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Image of Art Easels
Art Easels
Item: 49471GP
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$1,012.00 - $1,958.00
Indoor or outdoor washable art easels. Paint cups and brushes are not included.
Image of Kid Kitchen
Kid Kitchen
Item: PL482P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$385.00 - $7,421.00
Made from RSP™ and Ecco™ plastic, making this a great set for outdoor play. Doors have rubber stoppers and kickplates. Windows are heavy-duty polycarbonate. Complete set includes: stove & microwave, refrigerator, left side pump sink, faucet sink with hose attachment, shelf, corner, and counter pieces. The pieces can also be purchased separately.
Image of Nature Bowl
Nature Bowl
Item: 49461GP
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$1,215.00 - $1,598.00
Nature Bowls are great for creating tactile experiences. Can be used as a sand table or a water bowl. Includes a lid for covering bowl and a drain plug for easy drainage.
Image of Eco Root View Planter
Eco Root View Planter
Item: PL1134
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Ages: 2 years & up. Size: 24"W x 40"L x 36"H Weight: 55 lbs.
Image of Weather Panel
Weather Panel
Item: PL361P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$1,285.00 - $1,340.00
Children can be in charge of weather reports. Ground level science activity. Measures 6' x 3'6".
Image of Nesting Nature Table
Nesting Nature Table
Item: PL1007P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Sturdy, outdoor tot table for multi-nature themed play, complete with a lid. Size: 24"W x 32"L. Weight: 64 lbs. Please specify height: 17", 20", 24" or 28".
Image of Planter Boxes
Planter Boxes
Item: 49479P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$428.00 - $787.00
Garden in small areas, or accent landscaping with heavy duty recycled plastic planters. Available in four sizes: 1' x 3', 1' x 4', 1' x 5', and 2' x 2'.
Image of Jado's Playhouse
Jado's Playhouse
Item: PL2039
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Ages: 2 - 5 years. Size: 4'11" x 6'2". Weight: 715 lbs. Use Zone: 16'11" x 18'2". Includes peaked roof and full floor. Southern yellow pine construction. 10 year warranty.
Image of Large Nature Table
Large Nature Table
Item: PL1003P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Four dividing sections help develop sorting and organization skills. Wheels on two legs for mobility. Complete with lid. For up to 8 children. Size: 32"W x 48"L. Weight: 97 lbs. Please specify height: 17", 20", 24" or 28".
Image of Rockin Drums
Rockin Drums
Item: 49645
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
2 - 12 years. Rockin Drums comes in two sizes for varied tones. Color is green only.
Image of Preschool Bench
Preschool Bench
Item: 49463
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Preschool Bench is highly portable yet heavy-duty. Size: 4'. Weight: 62 lbs.
Image of Picnic Table
Picnic Table
Item: 49469P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$604.00 - $665.00
Toddler or Preschool Picninc Table.
Image of Green Thumb Potting Shed
Green Thumb Potting Shed
Item: PL370P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$5,343.00 - $6,055.00
Green Thumb Potting Shed. Size 5'6" x 4'6'.
Image of Work Bench
Work Bench
Item: PL507
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Perfect for outdoor activities. Full length shelf below for storage. Measures 32"L x 24"W x 20"H.
Image of Wiggle Disc - Each
Wiggle Disc - Each
Item: PL2041
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Ages: 2 - 12 years. Size: 3'1" diameter. Weight: 348 lbs. Use Zone: 15'1" diameter. Can be used as stepping forms for ages 5 12. 10 year limited warranty. Each sold separately.
Image of Wood Slab Leg Tables and Benches
Wood Slab Leg Tables and Benches
Item: PL478P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$332.00 - $854.00
Great for outdoor learning. Looks great in natural areas. Toddler table measures 32"L x 18"W x 16"H (29 lbs.) Toddler Bench measures 32"L x 6"W x 8.75"H (8 lbs.) Preschool table measures 32"L x 18"W x 20"H (33 lbs.) Preschool Bench measures 32"L x 6"W x 10.5"H (12 lbs.) Elementary table measures 32"L x 18"W x 24"H (37 lbs.) Elementary Bench measures 32"L x 6"W x 14"H (16 lbs.)
Image of Ergo-Eco Bench
Ergo-Eco Bench
Item: 49464P
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
$388.00 - $1,027.00
Ergo-Eco Bench provides superior lumbar support.
Image of Fruit Stand
Fruit Stand
Item: PL520
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Fruit Stand enhances dramatic play on the playground. Measures 21"L x 32"W x 80"H.
Image of Infant Corral
Infant Corral
Item: 49460
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Infants & up. Size: 8' x 8'. Weight: 392 lbs. Includes pad, rolling hill, and steering wheel. Low panels provide support. Rolling hills help develop strength. Wonderful for children who have reached mobile stage. Corral assembles easily allowing you to move it indoors in extreme weather.
Image of Farmers Market
Farmers Market
Item: PL513
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Farmers Market stand enhances dramatic play on the playground. Includes two fruit and vegetable store front panels. Also includes a bench. Measures 34"L x 37"W x 80"H.
Image of Double Nature Bowl with Lid
Double Nature Bowl with Lid
Item: PL364
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Use as a sand table, water bowl, or just let your imagination run wild. Drain plugs for easy drainage. In-ground mount. Color options are available.
Image of Nature Bowl Replacement Plug with Cable
Nature Bowl Replacement Plug with Cable
Item: PL1133
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Nature bowl replacement plug with cable.