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Help create a fun and organized learning environment with our selection of teacher tool products. We offer a variety of hall passes, dry erase boards, organizers, storage boxes, reward stickers, and other teacher resources to help you with classroom management, teaching strategies, lesson plans, and purchasing school supplies.

  • Write on - Wipe off Blocks
    Write on - Wipe off Blocks
    • Item Number: 145345
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Learning and fun all in one! These Write on - Wipe off Blocks have white board panels on each side that can be written on with dry erase markers and then wiped away. Children can create their own educational games by drawing pictures, letters, words, phrases, or numbers. Each block measures 3" x 3" x 3". Includes: 4 Foam Blocks and 1 Dry Erase Marker.
  • Time Timer® - 120 Minutes
    Time Timer® - 120 Minutes
    • Item Number: 146020
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Make the most of every moment with Time Timer®. This timer helps children and adults alike visualize and manage the passage of time so that they can be more productive and organized. Break tasks into manageable parts, keep meetings on schedule, and reduce conflict with turn-taking segments. Timer features: White, silicon body with an intuitive set knob, a clear plastic lens to protect the purple disk, 120-minute duration, and an on/off switch. Size: 5.5" x 7".
  • TickiT™ Giant Clearview 5 Minute Sand Timer - Blue
    TickiT™ Giant Clearview 5 Minute Sand Timer - Blue
    • Item Number: 146989
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. This enormous, clearview sand timer is the perfect visual learning tool for any space. Look through the top and watch the blue sand funnel down through the hour glass or watch from the sides. Giant size and colorful sand makes measuring time more fun. 5 Minute timer. Size: 12.80" x 10.63".
  • Scheduling Pocket Chart
    Scheduling Pocket Chart
    • Item Number: 50443
    • In Stock
    Full day? No problem with this pocket chart. Fill in your own schedule with 14 horizontal pockets, and 16 scheduling cards. Includes a resource guide and measures 13" x 33".
  • Time Tracker® Mini
    Time Tracker® Mini
    • Item Number: 50631
    • In Stock
    Set it and go! This super simple timer offers unique visual and auditory indicators, including a warning alarm. Operates easily with just 2 dials: total alarm time and warning time. Total alarm time can be set from 5 minutes to 2 hours, in 5-minute increments. Counts down until the colored light glows, and the alarm sounds. Adjust volume or turn off sound for visual timing. Measures 3 1/4"L x 3 1/4"W x 4 3/4"H. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.
  • Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Roll
    Stick-N-Stay Adhesive Roll
    • Item Number: 47819
    • In Stock
    Stick-N-Stay Tape provides a double-sided adhesive solution to safely place items on walls, doors, hallways and more without damaging paint or surface. Use this convenient tape to easily adhere and display artwork, posters, and more. Roll measures 4" W x 25' L.
  • Carpet Adhesive Roll
    Carpet Adhesive Roll
    • Item Number: 47880
    • In Stock
    Secure rugs and carpets to all floor surfaces safely. One roll secures all size rugs up to 9' x 12'. 6"W x 25 foot roll.
  • Storage Bins with Lids (Set of 5)
    Storage Bins with Lids (Set of 5)
    $30.95 - $43.95
    • Item Number: 47996P
    • In Stock
    Precision-molded storage bin and lid constructed from quality colored polypropylene. Set of 5 storage bins. Bins measure 5 1/4"H x 12 1/4"W x 8"D.
  • Magnetic Easel
    Magnetic Easel
    • Item Number: 41454
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 4. Sturdy metal magnetic board stands up or lays flat. Magnetic pieces adhere firmly to the board (not included). Can be used as a write and wipe board. Magnetic surface measures 12"x12".
  • Vibrant Color Storage Bin Lid
    Vibrant Color Storage Bin Lid
    • Item Number: 4137P
    • In Stock
    Precision-molded lid constructed from quality colored polypropylene. Fits our Vibrant Color Storage Bins.
  • 4-Roll Paper Cutter
    4-Roll Paper Cutter
    $79.95 - $289.95
    • Item Number: 46054P
    • In Stock
    Sturdy, self-standing paper cutter and rack made of steel with welded base. For paper rolls size up to 36" wide. Equipped with standard cutting blades. Measures 40 1/2" x 49 3/4" x 24". Assembly required. Casters are sold separately. Paper is sold separately.
  • 48" x 50' Fadeless Art Paper Rolls
    48" x 50' Fadeless Art Paper Rolls
    • Item Number: 44586P
    • In Stock
    50 lb. sulphite paper is ink-coated on one side so colors won't fade. The options are limitless with Fadeless® Paper--its bold, vibrant colors and acid free, fade-resistant qualities make it last for long periods of time, so your bulletin boards and displays can stay up all year! Its durable construction makes it suitable for many arts and crafts projects. It is strong for folding, cuts cleanly, and will not crack. Rolls measure 48" x 50'.
