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Multiply the fun with Kaplan’s math games and materials. Shop quiz cards, counters, games, dice, and more to solidify mathematic concepts such as time-telling, counting, fractions, geometry, and change-making.

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Image of Wild Animal Counters - 60 Pieces
Wild Animal Counters - 60 Pieces
Item: 31165
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Develop your children's counting skills with these exciting Colorful Wild Animal Counters with Container for Practicing Early Math Skills. These counters represent wild animals from all over the world in different colors. Children will love counting with their favorite friendly animals. These counters promote fine motor skills, early math skills, patterning, sorting, and color recognition. Have children identify the color and animal as they count. Includes 60 counters and a container for easy storage.
Image of Wooden Dominoes Jar - 168 Pieces
Wooden Dominoes Jar - 168 Pieces
Item: 82147
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This unique set of dominoes come in a variety of vibrant colors that make play more exciting. Stack them, match them, set them up and knock them over again and again for hours of fun. Promotes arithmetic skills though use of sequences and patterns of die in order to win. Dominoes also help develop critical thinking skills and aide in teaching strategy.
Image of Match It®! Early Math Skills
Match It®! Early Math Skills
Item: 30610P
Status: In Stock
$15.95 - $62.95
3 years & up. Excellent and fun way to introduce early math skills. Each game has its own unique challenges, whether it is working on problem solving skills, memory, counting and number recognition, there is something for every child's level. The puzzle games include 20-30 self-correcting cards in different levels of play.
Image of Math alive® Zoo Keeper 8.0 - PC/MAC
Math alive® Zoo Keeper 8.0 - PC/MAC
Item: 87825
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
Grade PreK - Grade 3. Math alive® is a supplemental mathematics kit that uses 3D augmented reality and gaming technology to teach math concepts to early learners. The kit includes a full-year, supplemental math curriculum aligned to kindergarten state standards. Math alive® uses the key learning modalities of seeing, hearing, and doing to engage all your early learners and get them motivated about mathematics. Immediate feedback and positive verbal affirmations are provided throughout the… More »
Image of Sea Life Counters - 84 Pieces
Sea Life Counters - 84 Pieces
Item: 31161
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Dive into learning with the help of these colorful sea creatures! This engaging set features 14 different sea creature counters in six different colors. Use this set in your classroom for a lesson about the many different sea creatures. Have children point out their favorite sea creatures and describe the details. Includes a starfish, penguin, turtle, frog, lobster, stingray, dolphin, whale, shark, seahorse, seal, crab, octopus, and ocean fish. Includes 84 counters.
Image of Natural Stack and Sort Board
Natural Stack and Sort Board
Item: 33141
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Over-sized board features colorful counting discs to sort onto stationary pegs. Double-sided, wooden squares have screened numbers 0 through 9 and a corresponding dot count on the opposite side. Rearrangeable, loose parts allow for multiple matching, counting, addition and subtraction activities on or off the board. Measures: 15.75"W x 3.5"D x 4"H.
Image of Colorful Multi-Shape Links with Jar - 500 Pieces
Colorful Multi-Shape Links with Jar - 500 Pieces
Item: 82503
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Make patterning even more engaging with these Colorful Multi-Shape Links with Jar for Learning Shapes and Patterns. Children will love building chains using three different shapes and six colors with this giant 500 piece set. These shape links are great for counting and sorting activities too! This set promotes color recognition, shape recognition, dexterity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. The pieces store in a convenient jar with screw-on lid and handle.
Image of Ruled Graph Paper - 8.5" x 11"
Ruled Graph Paper - 8.5" x 11"
Item: 29602
Status: In Stock
Smooth white 8.5" x 11" writing paper, .25" quadrille ruled, 3-hole punched, 100 sheets.
Image of Large Minute Sand Timer
Large Minute Sand Timer
Item: 63403P
Status: In Stock
$18.95 - $71.95
3 years & up. Keep up with the time using this brightly colored Large Minute Sand Timer for Classroom Activities Indoors and Outdoors. This classic hourglass timer is the perfect tool to help children visualize time. Use this exciting timer for science experiments, time management, and other timed games. This sand timer is time-tested and made of durable plastic. Timer comes with matching colored sand inside of a glass hourglass. Available separately or purchase the whole set of 4. Measures 3.25"L x 6.375"W.
Image of Kaplan Dough Counting Mats - Set of 9
Kaplan Dough Counting Mats - Set of 9
Item: 86302
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Children can create dough eggs to put in the birds nest! Each dough mat has a numeral and corresponding counting dots so children know how many dough eggs to make and place in the nest. These mats are a wonderful and engaging way to incorporate math and fine motor skills. Activity card(s) included Gently wipe clean with a damp cloth, air dry. Measures 8.5" x 11". Set of 9.
Image of Primer Practice Balance With Clear Buckets
Primer Practice Balance With Clear Buckets
Item: 47875
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Help your children count and sort with this Primer Practice Balance With Clear Buckets for Developing Math Skills. Children will exercise their critical thinking skills as they count out pieces to achieve equilibrium. This activity promotes fine motor skills, color recognition, and discovery. Great for individual or small group play. Includes removable, transparent .5-liter buckets for comparing liquids or solids. One gram sensitivity.
