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  • Student Paper Scissors (Set of 12)
    Student Paper Scissors (Set of 12)
    Promo Pricing: $16.95
    • Item Number: 87996
    • In Stock
    Plastic scisssors will cut paper only. They will not cut clothing, hair or skin. Perfect for younger children. Safe and washable.
  • Spring Scissor (Set of 6)
    Spring Scissor (Set of 6)
    Promo Pricing: $24.95
    • Item Number: 89377
    • In Stock
    A spring action scissor looks and operates like regular scissors. They are comfortable and easy for children to use. A simple plastic spring in the handle can be raised or lowered to allow the scissor to operate like a regular scissor or to spring open after a cutting motion like a loop scissor. The double finger bow allows greater cutting leverage for little hands. Set of 6--5" blunt tip.
  • 8.5" Scissors
    8.5" Scissors
    • Item Number: 95779
    • In Stock
    This stainless steel 8.5" all-purpose scissor is perfect for cutting plain paper, construction paper, cloth and other slender materials. It is designed with an angled handle for cutting ease.
  • Scissor Stand
    Scissor Stand
    • Item Number: 88739
    • In Stock
    Sturdy plastic scissor box to safely store up to 20 scissors. (Scissors not included). 20 holes, 27cm x 18.3cm x 7.5cm
  • Tabletop Scissor Stand
    Tabletop Scissor Stand
    • Item Number: 32424
    • In Stock
    Sturdy wooden scissor holder holds up to 30 scissors. It features plastic top with holes designed for scissors and solid wooden sides and bottom. Scissors not included. Measures 9"L x 6"W x 6"H.

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