Agate Light Table Slices - Set of 12

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Kaplan Exclusive Kaplan Elementary

3 years & up. Bring science into the classroom. This set of 12 Agate slices will delight the little explorer in any child. Transparent quality of each slice allows children to see the layers caused by formations. Color and texture variations can open discussions about likes and differences. The possibilities are endless! Each slice measures approximately 1 1/2" wide.

Pretty but Fragile

2 stars
The agate slices are beautiful, especially on our light box. The students love layering them on the light box or looking at them with magnifying glasses. When I received my order, one slice was broken. Kaplan's costumer service was easy and the agate slice was quickly replaced. However, many have broken through use in a preschool classroom. If it falls off the child sized table it will break in half and it is often too sharp to use anymore.

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