  • Classroom Clock Black
    Classroom Clock Black
    • Item Number: 44511
    • In Stock
    Easy-to-read, contemporary styling make this clock a valuable addition to your classroom. Quartz accuracy, 10" diameter. Requires one AA battery, not included.
  • Rocks and Fossils
    Rocks and Fossils
    • Item Number: 47034
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. Add this set to your science center and watch children discover natural and polished gemstones, native rocks, sea shells, marine life, and fossils. Each set comes in a durable, clear plastic box, identified with name and information for each item.
  • Alphabet Center Pocket Chart
    Alphabet Center Pocket Chart
    • Item Number: 46520
    • In Stock
    Practice letter and sound identification word building, spelling and more. The 28"WX34"H chart has 3 clear pocket rows for card display, 26 letter pockets and an extra storage pocket. Includes 52 letter cards, 156 picture cards(picture one side, word on the other) and activity guide. Easy to clean nylon.
  • Jumbo Try-Rex Pencil with Eraser (1doz.)
    Jumbo Try-Rex Pencil with Eraser (1doz.)
    • Item Number: 46504
    • In Stock
    Try-Rex primary pencils are triangular shaped to keep the pencil from turning. Great for beginning writing skills. Sold by the dozen.
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener
    Electric Pencil Sharpener
    • Item Number: 46737
    • In Stock
    Automatic pencil stop provides quick point without over sharpening. Adjustable dial accommodates both primary and standard pencils. 10 year warranty.
  • Are You My Mother? Literature Guide
    Are You My Mother? Literature Guide
    • Item Number: 53598
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 3. Help students dig deeper into these classic stories by completing rigorous yet fun activities and lessons provided in these instructional guides for literature. Readers will enjoy analyzing these titles while reveling in the life lessons they take away from them. Analyzing story elements in multiple ways, close reading and text-based vocabulary practice, and determining meaning through text-dependent questions are just a few of the many skills students will walk away with after interacting… More »
  • Applying the Standards: Evidence-Based Reading
    Applying the Standards: Evidence-Based Reading
    • Item Number: 53798P
    • In Stock
    Grades 1 - 5. One of the key shifts in instruction called for by the national state standards is the focus on a students ability to use evidence from texts to answer inference-based questions.This title provides teachers with the perfect resource for allowing students to practice a close and careful reading of texts.Indepth questioning leads students to a deeper understanding of each passage, and students are required to refer to the text in order to give evidence-based answers. Various reading… More »
  • Evidence-Based Inquiry: Using Primary Sources
    Evidence-Based Inquiry: Using Primary Sources
    • Item Number: 53809P
    • In Stock
    Grades 1 - 6. The use of primary sources in today's classroom represents a key shift in literary instruction and brings history alive for students. This book series is full of opportunities for inquiry-based learning as students explore primary source documents that provide eyewitness evidence of authentic events. The pages are filled with photos of actual people and events, posters that once hung on storefronts, paintings that interpret history, and ads or articles taken from newspaper in circulation… More »
  • Interactive Notebook: Language Arts
    Interactive Notebook: Language Arts
    • Item Number: 53815P
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 5. This series provides teachers with an all-inclusive guide to using interactive notebooks in the classroom. Reproducible pages with interactive elements create the base for fun, individualized note taking on a wide variety of language arts topics. A corresponding lesson plan and sample page image guide teachers through creating each notebook page. Additionally, a generic section in each book will provide teachers with several blank reproducible elements that can be adapted for any topic.… More »
  • Applying the Standards: Evidence-Based Writing Kindergarten
    Applying the Standards: Evidence-Based Writing Kindergarten
    • Item Number: 53803
    • In Stock
    Grade K. Help students move to a higher level of thinking and doing as they write opinions, reports, narratives, stories, and research papers. These titles offer an opportunity for students to practice the full writing process from prewriting to publishing. High-interest writing prompts will engage students' interest and encourage them to think critically. Closing prompts will inspire students to reflect and revise. However, this series emphasizes the reading-writing connection by requiring students… More »
  • Crayola® Dry-Erase Markers (Set of 12)
    Crayola® Dry-Erase Markers (Set of 12)
    • Item Number: 53880P
    • In Stock
    These low odor, bold markers provide smooth writing on any write-on/wipe-off surface. Box contains 12 markers of one color. Choose color.
  • Kindergarten and the Common Core
    Kindergarten and the Common Core
    • Item Number: 52943
    • In Stock
    How do we implement standards that spell out quite clearly what students must know-but do not give us the methods nor materials that help our students achieve such skills? This professional resource proves practical routines and developmentally appropriate activities that foster an environment where our youngest learners can thrive in mastering core kindergarten content along with the Common Core standards.

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