays high quality photos of the weather. Encourage children to discuss their favorite weather conditions. Use these books to talk about safety during different weather conditions. Paperback. Set of 6 books approximately 24 pages each.
Image of GreenThumb Classroom Greenhouse
GreenThumb Classroom Greenhouse
Item: 147581
Status: In Stock
8 years & up. This two-tiered GreenThumb Classroom Greenhouse protects potted plants while providing plenty of room for growth. Greenhouse features two sturdy wire shelves that keep plants off the ground and a clear vinyl cover that fits snug over the metal frame. Clear cover is made with a zippered closure to easily access all plants inside. Designed for year-round gardening indoors and outdoors. Assembly required. Greenhouse measures 36"W x 38"H x 19"D when assembled.
Image of Let's See Nature Assorted Loose Parts
Let's See Nature Assorted Loose Parts
Item: 98343
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Enhance your science center with this set of 16 natural assorted loose parts. Pieces vary in size, shape, color and texture allowing children to explore them using different senses. See what makes each piece unique by using magnifying glasses and microscopes to get an up close look. Pieces in the set may vary.
Image of Solar System Giant Magnetic Pieces
Solar System Giant Magnetic Pieces
Item: 74156
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Bring outer space to the classroom with this Solar System Giant Magnetic Pieces for Visualizing the Planets. Children will love being able to visualize the solar system up close. This colorful, detailed magnet set includes planets, the Sun, Earth's moon, asteroid belt, and an activity guide. Pieces are great for use on the whiteboard. Sun measures 10" diameter. 12 peices.
Image of Inflatable Solar System
Inflatable Solar System
Item: 24322
Status: In Stock
Grades K - 6. This inflatable classroom set helps children understand the size and distance relationships of the solar system, while learning about rotation, revolution and orbit through class activities or demonstrations. Includes 23" Sun and proportionate planets and moon with sizes ranging from 5" to 14". Also includes a foot pump, hooks for hanging, and teacher's activity guide. Deflates for easy storage.
Image of Super Geodes - Set of 10
Super Geodes - Set of 10
Item: 86107
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Geology gets exciting when you break open these geodes and find crystal treasures. These large size geodes break open easily. They will amaze and delight your little scientist. Hollow in the center due to crystal formations, each one contains clues about the mystery of the formation of our earth. This hands-on earth science experiment is sure to please. Each piece measures approximately 1 - 1.5" diameter. Includes 10 geodes.
Image of Science Discovery Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces
Science Discovery Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces
Item: 32088
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Explore STEM, its tools, and places where it can take you with this beautifully illustrated floor puzzle. This exciting, multi-subject puzzle promotes discovery, exploration, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills. Have children identify the colors and objects they see after they solve the puzzle. The Science Discovery Floor Puzzle is great for individual or group play. It measures 24" x 36" and includes 48 pieces.
Image of Trifold Magnetic Board
Trifold Magnetic Board
Item: 55547
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. The double-sided magnetic board allows you to display your schedule in the way that best fits your needs. Includes a 18"L x 12"W magnetic board.
Image of Earthbox Early Learning Site Pack
Earthbox Early Learning Site Pack
Item: 25519
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Experience the satisfaction of watching something come to life with the EarthBox Early Learning Site Pack. With features that allow space for air and prevent excessive watering, the EarthBox makes it easy for children to cultivate healthy plants and food´┐Żand develop the responsibility and persistence necessary to make that happen. Includes Earthbox with casters, potting mix, fertilizer, dolomite, and a standards-based curriculum guide. Measures 11"H x 29"L x 13.5"D.
Image of I See Seasons Books - Set of 4
I See Seasons Books - Set of 4
Item: 51110
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years & up. Introduce children to the wonderful magic of seasons changing with these exciting I See Seasons Books. This set of books promotes literacy, early vocabulary, and STEM concepts. Have children discuss their favorite seasons with a partner. Encourage children to ask questions about vocabulary words they're unfamiliar with. Paperback. Set of 4 books.