Image of My Math alive® Journal
My Math alive® Journal
Item: 31662P
Status: In Stock
$13.99 - $265.00
PreK Journals: 3 - 4 years. Kindergarten Journals: 5 - 8 years. From Alive Studios,  the PreK journals will help early learners master the numbers 0-10 and seven 2D shapes. The Kindergarten journals will help early learners master the numbers 0-20 and five 3D shapes. The FREE mobile app makes this journal come alive for an engaging and interactive experience in the classroom or at home! Early learners now have a fun way to demonstrate their growing understanding of numbers, counting, and shapes.… More »
Image of Dinosaur Counters - 60 Pieces
Dinosaur Counters - 60 Pieces
Item: 145894
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Make learning to count an exciting prehistoric adventure with these colorful Dinosaur Counters. Your little paleontologist will love sorting these little dinosaur models into groups of similar colors and patterns and then counting how many are in each one. Promotes the development of number and quantity relationships, patterning, and counting and sorting. Size: Biggest Dinosaur measures 2" x 2". Included: 60 Realistically-detailed toy dinosaurs (6 of each type), Storage bucket.
Image of Magic Penny Magnet Kit
Magic Penny Magnet Kit
Item: 148222
Status: In Stock
8 years & up. Bring the magic of magnets to life with this 25th anniversary edition of the top-selling Magic Penny Kit! Teach kids about math and science with STEAM principles while still having fun! Kit includes 46 astounding feats of magnetism. Follow step-by-step instructions and helpful images to build gravity defying sculptures, move coins up ramps and over bridges, make amazing magnetic masterpieces, and so much more! This set teaches children the concepts of geometry, engineering, technology… More »
Image of UNO Card Game
UNO Card Game
Item: 92865
Status: In Stock
7 years & up. America's number one card game, UNO offers hours of fun. It's easy to learn, always unpredictable, and never dull. It can be played with 2 to 10 players, individually, or in teams. And it can even be educational, teaching younger kids number recognition.
Image of 1-10 Counting Cans
1-10 Counting Cans
Item: 89271
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Includes 55 plastic fruits and vegetables in 10 durable cardboard cans with lids. Great addition to a pretend play kitchen pantry. Cans are labeled with numers, words and pictures to reinforce early math and vocabulary skills. Includes Activity Guide. Each can measures 4.25" H x 3" in diameter.
Image of Unifix® Cubes Math Manipulatives - 100 Pieces
Unifix® Cubes Math Manipulatives - 100 Pieces
Item: 9718
Status: In Stock
PreK & up. Unifix® Cubes are great for teaching young learners about numbers, patterns, place value, operations and early fractions. This colorful set of cubes come in 10 standard colors. This is a great starter set and Unifix® Cubes hold together firmly and come apart easily for years of use. Ten assorted colors, 100 pieces.
Image of Elementary Math Kit
Elementary Math Kit
Item: 37491
Status: In Stock
4 - 8 years. Help children grow critical math skills such as adding, subtracting, probability, place values, and time. Included is a full activity guide that will engage hands-on learning. Sets of math manipulatives will make learning easy by providing visuals for abstract math concepts. This kit is perfect for small group or independent learning. Kit includes 1030 pieces and activity guide with included worksheets.
Image of Let's Size It! Game
Let's Size It! Game
Item: 71247
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Prepare children to problem solve as they use observation and size-relation skills to group the sturdy cards by size, subject, or color. Images depict animals from the farm, pets and sea life. Contains 24 cards (8 subjects) measuring 3" x 5".
Image of Magnetic Match Rings
Magnetic Match Rings
Item: 62578
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Learn about magnetism, develop visual matching skills, and improve eye-hand coordination. Each ring is magnetic -- one side positive and the other negative. When the rings are stacked, they either attract the next ring and pull them together, or repel it and cause it to float. Includes 40 pattern match challenges, 10 magnetic rings, a stand, and a storage bag.
Image of Write-On Wipe-Off Clock Faces
Write-On Wipe-Off Clock Faces
Item: 88885
Status: In Stock
Grades 1 & up. These versatile flexible plastic clock dials with movable hands and digital window are ideal for all classroom time activities. Clock face is 4.5" diameter. Measures 5 x 6.5" overall. Set of five clocks.
Image of Plastic Geoboards - Set of 10
Plastic Geoboards - Set of 10
Item: 13183
Status: In Stock
Grades K - 3. Stretch your imagination and creativity through geometry! Create simple shapes and intricate designs with straight and diagonal lines using these engaging Geoboards. The durable, plastic boards feature a 5" x 5" grid with knobbed pegs that secure the colorful rubber bands in place. Learn about shapes and geometric concepts including symmetry, congruency, area, perimeter, coordinates, and spatial relationships through engaging, hands-on exploration. Geoboard measures 7.25"… More »
Image of Pattern Blocks & Boards with Wooden Shape Blocks
Pattern Blocks & Boards with Wooden Shape Blocks
Item: 60337
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Pattern Blocks and Boards let Kids explore colors and shapes hands-on as they fill wooden boards with colorful wooden pieces. Follow one of the 10 design templates or create your own mosaic using 120 tiles in 6 different shapes. This attribute set develops shape recognition and spatial relations. Matching and mosaics are a great way Includes 10 designs on wooden cards with 120 pattern blocks in 6 different shapes and colors which replicate the patterns. Stores neatly in a durable… More »
Image of Tangrams Geometric Shapes with Storage Jar
Tangrams Geometric Shapes with Storage Jar
Item: 82851
Status: In Stock
Grades K - 5. These geometric shapes will stimulate every child's imagination. It provides a fun way for children to explore geometry, shapes, colors, patterns, and designs. Tangrams come in 30 sets of 7 pieces (Total of 210 pieces) of bright colors and are made of durable, washable plastic made to last for many years of play and learning.