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Problem Solving

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Image of Numbers 1 - 12 Wooden Puzzles - 36 Piece Self-Correcting
Numbers 1 - 12 Wooden Puzzles - 36 Piece Self-Correcting
Item: 22184
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Match numbers 1-12, word and pictures with the self-correcting pieces. Includes 36 pieces in a wooden storage box. Recognize odd and even numbers by the 2 different colors. Large pieces can be used as memory matching game, flashcards, or for storytelling.
Image of Match and Measure Large Screen and Tablet Software/App
Match and Measure Large Screen and Tablet Software/App
Item: 34375P
Status: Electronic Delivery
$33.95 - $43.95
3 years & up. This software/app really measures up! The activities in this app are carefully designed to develop skills of comparing, estimating, and measuring. Beginning with direct comparisons, the activities progress to non-standard and standard measurements as the bones are used in different ways to consolidate and extend children's mathematical understanding. Children will have lots of fun uncovering the bones in the sand and learning how to compare and measure in different ways. Available… More »
Image of Sorting Stones Large Screen and Tablet Software/App
Sorting Stones Large Screen and Tablet Software/App
Item: 34374P
Status: Electronic Delivery
$33.95 - $43.95
This engaging software/app includes three activities to help children practice their sorting and matching skills. Settings allow matching and sorting based one criterion such as shape, color, or size before progressing to two attributes for a greater challenge. Teacher options enable game settings to be fixed depending on the mathematical focus or the ability of the user.Tablet software: Allows for 1 (one) user workspaceLarge Screen software: Allows for 4 (four) user workspaceApp/software runs on… More »
Image of Resources: Earth's Elements at Play - 144 Pieces
Resources: Earth's Elements at Play - 144 Pieces
Item: 91277
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Inspire and be inspired with this set of 144 unique, soft formed loose parts that mimic elements we see in the world around us. The law of gravity will test a child's patience, concentration and problem solving skills while creating imaginative structures. The set includes loose parts that represent water, trees, bricks, wood, steel, stones, a ball and people. The idea guide is full of images that will help spark imaginations and inspire new creations.
Image of Teachable Touchables® Texture Squares
Teachable Touchables® Texture Squares
Item: 81682
Status: In Stock
3 - 5 years. Teachable Touchables® Texture Squares is a fun, hands-on way to encourage young learners' awareness of their sense of touch. As children enjoy examining and talking about the squares--scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft--they are building their descriptive vocabulary. Includes 20 pillows and patches (10 different pairs), drawstring storage bag, and an activity guide. Each textured pillow or patch measures 2" - 3".
Image of Mobi Numerical Tile Game
Mobi Numerical Tile Game
Item: 145495
Status: In Stock
6 years & up. Bringing numbers to life in a fun, exciting way! This fast, fun and clever Mobi Numerical Tile Game is a thrilling way to bring family and friends together through mathematics. Spread the tiles out on any flat surface and race to create simple math equation "pods" by connecting them in crossword style grids. Win the game by being the first player to connect all your tiles. Each player starts with a certain number of tiles and must use all of their tiles in each pod and… More »
Image of Counting Cubes - 102 Pieces
Counting Cubes - 102 Pieces
Item: 13327
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Count, sort, and identify colors with ease using this set of 102 hardwood cubes in 6 colors. Great for patterning and building. 1" square cubes.
Image of Bigger Beads & Laces
Bigger Beads & Laces
Item: 17116
Status: In Stock
Pre-K & up. 108 wooden beads in 3 shapes and 6 colors help develop fine motor skills and color and shape recognition. Includes 2 laces (36" long) and a plastic storage bucket.
Image of Colorful Bead Magnetic Mosaic
Colorful Bead Magnetic Mosaic
Item: 31098
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Stimulate your children's imaginations with this exciting Colorful Bead Magnetic Mosaic activity. Children will love using the magnetic wand to place beads creating their own art masterpiece. Encourage children to practice making patterns or follow along with the designs on the back of the box. This activity promotes fine motor skills, color recognition, and creativity. Measures 9"L x 10"W.
Image of Montessori Sorting Box
Montessori Sorting Box
Item: 1470
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. What an inventive and creative way to experience colors, shapes, and numerals! The 18" box has 10 compartments and a lid with corresponding slots. Follow one of the included header strips and slip tiles through appropriate slots. Includes 4 number sequence strips, 2 color sequence strips, 50 counting tiles, 20 color tiles, and a wooden storage box. Measures 18"L x 2.5"H x 6.25"W.
Image of Crocodile Hop™ Floor Game
Crocodile Hop™ Floor Game
Item: 51151
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Engage minds and muscles! Hop down the river or use animal markers to learn colors, shapes, numbers and counting (1-10), problem solving and how to follow simple directions. For individual, small-group or whole-class play. Includes colorful vinyl floor mat (100"L x 30"W), 2 inflatable cubes (5"), 40 animal markers and Activity Guide.
