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Soft Blocks

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Image of Brick, Blocks, and Rock Builders
Brick, Blocks, and Rock Builders
Item: 30298P
Status: In Stock
$169.95 - $679.95
3 years & up. Build to new heights with this fantastic collection of realistic pretend bricks, blocks, and rocks! This set of lightweight foam builders stack easily for endless creative building projects. The foam construction is water proof, but not UV-resistant; if kept outside for a long time, the colors will fade. Included: 20-piece Cinder Block Set, 25-piece Rock Wall Builder Set, 25-piece Brick Builder Set, and 25-piece Ice Brick Builder Set. Activity cards included.
Image of Ramp and Roll Discovery Blocks - 48 Pieces
Ramp and Roll Discovery Blocks - 48 Pieces
Item: 300571
Status: Pre-Order Now
2 years & up. Children will be introduced to basic physics as they build using the Ramp and Roll Discovery Blocks. Oversized, easy-to-clean foam pieces featuring slopes, chutes and holes will provide interesting ways for children to send the included balls rolling down special routed paths. Each ball features a different color and weight, allowing children to hypothesize and deepen their understandings of basic STEM principles. Set includes 44 building pieces and 4 balls, each featuring a different weight.
Image of Colorful Soft Foam Building Blocks - 68 Piece Set
Colorful Soft Foam Building Blocks - 68 Piece Set
Item: 88749
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. These colorful blocks are soft, light, durable and non-toxic. The precise edges and firm shapes make them easy to build and stack. Encourage children to build with imagination and enhance their engineering skills. With 9 different shapes, you can build all types of unique and fun shapes. They are waterproof, float and stick together when wet. A perfect addition to block or water play. 68 pieces, 9 shapes.
Image of Textured Blocks - 30 Pieces
Textured Blocks - 30 Pieces
Item: 10865
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. These soft and flexible foam blocks feature an array of bright colors and shapes with a distinctly textured front and back. Perfectly sized for little hands, toddlers can creatively build, stack, and connect the blocks to support sensory, fine motor skills, and cognitive development. Use the zippered bag for easy clean up and storage. Blocks measure 1" thick. Included: 30 Textured Blocks and Storage Bag.
Image of Edu-Color Blocks - 30 Pieces
Edu-Color Blocks - 30 Pieces
Item: 81321
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Inspire creativity through playtime building projects! These lightweight Edu-Color Blocks feature a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes for endless possibilities of creative building. Grip, stack, connect and build the blocks to develop gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and logic and reasoning. Blocks are visually stimulating to encourage shape and color recognition. Blocks are made from soft, flexible dense foam that will not pinch, tear, splinter, or absorb… More »
Image of Magic Shapes - 108 Pieces
Magic Shapes - 108 Pieces
Item: 46260
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years & up. Bring new life to your child's block set with these unique magnetic construction blocks. The colorful shapes and colors that make up this block set are magnetic, allowing for endless creations of the imagination. Storage of these blocks comes easily with the provided clear plastic jar. Includes 108 pieces in 6 colors: teal, red, yellow, light green, purple, and blue.