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Image of Soft Floor Mirror
Soft Floor Mirror
Item: 300652
Status: Pre-Order Now
6 months & up. Sized just right for little crawlers, the Soft Floor Mirror is a safe, easy-to-clean way for babies to explore their reflection and develop self-awareness. A square mirror on one side, and a series of circular mirrors on the opposite side will entice infants as they roll, sit, crawl and play with and around the unit. Soft foam construction and a shatter-resistant mirror make this safe enough for any infant environment.
Image of Nesting Pyramid Mirror Set - 6 Pieces
Nesting Pyramid Mirror Set - 6 Pieces
Item: 300649
Status: Pre-Order Now
18 months & up. Reflections are fascinating to young children. The colorful, reflective inserts in the Nesting Pyramid Mirror Set will entice, engage and entertain young children as they explore and develop self-awareness. Encourage innate curiosities by using this set in conjunction with a light table, or using outside in sunlight. Rubberwood frames and shatter-resistant inserts make this set a durable addition to block play activities as well. One side features clear mirrors, while the other side has colorful mirrors.
Image of Wall Mounted Infant Toddler Mirror Set
Wall Mounted Infant Toddler Mirror Set
Item: 300651
Status: Pre-Order Now
12 months & up. Mirrors are important tools that foster a young child's self-awareness, self-esteem, intellectual curiosity, and cognitive development. The Wall Mounted Infant Toddler Mirror Set provides an interesting reflective experience in any infant environment. Shatter-resistant acrylic mirrors in a variety of shapes can be easily removed from the mounted board for close-up exploration and changed view points. Soft foam construction make this safe enough for learning environments with babies and young children.