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Confidence (Initiative), Belonging (Relationships/Attachment) and Self-Control (Self-Regulation) are all essential strengths that help children become "ready for school" and "ready for life".

3 years & up. The award-winning “I CAN” Series, featuring songs and music by David Kisor, is based on key concepts and research findings in social-emotional learning and development; specifically Resilience Theory, Positive Psychology and Executive BrainFunction. Songs on these projects help children with courage, problem-solving, independence, security, togetherness, community, emotions, coping skills, patience, attention span and more.

Originally published in 2009, these songs have been introduced to early childhood educators across the country through the SONGS OF RESILIENCE Resource Manuals published in cooperation with the DECA.

In 2017, the “I Can” Series has fresh, new, vibrant packaging- but the same great songs currently sung by children worldwide. I Can Do It, I Can Count on You and I Can Settle Down is perfect for classrooms, libraries, homeschool co-ops, and families with children ages PreK-Grade 3.

Lyrics are included inside packaging.

I CAN DO IT - Songs of Confidence

Songs on this project help children with: Confidence, Courage, Initiative, Problem Solving, Creativity, Independence, Planning, Perseverance, Optimism and more!

Songs Include:

  • I Can Do It
  • It’s Up To Me
  • I’ve Got Two
  • Butterfly, Bumblebee
  • I’m  Gonna Find a Way
  • L-I-G-H-T
  • Something Beautiful
  • Up The Mountain  
  • Slow Groove
  • Let’s Play
  • I Can Write Any Song I Want
  • I Am a Rubber Band


I CAN COUNT ON YOU - Songs of Belonging

Songs on this project help children with: loving relationships, security, social skills, friendship, respect, love, togetherness, community, sharing, and more!

Songs Include:

  • I Can Count On You
  • Me and You
  • Together Time
  • Hands
  • Someone to Talk To
  • Friends
  • One World
  • The Sharing Song
  • Somebody Loves Me
  • My Family
  • A Tree and Me


I CAN SETTLE DOWN - Songs of Self-Control

Songs on this project help children with: self-regulation, social skills, self-soothing, emotions, prudence, attention span, coping skills, cooperation, patience, and more!

Songs Include:

  • I Can Settle Down
  • Stop and Think
  • Three Rules
  • I Get Angry
  • Breathe
  • I Can Wait
  • Self-Control
  • Golden Words
  • Emotion
  • Down In The Dumps
  • Be Careful
  • When A Kite Flies

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