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Image of Small Dots Mess-Free Painting Set
Small Dots Mess-Free Painting Set
Item: 300992
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Take classic dot painting to the next level with this Small Dots Mess-Free Painting Set! Each kit comes with four dot markers in four different colors (blue, red, pink, and yellow) and four reusable picture cards. Give children one of the dot markers, and let them create their very own piece of art. The picture card's layout ensures that each child's unique design will still be in the shape of a cat, turtle, tree, or butterfly. Picture cards are reusable - flip open the picture… More »
Image of My First Mess-Free Finger Painting Kit
My First Mess-Free Finger Painting Kit
Item: 300994
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. All young budding artists will enjoy this My First Mess-Free Finger Painting Kit! Children flip open the plastic sleeve, pour in the paint, and flip the picture closed again. Then comes the fun part! They smear the paint around, without getting their hands or clothes dirty while coloring in a beautiful picture! With a little bit of soap and water, the paint rinses off the plastic sleeve and the fun starts all over again! The sturdy pages can withstand the energy and intensity… More »
Image of Animal Scratch Color Sheet Set
Animal Scratch Color Sheet Set
Item: 301013
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Children will appreciate endless creative possibilities with this kit of Animal Scratch Color Sheets! With the wooden stylus, children can scratch off as much or as little of the sheet as they want. They can stop after they scratch off a design that they like, or they can scratch until they uncover the entire design. Either way, children will get the satisfaction of knowing that they created a beautiful piece of art. Set includes 10 coloring sheets and 2 styluses.
Image of Forest Friends Coloring Set
Forest Friends Coloring Set
Item: 301011
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Enable children to discover beautiful, colorful designs all by themselves with the Forest Friends Coloring Kit. Simply give children the jumbo pencil and watch them reveal the patterns on the template. No matter what or where children try to color, the pencil will only color the predetermined areas that are part of the design. This means that children play a part in making the design come to life while still following the template. Set includes 24 animal-shaped cards and 2 jumbo colored pencils.
Image of Magic Coloring with Water Set
Magic Coloring with Water Set
Item: 301012
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Introduce children to the joy of artistic discovery with the Magic Coloring Set. Just add water to the pen, and let the children use it to color in the animal. As they color, children will discover the beautiful design that is underneath the outline! Once the water dries, the color disappears and the coloring sheets can be used again and again. Set features 8 animal coloring sheets; 2 mice, 2 cats, 2 owls, 2 bears, and 2 water pens.
Image of Canvas Panel 8" x 10" - Set of 3
Canvas Panel 8" x 10" - Set of 3
Item: 301032
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
These Canvas Panels feature a 250gsm, 100% cotton, triple primed, acid-free canvas. The medium grain textured surface is ready for use for your creative projects. Simply Canvas Panels are rigid boards wrapped in canvas fabric offering excellent value for money. Designed for oil and acrylic painting, but can also be used for mixed media, collage, impasto and other heavy textures. Size 8" x 10".