Image of Outdoor Scale
Outdoor Scale
Item: 63766
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Transform outdoor learning by bringing your STEM and math lessons outside. The Outdoor Scale is made from eco-friendly, sustainable eucalyptus wood. Perfect for the outdoor classroom! Scale measures 52"L x 31.5"W x 25.5"H. Translucent buckets are included and color may vary.
Image of 3D Feel & Find Shapes and Tile Matching Toy - 40 Pieces
3D Feel & Find Shapes and Tile Matching Toy - 40 Pieces
Item: 40871
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. With 20 matching wooden shapes and textured tiles, children can count, match, sort, and identify objects. Sort the geometric or object shapes for focused learning experiences. Deal out the tiles and children reach into the bag to feel and find the corresponding wooden shape. Includes geometric and object shapes. For visual or tactile play, independently or in groups. Includes cotton bag. 40 pieces.
Image of Chunky Bead Set
Chunky Bead Set
Item: 46408
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Encourage children to practice fine motor skills with this delightful Chunky Colorful Bead Sequencing and Patterning Practice Set with Storage Box. This bright colored bead sequencing set develops shape-recognition, color recognition, and spatial relations. Includes 10 simply designed, colorful patterns, and 45 pattern blocks in 6 different shapes and colors for replicating each pattern. Stores neatly in a wooden case.
Image of KEVA® Structures 200 Plank Set
KEVA® Structures 200 Plank Set
Item: 52469
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Develop a knack to stack! No glue or connectors required -- simply stack wood planks to create buildings, monuments, and geometric forms. It's the ideal activity to help children gain an understanding of balance and proportion, as well as interest in architecture, building, and design. Set includes: 200 pine planks and an idea booklet.
Image of LEGO® DUPLO® Coding Express - 45025
LEGO® DUPLO® Coding Express - 45025
Item: 92754
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Coding Express is a creative, intuitive and versatile solution that introduces preschoolers to early coding concepts that naturally sparks their curiosity, creativity and desire to explore and learn together. Based on the ever popular train theme, the highly versatile LEGO® DUPLO® solution allows children to make connections and intuitively explore early coding concepts, such as sequencing, looping and conditional coding, while developing problem-solving skills, critical… More »
Image of Coding Critters - Bopper, Hip & Hop
Coding Critters - Bopper, Hip & Hop
Item: 36836
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. These playful bunny pets bring early Stem concepts to preschool learning through 100% screen-free coding. Children can code along with their new pets' storybook adventure, and help the hard-working Bopper and spunky Hip & Hop have a playtime they'll never forget! Each storybook coding challenge unfolds in the Coding Critters' fun playset-Can you code Bopper to grab her carrot, pull Hip in her cart, or push Hop on the fun log swing? In addition to following along with the storybook's… More »
Image of KEVA® Contraptions 50 Plank Set
KEVA® Contraptions 50 Plank Set
Item: 52467
Status: In Stock
Grades 2 & up. Learning that's right on track! Young thinkers can design unbelievable ball track structures via simple, stacking planks. No glue, no connectors -- just loads of constructive fun! Get things rolling by constructing the "Shooting Gallery", "Turbine", "Step Curve", and more! Set includes: 50 pine planks, 2 KEVA® balls, and an idea booklet.
Image of Blokus® Game
Blokus® Game
Item: 142790
Status: In Stock
6 years & up. Develops logic and spatial perception while kids learn to be tactical. Players take turns placing pieces on their board, each starting from their corner. Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! The goal is to get rid of all your pieces. The game ends when all players are blocked from laying down any more of their pieces. Includes one game board with 400 squares, 84 game pieces in four bright translucent colors, and an instruction guide.
Image of Mystery Feely Box
Mystery Feely Box
Item: 63043
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years & up. Placing different objects within the box to retrieve provides a wide range of tactile experiences from basic shape recognition to texture, size, and object discrimination. Chalkboard on one side and a write/wipe board on the other. Hardwood box has permanently attached, soft vinyl flaps at both hand openings. Feely objects are not included. Measures 10.75"L x 7.75"W x 6"H.
Image of KEVA® Contraptions 200 Plank Set
KEVA® Contraptions 200 Plank Set
Item: 52468
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
7 years & up. Construct tracks of tunnels, funnels, ramps, and chutes, then set the ball rolling and watch your creation come to life. The open-ended, no rules play promotes experimentation, creativity, and problem solving, which are key mental skills for aspiring young engineers and architects. As children build through trial and error, they gain an early understanding of physics and engineering concepts like balance and structural stability. No glue and no connectors means structures are vulnerable… More »