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Movement & Rhythm

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Image of Bari Koral Yoga, Music, and Movement Set
Bari Koral Yoga, Music, and Movement Set
Item: 63721
Status: In Stock
Popular children's music artist and yoga expert Bari Koral is a pioneer in the area of yoga for children. You can lead children on beloved adventures using the yoga, music, and movement activities featured in this Bari Koral yoga set! The set includes 3 CDs, a full-color activity books, and 2 yoga pose posters. Contents may vary.
Image of Rainbow Rhythm Ribbons - Set of 6
Rainbow Rhythm Ribbons - Set of 6
Item: 95297
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
4 years & up. These brightly colored ribbons float easily through the air as children wave them to the music. This set of rhythms are perfect for introducing children to rhythm and music learning while promoting gross motor functions. Have children tap the rhythm sticks and wave them at different beats in a song. Encourage children to identify the color of their Rainbow Rhythm Ribbon as they come up with their own rhythm as well. The 12-inch wand with a 36-inch ribbon is perfect for young children.… More »